August 04, 2013

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Well structured course for Verbal Preparation


Improvement 100 Points

Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Rajat Sadana

Location Online

I took my GMAT for the first time in Oct '12 and again in March '13. I am planning to take it for the third time in Oct '13. When I took my GMAT for the first time, my verbal came out to be my weakest area. After reading various reviews on trusted GMAT sites, e-GMAT came out to be the obvious choice. I went for the Verbal Live Prep. I completed 70-80% of the course and appeared for the GMAT. I saw a 5 point increase in my score from 20 to 25. I am now preparing to complete the entire course and I am sure I will improve my score by 8-10 points further!
The structure of the course is very well planned and with diligent preparation. A multi-fold increase in your score is guaranteed. Go for it!

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