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With Stratus Admissions Counseling, you don’t just work closely with one experienced MBA admissions counselor to optimize every part of your application. You work with an entire team of specialists who provide extensive feedback throughout the application process.

From reflecting on your past experiences and identifying programs that will move you towards your goals to crafting your essays and conducting mock interviews, Stratus’ team-based approach ensures you stand out and get accepted into your dream business school. We guarantee it.*

We have clients who have been admitted to every top MBA program year after year since 2006.

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Stratus was great!
April 28 | 2017
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     By dex092612 5 1

Applying to business school is such an arduous process and Stratus made it much more manageable. There were always responsive in answering my questions and offered invaluable advice. Without Stratus, I think the content of my essays would have been blasé. Stratus always pushed me to take my essays one step further and dig a little deeper. I honestly don't think I would have been able to do that on my own. I was extremely proud of every application submitted and was confident that I had shown each admissions committee the best version of myself. Stratus definitely knows what's important to an admissions committee and how to set you apart from the pack. I know the packages are expensive, I was hesitant myself, but it was worth every penny.

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     By pallavvyas 0 0

Melisa was wonderful to work with! She provided great feedback on resume and essays, was always willing to help, and go above and beyond. She was always prompt at responding, and would check-in anytime I fell off the wagon due to work deadlines. I worked with her mostly over email, except for the first skype call. The communication was great (even when I was traveling with a 10+hr time difference) and timely. She really helped me stay on track and submit a stellar application. I got into the school of my choice (Berkeley Haas) and Melisa's help played a huge role.

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     By blisteringbarnacles 5 1

I loved working with Harold who provided me with assistance at every step of the way from helping me with structuring my essays to critiquing my cover letters.

He is a genuinely interested in making sure you go to the university that you want to and helps you make an informed decision. His greatest strength is his ability to create a conducive working environment that helped me open up to him and helped him understand what I really was looking for in an MBA program.He responds to your queries almost immediately and at the same time gives you ample time to work on your essays.

I would attribute my admission to Harold 100% and without him I know I would have had to struggle a lot more with my applications to get to where I am .

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Trust the process!
April 03 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By lukeduke 0 0

I had a great experience with the Stratus team.

I was fairly nervous about applying to business school, but Stratus and my counselor, Michael, did a wonderful of job of laying out how I needed to think about my applications. They diagnosed my weakest points and laid out how to improve them (online class, additional essays, informal recommendations, etc.), things I would've never known how to do beforehand. I was eventually accepted to two of the three schools I applied to, one of which was my dream school, Stanford GSB.

This isn't the program for those unwilling to do the work, however. Stratus will really force you to delve into your past experiences, to understand where you've been and where you're headed.

If you're ready to get a handle on the b-school process, I highly recommend their service.

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     By EngMBA 0 0

Salma is fantastic. I cannot recommend her, specifically, enough.

I am an “unconventional” MBA candidate coming from an engineering and operations background from an underrepresented U.S. geography. When I began researching for MBA admissions consultants, I struggled to differentiate the people offering the service. Judging from the consultants’ resumes, the top tier MBAs and management consulting experiences began to run together. When I spoke to most consultants, the pitch was standardized, delivered without emotion, and I didn’t feel that they understood or cared about my specific story.

This all changed after my first time speaking with Salma. The first thing that differentiated Salma was her resume; she is a rocket scientist turned actor who at one point ran a small theatre. Salma asked inquiring questions specific to me and looked to make the MBA admissions process fit me and my story, rather than the other way around. Salma always inquired with an optimistic yet calm and empathetic tone that made me feel confident in our approach. Given the high stakes of what could be at stake, I knew she was the right person to help me tell my story.

Once we were working together, Salma was honest about my chances of admission to the top tier programs and highlighted the parts of my application that could use improvement to ensure success. She was always patient as I inquired about the process and her suggestions, but never let me deviate from delivering my story to the schools of my choosing. She was always willing to make time for me and every discussion we had was productive and consistent with the strategy we had agreed upon on the onset of the journey.

From a cost perspective, consultants can be daunting, however I encourage you to put the expense in to the context of the cost of an MBA. If using Salma doubles your chances of admission into a top-tier program (which she will), the cost of the guidance is well worth the payoff.

Salma is fantastic. I cannot recommend her, specifically, enough.

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Stratus Prep Review
March 27 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By bamclell 0 0

I had a rudimentary idea of what I wanted to write about, but working with my Stratus Prep Counselor elevated my essays to a higher level and helped me craft a unique story that wove together my passions, experiences and goals. Beyond the technical aspects, my Counselor helped me maintain sanity through the stressful MBA admissions process and gave me invaluable advice and inspiration when I needed it most. Ultimately, I was invited to interview at 7 of 8 schools and was accepted into my preferred program. I firmly believe that Stratus Prep strengthened my candidacy tremendously. I highly recommend that others consider their services!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By Panda567 0 0

I was tremendously pleased with the quality of service provided by Santosh at Stratus Prep. I was referred to him by a friend who had worked with him in a previous cycle, and he did not disappoint.

In a time efficient manner, Santosh helped me reflect on my career and personal achievements, and create a coherent, logical admissions "story". He offered exceptionally clear comments to drafts of essays I completed, and always did so within 24-36 hours of any submission made. I very rarely disagreed with his feedback, which helped with both form and substance of content. Overall, Santosh was highly reliable and made me feel like I put my best foot forward in this process. He also offered feedback in a constructive way that was collaborative and well-intentioned.

I am excited to be attending HBS next year, which was one of my top choices.

Would highly recommend his services to anyone, particularly someone with a similar profile to me (banking and PE background).

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By piro9520 0 0

I could not recommend Harold Simansky and the Stratus Prep team more for their MBA consulting services. Stratus Prep was incredibly professional throughout the entire process and Harold was extremely knowledgeable on the application processes at top business schools. Harold helped me refine and perfect my career story, objectives and overall application. Harold is an expert in helping people properly position themselves within their competitive category to maximize their chances of being admitted. He was immediately available any time I had questions or concerns, which was frequently throughout the process. If you want to put your best foot forward and increase your chances of being admitted to a top school then I highly suggest working with Harold and the Stratus Prep team.

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Exactly what I hoped for
March 21 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By cjeng22 0 0

Stratus Admissions was exactly what I was looking for in a MBA admissions consultant. I originally signed up for the two school package with Donna Bauman and could not have been happier with my selection.

Overall, everyone from the senior strategists to the sales team makes you feel as if you are their only client. My admissions consultant, Donna, was wonderful throughout the R1 and R2 admissions process. She really pushed me to dig deep and encouraged me to slow down, reflect, and put my best application forward. During the application process, Donna was there for my every question and always available to bounce ideas off of, even on the weekends! The thoughtfulness of Donna's feedback and advice throughout my business school application process really made me feel as if I were her only client.

Additionally, what I really found unique and beneficial about Stratus was the team-based approach whereby a senior strategist and school-specific reviewer were available to share their expertise, rather than just be isolated to a single consultant.

This fall, I was fortunate enough to be accepted into a M7 MBA program. I highly recommend Stratus Admissions if you are considering applying to a MBA program. Although costly, the benefits gained from having someone to continually motivate and push you to put your best work product forward throughout the grueling admissions process are priceless.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By Philip212 1 0

Overall I moderately impressed with Stratus’s package. I felt like they were a little conservative in their school selection (Obviously it’s to their incentive to get you into school and not risk it on a better school). I felt the packet that was provided was not very useful. Seemed too structured and one size fit all. I did get into every school I applied to so far, still waiting to hear back from one but am satisfied with at least one of the three I have been admitted to.

My personal consultant, Santosh, was very helpful and always responded quickly. He seemed very interested in me getting in and guiding my decision. He definitely would deserve a 5 star rating.

In sum Stratus is worth the money if you really need a guiding hand in the process. They are not magic workers and really don’t have any secret sauce so if you are a good planner you are probably better off just paying for review of essays by them or someone else.

I should note that they are providing me a $20 Amazon gift card for providing this review.

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