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With Stratus Admissions Counseling, you don’t just work closely with one experienced MBA admissions counselor to optimize every part of your application. You work with an entire team of specialists who provide extensive feedback throughout the application process.

From reflecting on your past experiences and identifying programs that will move you towards your goals to crafting your essays and conducting mock interviews, Stratus’ team-based approach ensures you stand out and get accepted into your dream business school. We guarantee it.*

We have clients who have been admitted to every top MBA program year after year since 2006.

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Highly Recommended!
April 23 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By harrisonfs2013 0 0

I had a really great experience working with Donna Bauman. She was exceptionally encouraging and supportive throughout my application journey. She was always willing to provide helpful, honest, and timely feedback (within 24 hours) and was able to be flexible to accommodate with our time zone differences for interview preparations. Most importantly, she really took the time to understand my unique background and aspirations and was a true advocate to ensure that I conveyed my unique story across my applications. The Stratus team is professional, personable, and has a very thorough process. I would highly recommend Donna and Stratus to anyone looking for an admissions consultant!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By jolieduhon 0 0

When I started on my MBA application journey two years ago, I was pretty far from being the ideal candidate. I did not graduate from an ivy league university, I didn't come from a traditional business school industry, and my story was nothing remarkable, or so I thought. Working with my Senior Strategist, Susan, first in the MBA Early Edge program and then in the MBA Admissions Counseling package (along with my MBA counselor, Jamie) infused me with a confidence I can't describe. With their guidance and support, I was able to start thinking next-level about my applications, my mission and my future. I will be starting at a top-20 school in the fall full-time program and I couldn't be more proud of the hard work it took to get here!

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April 15 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by post count
     By dina98 187 22

I didn't get into any of the programs I applied. I paid for the 3 school package. I worked with Santosh. Santosh, as most say in these reviews, responds very quickly. I may have benefited to some extent with the guidance Santosh and Harold provided but I felt it was not worth the money. I don't think they as a team put in the effort. Something they pointed out when I was applying for the second round and had to be changed - was somehow ok with the first school I applied. I got a response that schools are different. I understand that but whatever that was asked to be removed or changed was an answer to why MBA not 'why at your school'. I would write a more detailed review but it's disheartening to even get into the details. I think I would be feeling better today with the rejections had I not gone with Stratus. I don't like to give one star ratings but..

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reviewer identity verified by gmat club tests
     By henlight 1 5

I started using Stratus Consulting in Spring 2017 with the goal of applying by Fall 2017 for Round 1.

tl:dr Stratus was incredibly helpful. The introspection templates, essay feedback, and school guidance gave me insight into a process I was new to. Like anything, you get what you put in, and money isn't enough. But if you are really willing to work, Stratus will take that effort and focus it into a top application for your top schools. It worked here as I was recently admitted to the Stanford Graduate School of Business with an undergrad GPA below 3.0 and a GMAT score of 710.

More detail:
Stratus helped to frame my experiences in a way that not only helped me pick the best ones to share, but to craft my own goals/trends through them. Like most of you, I imagine, I am going to business school to make a specific move in my career. That move isn't coming from no where but has showed itself throughout my early career. That is easy to say but often very difficult to show in 250-750 word essays while also getting the tone, grammar, and writing style down. So firstly, Stratus was crucial in helping my instrospection process occur early and thoroughly.

Take that introspection and turning it into essays is difficult, however. Nonetheless, my Stratus advisor helped me do just that. We must have gone back and forth (I chose a package that had them help me with two schools, but ultimately I applied to 9) at least 10 times on each schools essays. She always provided helpful insight, guidance, and was not afraid to challenge my assumptions. Additionally, when the time was right, my Stratus POC gave my essays to others on her team to get additionally invaluable feedback.

For me, I tend to procrastinate and with work, personal life, and building a side business, I knew that if I didn't commit to an investment like Stratus, I would not be able to stick to a timeline to apply with high quality essays. I ultimately applied R2 (wanted/needed to get my GMAT score up) and Stratus stuck with me through the entire process. I highly recommend them to students who are ready to work, excited about business school (and other graduate schools, btw), and know they need a little fire to keep them going through the long haul.

Overall, I am happy with my decision regardless of what school I got into, but certainly ecstatic that I was afforded this opportunity to attend Stanford. My advice: if you are going to commit to this process, go all in. Commit. The worst feeling you will have from this process (worse than the long GMAT hours of studying) is realizing at the end of it that you could have done something more. Don't let that happen. Act now, organize, and make 2018 your year to do this! Good luck!

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Melisa Prevost review
March 28 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By shrpra 2 5

I had a great experience working with Melisa. I purchased the hourly package and we used the time to work on my resume and essays. I was very much a non-traditional applicant and had no idea about the business school application process, but her guidance made the whole thing a breeze. She had extensive knowledge of every school on my list and made sure each application fit its respective school perfectly.

When it came to actually editing my resume and essays, Melisa was very efficient with her time, which I really appreciated considering I was paying by the hour. She sent back all her edits within a day, and every single suggestion was valuable. I applied in Round 2 so all the deadlines were right after the holidays, but she made herself available even then.

Most importantly, she genuinely cares about your success! She asked for and appreciated updates well past the application phase. She even introduced me to another one of her clients attending the same program as me so I could start connecting with future classmates right away. I would highly recommend Melisa to anyone looking for an application consultant.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By mbaperson12345 0 0

When I first considered using a consultant, I was hesitant to commit to the price of a comprehensive package without truly understanding what working with a consultant would be like. The Application Fundamentals and Strategy option with Stratus was a relatively low-risk way to start the process and gave me the flexibility to choose how I wanted to proceed (i.e., working solo, purchasing hours, or upgrading to a comprehensive package) thereafter. I was worried that in using a consultant, I would lose my "voice" trying to fit into some consultant mold, but the outcome was quite the opposite. The Introspection process forced me to think about how different experiences in my life have shaped me personally and professionally and to examine post-MBA career options that fit with both my experiences and aspirations. Susan helped me identify themes across these different goals and experiences. The upfront work I did with Susan laid the foundation for my application strategy, kept my story grounded, and was directly applicable to several essays and even interview questions. It also helped guide my conversations with supervisors when I asked them to write my LORs. For me, the Application Fundamentals and Strategy option was a great way to "try out" working with a consultant while still moving the ball forward on my applications. I did end up upgrading to a comprehensive package. Susan, Harold, and the rest of the Stratus folks were great resources throughout the process and gave quality feedback on essays and interview prep. The application process is a grind, no matter what. There really aren't short cuts. But for me, it was helpful to have a knowledgeable sounding board/resource throughout the process. I overall had a great experience working with Stratus, and I am excited to be attending an M7 school in the fall.

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Top 5 Program Admit
January 22 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By fostera3 0 0

I recommend working with Stratus Admissions to anyone who is serious about applying to top MBA programs. I began working with my consultant, Donna, through the MBA Early Edge Package about 18 months before I applied to schools. Through the Early Edge Package, we identified opportunities to strengthen my application profile with enough time to make important improvements. Many of the improvements became core pieces of my essays and interview answers.

Since Donna and I had already been working together for a year through the Early Edge Package, we were in a great position to hit the ground running when essays and applications were released. Donna was very responsive, genuinely interested in my success and provided excellent, school-specific feedback. Her experience as as a full-time MBA admissions officer prior to Stratus allowed Donna to provided expert advice on each application and guidance navigating the stressful application process.

With Donna’s insight and the support of the entire Stratus team, I was admitted to my dream school and look forward to attending a Top 5 MBA program this year! If you are serious about attending an elite MBA program, starting with Stratus as early as possible will help achieve your goals!

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A++ Service
January 19 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By lmehmeti2014 0 0

I recently used Stratus Admissions for round 1 applications to business school. I was paired with one of their top counselors, Cartha. Looking back (and having been accepted to my top choice), I can confidently say that her guidance was absolutely instrumental in my bid. From brainstorming essays to preparing for the interview and everything in between, I could always tell Cartha had taken the time to think critically about my story/application and she ultimately provided excellent advice every step of the way. She was always responsive and made herself available around a challenging work schedule. I would enthusiastically recommend Stratus (and Cartha if she is available!) to anyone who is seriously interested in maximizing their chances of getting into their dream school.

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Worth the investment
January 14 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By zuperman11 27 3

As an MBA reapplicant to my dream school, I didn’t want to simply submit a similar application and cross fingers that it was going to be looked at with different eyes. I knew the areas that were under my control and the ones where I could use some help. I had an initial free consultation with Susan who helped me reassure that I could improve my application.

I got a 5 hour package (at the end I got an extra hour), where we worked on essays and interview prep. My consultant (Susan) was extremely responsive (always heard back in less than 48hrs) and she was able to put my story together in a way that I wouldn’t have thought. She was really good at pointing out certain aspects about my story that I was not considering or didn’t think they would add any value. I certainly felt I was submitting a much stronger application after hitting the submit button.

I got admitted to my dream school, and I know that it wouldn’t have been possible without her help. Beyond the outcome of my investment, was always very pleased with the service I received from my consultant and the Stratus team. I would highly recommend Susan and Stratus.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By subhayan1985 1 0

After debating for some time on whether I should be taking support from admissions consultants for my B-school applications, I decided to take the plunge. Having a score of 710, and being an Indian male Engineer, I was in one of the most competitive pools of B-school applicants. I got admitted into 2 out of 4 schools I had applied to. These schools were chosen by me and not by Stratus.

I chose Stratus after talking to a number of admissions consulting providers. The ‘free of charge next round’ feature, where Stratus works with you to submit application to the school of your choice for free in case you did not get admitted in Round One, was attractive to me; a feature that I did not find in any other admissions consulting service provider.

My consultant was Santosh Prasad who has an excellent personality, friendly demeanor, and thorough understanding of the application requirements. Through the initial exercises, I developed a strong understanding of what detail to be included in the B-school applications. The meetings with Santosh was set up at times convenient to me. He even accommodated weekends, which was very helpful based on the busy schedule at work.

We, as applicants, need to understand that the ad coms have a limited amount of time to go through each application. Having said that, there must be something in the application that makes it stand out within that limited time. Santosh helped me carve out those unique features in my application. He also guided me on what points to include in my essays, and how to structure them.

I would also like to point out that the fees in Stratus are substantial, however, the other consulting firms that I checked with had similar fees as well. The point I am trying to make is that admissions consulting is an expensive service to avail.

On the whole, Stratus was a good experience and Santosh is the consultant you should look for in case you choose to go with Stratus.

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