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Magoosh [270]
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Kaplan [15]
Economist GMAT Tutor [273]
Optimus Prep™ [95]

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GMAT Prep with e-GMAT Quant Live Prep
Review for: e-GMAT Quant Live Prep by Prateek154
September 20 | 2017
I took the course in January but started preparing for GMAT in the month of March. Just before starting my prep I took a mock test and scored 600. being... Read more
Best GMAT Quant Study Materials Available
Review for: Target Test Prep Flexible Prep by drae93
September 20 | 2017
The TTP Flexible Plan is hands down the best study option to ace the GMAT Quant section. I have tried books and online materials from almost every other company and... Read more
e-GMAT Quant Scholaranium
Review for: e-GMAT Quant Online by Evgart
September 20 | 2017
This is an excellent instrument to improve your quant skills. The tasks are challenging and really hard. I would assume that the tasks are of a 700+ level. I was... Read more
e-GMAT Verbal Online is the best!
Review for: e-GMAT Verbal Online by aja1991
September 19 | 2017
My Quant section was good enough, but my Verbal was not great. The first time, I got V27, but I kept working on my verbal, using Manhattan Guides and other... Read more
Chris Kane was amazing
Review for: Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online by radhikazzle
September 18 | 2017
I took Veritas Prep's live online course and it was absolutely phenomenal. I was already hitting 730-740 in the original diagnostics but wanted to hit the late 700's. I tried... Read more