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Celebrating Success and appreciation

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Celebrating Success and appreciation


e-GMAT celebrates two major milestones this week – 100 reviews for Verbal Online and 1000 Followers on GMAT Club

100 Course Reviews for Verbal Online and counting!

Verbal Online has received over 100 reviews on GMAT Club. This is the highest number of reviews by non-natives that any GMAT test prep company has ever received for a particular course on GMAT Club.

 1000 followers and counting!

On GMAT Club, over 1000 students are following e-GMAT. This shows the tremendous trust that GMAT Club members have put on e-GMAT and its relevance for verbal preparation. On the verbal forums, e-GMAT's articles and posts have received over 2300 Kudos and 1,000,000 views. No other test prep company's articles and posts have garnered these many kudos and views!


Celebration - Verbal Online becomes more comprehensive

  1. One-time special deal, Verbal online now costs $179, instead of $199 (ends Feb 12).
  2. Verbal Workshops now included with Verbal Online
  3. 5 Live sessions- One each for SC, CR, RC and two GMAT Strategy sessions
  4. Detailed solutions to CR questions from OG Verbal Review 13

Verbal Online ($179, details)

Most critically acclaimed online course with 100 reviews on GMAT Club, the course provides 80 hours of audio-visual content on SC, CR, RC, and IR, 3500+ questions (Quant + Verbal), 5 mock tests , free live sessions and much more  for just $179.Whether you have 3 months left for preparation or just 10 days, Verbal Online course will help you boost your score. Click here to know more.

Why e-GMAT?

Here are 4 reasons as to why you should look at courses from e-GMAT.


1. Highest number of Success Stories by Non-Natives

1500 posts update1



With more non-native success stories, e-GMAT has proven that its methods help non natives excel on GMAT Verbal. Its focus on building solid foundation and then working simultaneously on process and concepts has  helped many non natives gain 10+ points (scale of 60, ~100 points on scale of 800) on GMAT Verbal and is responsible for the high success rate that its customers enjoy.





2. Taught by the best instructors

Your GMAT score can have a huge impact on your career. To make sure that you get the best instruction, we hire the best and make sure that our instructors work full time.  Unlike other test prep companies, we do not believe in hiring someone who considers teaching for GMAT as a part time occupation.


Another proof of the quality of our instructors can come from the quality of articles that we have written. e-GMAT instructors have written more articles and have received more Kudos on the Verbal forum than instructors from any other test prep company have.


 3. Money back Policy

We are a small company and we like to keep things simple. We want you to love our courses. This is why we offer a very comprehensive free trial along with free sessions.  In addition, if you don’t like our our course, let us know within a week and we will refund the money to you, as long as you have attempted less than 33% of our course. We strongly believe in our product and our offerings speak for us.


4. Recommended by GMAT Club moderators and top scorers

Our courses have received great feedback from top community members and GMAT Club moderators. Read below for more.


SOURH7Wk (720): " A truly Game Changer course in verbal for non-natives. After exhausting all available resources, I finally subscribed to this course. I saw a few reviews in GC forums and attended two free live class with Rajat on GMAT strategy & Pre-thinking. I was totally satisfied with the content & I knew I will definitely learn some new strategy to tackle my poor verbal score V23.  After taking the course I pulled up my verbal score to a respectable V40 (90%ile). I just turned my weakness into my strength now.." Click here to read his review.


Gurpreet Singh (710): "The live sessions of RAJAT on strategy and CR are awesome. Payal and Shraddha are no less than Stacy and Ron of MGMAT. No doubt no one knows more than these two experts of Mgmat, but sometimes I used to find their replies too technical to grasp. On the other hand – the lives sessions by Payal and Shraddha were simple to understand and concepts taught easy to apply." Click here to read his review.


Marcab (720): "One of the best courses available. If one is facing a bit with SC, then I shall recommend e-GMAT. The course is divided into different levels and the best thing is that one cannot go to next level without scoring a minimum. "FIVE STARS".

How to buy

Click here to know more about our Verbal Online course.
Click here to buy Verbal Online for $179.