January 12, 2012

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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

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A few months back I stumbled upon Aman’s testimonial where he mentioned e-GMAT for Verbal. I took the course based on his advice. The course helped me immensely in all SC/CR/RC. In SC, it changed my approach of solving SC... and I started concentrating in meaning first and then think of grammar. Just doing that made all the tools that I had learned from MGMAT immensely more useful. Another bonus that the course provided was a vast pool of questions. There were a lot of questions that you could not solve unless you understood the meaning (like those with multiple grammatically correct answer choices). Moreover, live sessions with Payal (the e-GMAT instructor, also active on BTG) were similar to live sessions with Ron where she would help you solve immensely difficult problems.

One more Aha moment that I had was that once you improve SC, it automatically impacts other sections positively, especially if you are following the right methods, kind of like knowledge of trigonometry and algebra helped me solve Integration problems in schools. The improvement in SC helped me do well in CR. As I started reading sentences for their meanings, I was able to infer choices better which helped me discern the correct choice from the wrong ones. Earlier, I was quite scared of the bold face question, but after going through the e-GMAT concept I solved every bold face problem correctly. Part of it was the more structured approach that the course gave but another part of it was also the fact that I was reading things better.

One under-rated area in CR is prethinking. Prethinking is very important to doing CR questions correctly. It is difficult initially but can be learned if you spend time on it. It really helped me improve my CR accuracy on difficult problems. This is one thing that I would recommend to all the non natives.

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