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Live Online Course
May 03 | 2012
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Location: Online
Taught by: Mark Sullivan

The Live Online course was very solid, especially for consultants who never know where they'll be or when they'll be there until.

Pros: Provides an excellent framework for how to approach studying. Breaks it down into manageable weekly segments that require a lot of work, but are thought out and doable if you put in the time. The syllabus and the books are the most invaluable part of this course.

On that note, I cannot recommend the MGMAT books enough. They are the best material out there, especially for those of us who struggle with concepts like number properties. The CAT's are also the best non-Official tests you can take, and give a very accurate representation of your score. I would estimate that the Quant on MGMAT CAT's is more difficult and time consuming than on the real thing, but that prepares you well for time management.

The instructors were very good, especially the lead instructor for our course. Cold calling was definitely appreciated, since it motivates you to do your work.

Also, the best part of Manhattan is that they are a no fluff company. I read a lot of tricks and secrets and other things from certain providers, but Manhattan emphasizes hard work and learning the underlying concepts, which in my opinion, are the key to doing well on the test.

Cons: I thought the class moved a bit too slowly. If you're a higher level test taker and really putting in hours to study, you will probably rise above the course material and find class a little slow. That being said, it was still a good review of things and a good confidence builder.

Overall: Solid 9/10. I would recommend it to anyone, especially if you need the spark to study like I did, and the weekly check points to make sure you do your work. You also get free office hours that I wish I had used, and would have been really valuable for certain sticky areas. The CAT's and the books are an easy 10/10. I was happy with my score.

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