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When I first started on the GMAT, I was a year out of undergrad. I thought with my strong grades at USC & strong previous standardized test scores that prep would not be long or hard. I was rocked on my first GMAT - Verbal was a 33. My quant was much worse, I was at a 25.

Needless to say, I was pretty depressed. I felt that my knowledge of math needed a major refresh and I felt I had forgot the vast majority of the concepts on the GMAT. I felt like I needed a curriculum that could teach me the math principles I had forgotten.

I had tried Manhattan GMAT & GMAT club to find problems but I was running into the same issues. I could solve the simple problems but introduce a few variables and I struggled. I needed a course that would review specifically my weaknesses. I came across Jeff from Target Test Prep. We began tutoring and he felt that the curriculum at Target Test Prep would be my strongest prep course.

I reviewed every section and I would bookmark the pages I got wrong. Then I would go back re-read them and practice problems that I could have tailor made to that subject. I noticed that my mistakes came from 5 core subjects and that if I could spend extra time on those I would improve my score. So I prepped and went at it again.

This time I was much closer on the gmat - I got a 34 on verbal and 44 on quant. I felt much better this time but I knew I could crack the 700. I just needed to master the math more.

This past time, I studied for 4 hard months. I reviewed every section at least twice. I did every problem I could from the GMAT book and every Target Test Prep problems. I was still nervous about my verbal so I found myself studying Manhattan GMAT's sentence correction over and over. Then came test day.

The math section on the test felt easy - I finished with 6 minutes left in the exam. I was positive - I had flunked it.

Verbal was much harder and I felt pretty decent about it. The trick with verbal is practicing with the time crunch, I felt myself rushing towards the end. I felt if I had budgeted more time for the problems at the end I would have had a score. However, It was time for me to click and get my score.

I was in complete shock. I got a 35 in Verbal - the 77%. But I scored a 50 - 89% on the Quant. I finally got my 700.

It takes a long time to have GMAT mastery and I couldn't thank Target Test Prep enough. It is my belief that with the quant you have to know how to react instantaneously and have the guts to move on from a problem you won't be able to solve in time. It's not an easy path by any means but getting that 700 was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I know that most prep companies make a lot of promises. I fell for one in a similar company that I choose not to name for English prep. However, if you feel like you need to LEARN math and not just practice problems but actually grasp the concepts like I did: then I highly recommend Target Test Prep.

I can't promise you a Q50. No company can. That comes from putting a ton of hard work and hours towards understanding the concepts and tricks. But, I do feel with the program that you will have the tools you need to get a Quant score that high.

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