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GMAT Course Review
Helped get me to 710!
September 24 | 2013
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Magoosh offers a great product at an affordable price. I knew virtually nothing about the GMAT or the GMAT material, and Magoosh's helpful videos showed me everything. Here is what I really liked about Magoosh:

Visual Dashboard:
This dashboard helped me really keep track of my progress, and allowed me to see all tools at once. Even though the dashboard is a small part of the Magoosh product, to me it was vitally important.

Video Tutorials:
Because I have not been in school for awhile, I really struggled with a lot of the GMAT material. However, Magoosh has extremely helpful videos that walk you through the test, testing strategies, sections, concepts, and practice questions. The tutorials were very short (allowing me to focus on what I needed and also feel like I was "progressing" quickly by watching six 5-minute videos, as opposed to one 30-minute video), and also very comfortable to listen to.

Question Bank:
Magoosh has A LOT of questions (over a 1,000) and they all have a written explanation and video explanation. This was critical in my learning HOW to solve questions. They also offer many different ways to practice, even simulating the "adaptive" nature of the GMAT (as you get questions correct, harder questions get asked).

Customer Service:
This was what made this company. I got great customer service, before and after my test. They offer a lot of great deals, and even send a friendly email right before the exam to encourage/help you.

Overall, I truly believe I couldn't achieve my 710 without Magoosh!

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Silver Bullet for Admissions
September 20 | 2017
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I'm a workoholic.

Working 60+ hour weeks, two non-profits, and a side business, I needed admissions help that could operate with my schedule but still quench my thirst for details and specifics.

ApplicantLab was the perfect solution for me.

It contains amazingly detailed videos of not only what to do, but why you do it, which is really the secret sauce of admissions! The online tool walked me through the entire process of building up my MBA profile, and made sure that I thought through all of the important introspective questions that are necessary at putting together solid essays.

After building up my profile strategy, it helped me brainstorm essay topics and ultimately helped me create outlines, drafts and final versions of my essays. Finally, working with Maria via her videos on the essays were amazing. Her professionalism and upbeat attitude helped get me through a tough application schedule.

Ultimately, I got into my top choice!

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