August 02, 2017

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Smurfit - A Good Hidden School


This review is for Smurfit

Program Full Time One Year MBA

Class of 2018

Experience during the program

Smurfit is a good business school than most of the second tier business schools in US. Importantly, there is a 1 year stay back option( which can be extended to 1+1 = 2 years).

It is a part of the Global Network of Advanced Management Group and this provides the students with the opportunity to leverage the skills from other top ranking schools and knowledge from one of the top faculties in the world.

PS : GNAM is a group of which top B schools (Yale, IE, HKUST, ESMT, NUS, IIMB etc ) are a part of.

The GNIW (Immersion week) provides with an option to the students to take up an credit course at one of the GNAM schools across the globe.

An internation study trip bolsters the understanding of a foreign country market and how to assess the demand for a particular product.

An international capstone project is an icing on the cake giving the students a golden opportunity to execute the skills by consulting a company and providing solutions.

Overall, i would be more than happy to recommend any future MBA candidates to go for this school.

PS : Smurfit is a one year intensive course.

Overall BSchool experience (5.0)
Schools contribution (5.0)
Classmates rating (5.0)

Strengths of the program:

Curriculum, Classes, Professors
Alumni Network
Admissions Team
Specialization in a particular area (e.g. Finance, Consulting, Healthcare, etc)

Best fit at this program:


Can be improved:


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August 14, 2017

Hi Himanshu,
Nice review .
Request If you can give some insights of the current Market expansion , in Ireland , of the Major Tech and Consulting companies.
My focus is on the number of positions getting created in such Org. and rate of hire.


October 04, 2016

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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

Location Online

Back about 6 months ago, I signed up for e-GMAT Verbal and Quant courses and realized that I should have stuck with them from the beginning. Now that I realize the values that the courses offered and I've been through others', I think I can provide pointers for those that about to prep.

- SC course is extraordinary! The explanations of every single OG question is detailed and help students see clearly why each answer choice is right or wrong. If you think 2 answers are very close and can both be correct, e-gmat would show you why one of them is *obviously* the wrong choice. For e-gmat, there is NO close to correct. This is valuable especially for non-English speakers because we can approach the questions systematically and get the right answer. Unlike English speaking students, we don't have the 'ear' for right and wrong in Verbal (sometime, the ear doesn't help with difficult questions either)

- CR and RC courses are also very good. I think CR and RC need different approach than SC. I started out as not as strong but now these are my comfortable subjects. E-gmat did a good job with these 2 course but what work for me was to practice and practice (OG, LSAT, etc) until you're super comfortable.

- I like the course set up with the concepts, quizzes, lectures, apply to GMAT questions, and OG questions list. It gives me a framework to work through and make sure I learn the right thing, right amount, at the right time. If you're a technical person (I'm an engineer) you will enjoy this set up since you know exactly what you need to cover and how you will do it.

I hope you try e-gmat and really put your best effort forward. You'll know a whole lot more than other gmaters...and you most likely get a higher score as well.

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