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GMAT Course Review
E-gmat Verbal Live Prep
July 18 | 2013
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This review is for: e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep
Location: Online
Taught by: Krishna Chaitanya


I enrolled in the e-gmat verbal live prep 5 months back. I was on and off preparing for the GMAT using e-gmat and for the little time I spent, I have completed 80% of the sentence correction. I see a lot of improvement in sentence correction itself by using the e-gmat method of looking for the meaning first. Before taking this course I would directly jump on to the answers after reviewing the question for a while but now I am spending much more time analyzing the sentence. This is helping me to improve the accuracy as well as timing. I hope and wish that this will translate on to the test day, which I think will because of my improved confidence levels.

I wish I can improve the same way in both CR and RC after going through these practice session. I suggest the non-native speakers take this course considering the methodology and the emphasis e-gmat gives on the approach and basics of each concept.

I wish everyone the very best

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