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EGMAT Verbal courses really helpful to non-native students


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

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I have started my GMAT Prep before 7 month.Initially when i was looking for some material to study, however it was really confusing.My initial score was 470 as well.I had a feelng like i cannot improve on my quant score however i was really wondering on RC ,CR and SC with pretty average application skill.

Then, my friend introduced me to e-GMAT and I cannot thank him enough for having done that. After a 6 month long break, I felt the need to go over SC and CR concepts as well and the videos provided by e-GMAT made them a whole lot of fun. I would stay up till late night, watching the videos, almost like I'd be watching movies. They were light and helped me brush up my concepts very well. I had read someone's review about making handwritten notes while watching videos and then transferring those onto notepad at the end of each day as that would not only help you revise, but also create a handy notebook for you to skim through while you're on the move. This tip helped me a lot and I would really recommend it to others as well.

The CR and RC videos were really helpful . e-GMAT provides you a number of key strategies that you must keep in mind while reading through the arguments. The one strategy that worked wonders for me was "to get immersed" in everything. These strategies seem very time consuming in the beginning, but within no time, you start to internalise them.

The other thing that I absolutely loved about the VLP was the scholaranium. Since I knew that RC and SC was my weak point, I had decided to do atleast 4 passages every day, along with 20 SCs and 20 CRs. I am yet to give my GMAT now which is already scheduled on August 21st. Now I am feeling confident and hope to get a score more that 700 .
Thank you e-GMAT once again and thanks to all those who read my review till the very end. I hope I was able to motivate a few of you out there like me, who may have totally given up on verbal.

All the best to you all !!

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