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Chance for MBA admission

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Joined: 19 Feb 2019
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Chance for MBA admission  [#permalink]

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New post 15 May 2019, 13:34
Hi Avanti Prep,

How are you today! Please help me evaluate my chance for MBA admission, thank you so much!

Here are some stats I have:

-26 years old Asian Male (U.S. Permanent Resident, will be a citizen late this month)
-3.43 GPA in advertising major, 2.75 GPA cumulatively from a nationally ranked university (ranked around 70-80), will graduate this June (June 2017-June 2019)
-3 years of experiences as a student entrepreneur (the founder of an automotive business with an annual sales revenue of $10 MM)
-Worked full-time while studying full time.
-650 in GMAT, 330 in GRE (most likely to turn in GRE)
-Dropped out of my first university due to a major health issue (2013)

The schools of my choice (all are part-time, evening and online programs)

- Kellogg (part-time)
- Booth (part-time)
- McCombs (evening)
- McDonough (flex)
- Foster (part-time)
- Goizueta (part-time)
- Olin (Washington, professional)
- Kelley (Online)
- Krannert (part-time)
- Babson (part-time)

some extra information: I do not need any scholarship or grants, but I will more likely apply for some government aid and loans.

Do I stand any chances with this list of schools? Thank you so much!
Avanti Prep Admissions Consultant
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Joined: 08 Aug 2017
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Re: Chance for MBA admission  [#permalink]

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New post 24 May 2019, 07:32
Hi Stevenchen1991,

Thank you for your post. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation. As a member of the undergraduate Class of 2019, the main issue that you're going to run into with respect to the part-time programs you've listed is the fact that they are generally targeting professionals with average work experience of around six years and an average age of 29 or 30 years old. (You will usually find that schools' part-time programs trend about a year older than their full-time programs.) If I had to put a middle 80% range around work experience at part-time programs, I'd say that you'd usually see 4 to 8 or 4 to 9 years of experience.

With all of that in mind, and certain exceptions notwithstanding, you're a bit early to the party for these programs. It's great that you're thinking and planning ahead, but as someone who is just about to finish undergrad, my advice would be for you to focus on building several years of pre-MBA professional experience, doing the best you can, advancing, maximizing your impact inside and outside of the office, pondering where you'd like to take your career, speaking with people in industries and at schools of interest, pursuing leadership initiatives, etc. Then, a few years from now, the time will come to focus on applying.

If you were dead-set on pursuing an MBA now (or soon), there are programs out there that take people immediately post-undergrad. You will usually find these schools a bit further down in the rankings. I would encourage you to look through the "Class Profiles" of the programs you've listed and other schools that are potentially of interest to you. Doing so will also help calibrate your understanding of where your scores and GPA lie for certain schools, along with work experience, industry, geography, etc. (Another governing factor for you would be to apply while your current scores are still valid.)

Your GRE trumps your GMAT, so your instinct is correct there. Your GPA is on the lower side, so if you performed poorly in certain key courses or areas (or were light in "quantier" business subjects as an advertising major), I would encourage you consider taking additional courses in those "hard / quant business" subjects (or statistics / calculus if you didn't do well in those) in order to buttress your GPA, as you will not want that to hold you back when the time comes to apply. Working full-time and the health issue (I am sorry to hear about that; hope all is well) might help explain the GPA to some extent.

Your entrepreneurial experience sounds extremely unique. Congratulations on that! Will you be working on that while pursuing the part-time MBA? If you really wanted to apply soon(er), you could try to spin that unique success into a story about how you need the part-time MBA to help you while you grow that business. But I still think that as a 2019 undergraduate, you will need some years of post-college experience (perhaps continuing to run and grow that business) before pursuing these programs.

Best Regards,
Greg Guglielmo
Founder | Avanti Prep
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Re: Chance for MBA admission   [#permalink] 24 May 2019, 07:32
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Chance for MBA admission

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