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After scoring a 490 and 530 on my previous attempts, with a verbal score of 26, I was pretty devastated. I had used MGMAT's full book series for the first attempt and added in Magoosh's online prep for the second. I decided I would take the GMAT one last time, but needed to really dial in on how I approached studying for the exam. I had taken free live sessions with e-GMAT in the past, but wasn’t sure the course was for me as I am a native speaker. After researching a bit more about e-GMAT, yes it is excellent for non-natives, but I found that it is great for anyone struggling with verbal in general. The approach and methodologies used to learn and solve verbal questions is without a doubt the reason for my verbal improvement. I highly suggest the verbal prep for anyone seeking an increase, big or small, in verbal score. Although I did not subscribe to the Quant prep, I did tap into all the free information and live sessions that were offered. To get the most of the live sessions, ensure you have completed all content for the section being covered so the instructor can help you through your true weaknesses. Live feedback such as this can really benefit your overall prep. In the end, it comes down to how you learn and what fits best into your life. For me, I needed interaction, videos, and hands on learning content. For example, at the end of each concept you are given a quiz. The quiz is not just a bunch of gmat-like questions, it is a specialized quiz to reinforce what you have just learned. I noticed a spike in verbal accuracy after completing. Finally, do not be afraid or deterred from going through all the verbal concepts more than once! Use the video concepts and recordings as many times as needed.

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