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Must recommend GMAT prep course from day 1


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Course GMATWhiz GMAT Prep

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What stands out above all else in my experience with GMATWhiz is the personalized attention to the minutest of detail that they’d give me during my preparations. Having a super busy work schedule, strategizing the prep for GMAT could be truly overwhelming. While their course, which is personalized by itself, is quite helpful and intuitive, for me personally it was the strategy sessions I had with Zartaj and Shreyyash that proved a game-changer. In essence, I simply had to focus on the implementation. Zartaj and Shreyyash worked out detailed quizzing and mock plans for me. They even worked out which quiz should include how many questions, what topics and of what difficulty level. The detailed analysis that they’d give me post the quizzes made it easier for me to understand my areas of improvement.
Next, their quizzing platform is also highly customized which helped me target my efforts. The quality of questions in the Whiz Quiz and in their mocks are fairly representative of official GMAT Prep and hence you really get an accurate idea of where you stand. I had also taken a RC doubt clearing session with Shreyyash in which he gave me a simple but effective technique on understanding passages and answering Main Point questions – which used to be a constant weakness for me till that point.
A critical feedback – I’d want more number of mocks. Also, I’d want video solutions in the mocks, they have video solutions currently for the OG and for the course material. They are however always receptive of such feedback and try to inculcate these to the maximum extent.
The personalized attention that I got – which by the way wasn’t charged anything extra – was so satisfying that I was convinced that I wanted to work with these guys for my Admission Consulting as well. And inevitably, I ended up enrolling to their Admission Consulting service as well where Shreyyash is my principal consultant. Till now, we’ve managed to get an interview call from Kellogg and fingers crossed for what comes next. All in all, highly impressed with GMATWhiz and I’d recommend that you give their free trial a shot.

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