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The best and the most comprehensive Quant prep course


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Course e-GMAT Online 360

Instructor Krishna Chaitanya

Location Online

I took e-gmat quant live prep course to boost my GMAT Quant. I was very impressed with the in-depth analysis and strategic method of teaching. I would recommend it to students who are looking to gain a stronger understanding of quant topics. My weak areas were Algebraic Translations, Geometry, Probability and Combinatorics, Weighted Averages and Number Properties. I spent some time reviewing concepts and then did timed practice using OG and GMAT Club. e-gmat played a major role in inculcating more confidence in my quant abilities going into the GMAT. I did not have much time but if you have 2+ months, this course is ideal to brush up rusty concepts. It is definitely worth the buy. Good luck!

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