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I came to Tuck knowing that I wanted a small and intimate b-school experience, and that is exactly what I have gotten so far. You get to know your classmates both in and out of the classroom, and you can shape your experience to whatever fits your goals and needs. You definitely have to "want" to come here, being out the middle of nowhere with 280 of your closest friends (560 if you count both classes) so be sure you articulate why Tuck is important to you, since it definitely isn't for everyone. Tuck is also great at connecting prospective students with current ones, and they will do their best job to ensure that your campus visit and interview leave you with the impression that Tuck is all about community and getting to know you. Best advice for applicants: know what it is about Tuck that speaks to you and how you can add value to the class.

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Student body, diversity

Alumni Network

Culture & Student Support

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Investment Banking


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Career opportunities provided by school

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