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e-GMAT is all you need to hit >700


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

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I took my first attempt at GMAT in 2014 and scored Q39 & V31. Even though I was hitting around Q45 and V36 in my mocks, it was a drastic drop in performance and score. I prepared on my own primarily using Manhattan books for both Quant and Verbal.
Fast forward to Nov 2017 and I started my GMAT preparations once again. But this time I was equipped with a different set of tools. I opted for E-GMAT (out of 3 other companies) based on the reviews. I bought the Complete LIVE Prep and instantly knew that I made the right choice. Each topic has a pre-quiz, detailed content, post -quiz, application quiz and a practice quiz in that order. This is followed by a list of OG questions on the same topic for additional practice. So it makes sure we are completely thorough by the time we move on to the next topic.
The interactive course modules have been laid out well and they are short and crisp (about 20-30 min long). There have been instances where I have taken those modules during my office hours. They are supported on my iPad and it made my learning experience much more easier. The only problem that I found here was that the e-learning modules did not run in Chrome/Safari and it works only with Puffin browser.
Talking about the course content, Quant covers all the required topics well with clear-cut explanations. I dont think even the Manhattan books give you a good explanation on Probability & Combinations as good as e-GMAT. I just enjoyed that bit. And regarding verbal, I don't think e-GMAT needs any more reviews talking about how effective it is.
The strategies employed to tackle CR & SC works wonders for me. At first, i used to deviate from the process when solving practice problems. And when I made sure I stick to the process no matter what, I took about 5 min for each question. Now I have reduced it to about 2.5- 3.5 min and I am still working on it.
All I am focusing on now is practice. I can already see the improvement jump in my scores from Q39 to Q48-49 and V31 to V38 -39 in my mocks. I am aiming for a Q50 and V40 and I am overly confident that I can hit them with more practice. This is where Scholaranium comes in handy. It has about 1000 questions in Quant and 900 questions in Verbal. Scholaranium is where you can cement the knowledge gained through e-learning modules. In addition to this, I had the option of Live sessions but since I was a bit occupied on weekends with family chores, I was able to give only one session. However, I do have access to recordings of those live sessions and I randomly play them through on my lazy days.
e-GMAT gives you a wealth of tools to tackle the GMAT.
If you are serious on GMAT to break the 700 and if you are ready to put in the effort and sacrifice, then I can guarantee that e-GMAT is all you need!!

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