May 12, 2022

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TTP courses - worth the investment!


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Course Target Test Prep Dedicated Study

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I lost my confidence after not breaking the 710 score barrier in a couple of tries and decided to give TTP a try. The course can be long and intimidating, but I really appreciated the course breakdowns, study plan, and error trackers, which helped me to hone in my weaknesses and stay disciplined throughout my GMAT prep. TTP helped me to regain my confidence and the practices from TTP helped me to achieve my target score of 730.

Also, the staff at TTP was incredibly kind and supportive with my questions and concerns. I would recommend TTP for anyone who struggled with his/her GMAT prep!

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June 25, 2022

Totally agreed, i also highly recommend TTP for anyone who is on their GMAT prep journey.

July 02, 2022

Absolutely fantastic course of TTP amalgamated with the basic and advanced levels of PREP mode. Selecting a proper GMAT prep company is V.V. important. I must recommend Target Test Prep, strongly.
There are many pros while selecting this TTP, overruling other ONLINE/OFFLINE prep companies.
TTP course is designed in a perfect methodical way... from beginner to Expert level concept and application effectively. No matter whether you are at present in QA or VA, you can reach your target if you follow exactly the recommendation, which is fully customized to our unique situation.
Besides, many unique USPs for TTP is there such as calendar-based daily targets, customized micro- quiz, regular motivational videos, etc.
From TTP, I came to realize that morning study for around 2 hrs. before leaving to work would give a perfect kick-start for your day.
Recently TTP has started private tutoring, also. One may go for it according to his budget also. In case of any quarries, just ping me. I have experienced this while studying through many online/ Offline modes including e-GMAT etc... Go for TTP to grab your dreams.