August 12, 2017

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I first heard of Experts Global, when one of my friends who got into a top B-school in USA informed me about the company.

I had a meeting with Mayank sir, the founder of the company and ultimately decided to work with him. It pleases me to say that that the company was able to guide me to get into the business school of my choice.

Experts Global’s process was invaluable in helping me refine my business school’s list and the stories for them. Their “Introspection Process” in particular was instrumental in helping illicit experiences in my life that would contribute to an overall compelling story. Each of my advisers was always professional and incredibly responsive. The comments on my essays were very insightful. Experts Global also helped me in improving my resume structure & content.

In addition to the content of my applications, Experts Global was also key in keeping my application process on track, as they ensured that I kept to the important application deadlines amidst my work schedule. Furthermore, the company reviewed my final application before submission and provided sufficient interview practice with junior and senior counsellors, which ultimately prepared me for the interview.

I wholeheartedly recommend Experts Global because they have so far helped me get into the business school of my first choice.

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April 25, 2019


Thanks for your pleasant words! :)

Glad to know that while working with us, you found avenues to introspect and deliberate! At the end of the day, that is what this process is all about.

Congratulations once again.

All the best!

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October 04, 2014

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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Rajat Sadana

Location Online

Dear all,

To start with my background, I did my schooling from Hindi medium. Last year, I decided to write the GMAT exam so I registered for classroom program from ThePrincetonreview. In Dec 2013, I wrote the exam and I ended up with a score of 580( q-51, v-19). I was shocked with my verbal score.I realized that Princeton program was of little help for me as it does not provide any approach for verbal questions. I did prepare for CAT so quant was like a cake walk for me.

We , Indians love the word “free” so before writing the exam, I registered for E-gmat free classes and attended free sessions. Though, I loved their strategies for Cr-prethinking, SC- 3 step and RC- 7 points but I did not follow the same in the exam . After the exam, I knew where do I need to improve and how.
I registered for e-gmat verbal live prep course. I must admit that this course has been very useful for me in all three types of questions.

Reading- Before registering for the course, I was not an active reader. The RC strategy sessions taught me how should we read effectively . Today, I read all leading magazines such as TheEconomist, Scientific American etc. I just love their strategy so much that today, whenever, I read any articles from these magazines , I just follow RC strategy. Now, the strategy has been part of my reading style. It has not only improved my comprehension skills but also reading speed.

Sentence correction- Before writing the exam, I used to think that sc is all about grammer rules. Once you learn all grammar rules, you can master in sc but after the blunder in exam and after following e-gmat sc-meaning based approach , I realized that I was wrong. Grammer based approach might work in easy sc questions, but once you are getting tougher questions, most of the questions will be based on meaning and here, E-gmat sc course will help you , not Manhattan sc book.

Critical reasoning- I would strongly recommend e-gmat –prethinking approach if one wants to do good in CR. It has not only improved my accuracy but also solved timing issue.
I will be writing Gmat next month and I aim for 760. My sincerely thanks to E-GMAT team for coming up
Such an effective and useful course for non-natives.


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