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Target Test Prep was pivotal in my GMAT journey. Actually, I don't even know if getting a 740 would be possible without TTP. The course is thorough, extremely well thought out and designed to take you through literally everything the GMAT could throw at you.

Even with someone coming in from an engineering background, I would say my quant skills were rusty. This was clear to me when I attempted to solve some of the medium/hard questions on the OG. TTP quant will take you through an IN DEPTH topic-by-topic skill development. This is done through a combination of written, well thought out topic and sub topic explanations, video examples, examples for you to test out and finally the crucial part where TTP shines - the practice questions. TTP has come up tons, and I mean TONS of questions organized by difficulty levels that will undoubtedly hone your neural pathways necessary to be fired when solving GMAT quant questions. Finally, you'll be tested periodically on previous topics as you progress through the course so you keep all the material fresh in your mind.

TTP verbal was added as I was prepping TTP quant and similar design and thoughtfulness was reflected in TTP Verbal. TTP Verbal was HARD but later I realized WHY as I breezed through OG verbal questions.

TTP is a no BS, no shortcut approach to prepping for the GMAT and instead of simply teaching you gimmicky tricks it forces you to actually learn the material and then employ smart techniques to tackle any kind of problem the GMAT might throw at you.

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