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How COVID-19 has affected lives of MBA students & bschools

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How COVID-19 has affected lives of MBA students & bschools  [#permalink]

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New post Updated on: 09 Apr 2020, 05:41
Starting this thread to document how this pandemic has affected the lives of business students; their daily schedules, classes, project work, etc. All business students, as well as members of the admission teams, are welcome to share their experiences. Thank you!

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Originally posted by Narenn on 07 Apr 2020, 10:46.
Last edited by Narenn on 09 Apr 2020, 05:41, edited 1 time in total.
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Re: How COVID-19 has affected lives of MBA students & bschools  [#permalink]

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New post 07 Apr 2020, 10:47
IESE, Full Time MBA, Class of 2021

At this time the campus is closed, until April 15th, but I'm expecting it will remain so until end of april. It depends on the government's assessment of the situation Mid-april.

We fully switched to online classes, and while yes, we miss human interaction, its working surprisingly well. The professors are even more engaged than usual and it's actually a lot easier to participate.

All in all, its not as bad of a situation (for us young people, don't get me wrong, this is a pandemic!) as it appears to be, and I do expect this to be resolved before o, at the latest, during the summer.
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Re: How COVID-19 has affected lives of MBA students & bschools  [#permalink]

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New post 08 Apr 2020, 23:58
Guess who's back to life!!!

About me: Current student - NYU Stern - Full-time MBA - Class of 2021

1. Classes: IDK if I should even call my MBA program as a full-time MBA. It's more like an online MBA now. With the campus closed and all the classes moved online (did you check Zoom stock price lately?), the coronavirus has sucked the life out of MBA. Definitely it's nothing close to a classroom experience. It's just like sitting on a PC watching lectures on Youtube! Don't tell my profs., but I sleep during the class at times! :tongue_opt3

2. Recruiting & Internship: The biggest pain in bums? Reduced internship opportunities. Employers are rescinding offers and companies have put on hiring freeze. I know a couple of big consulting firms have rescinded the offers. Many tech firms have canceled the internships and have revoked the offers already extended to the students. Some of the firms have either moved the internship online or cut-short the duration or both. My internship at Amazon, which was for 12 weeks originally, has been cut to 8 weeks too! Besides, I and all other students are wary of conversion rates of the internships. :( Yeah, it sucks big time! No one signed up for this crappy MBA experience! :eh:

3. Official MBA Activities: Nadda! All of the networking events have been canceled, all career coaching sign-ups are virtual now, and every club meeting is online. Official alumni events have been postponed or canceled. The worst-hit are MBA2s - my heart goes out to them! Poor fellas, they won't have a graduation ceremony. To give you a context, NYU gave out diplomas through email! The obvious reaction is Damn bro, it sucks! Yes, it does!!

4. Fun Activities: There are NO fun activities!!! I hate this! At Stern, we have a beer blast every Thursday! That sets up the tone for the weekend, but with no beer blast, life seems funless. Yeah, folks do organize virtual meet-ups and beer blast, but that is crazy - you are sitting with beer mugs or with your scotch on the rocks talking to people on the other side of the screen. What fun is that? Weekly poker games have moved to online platforms and have become a daily affair! Activities like rock-paper-scissor have replaced Happy Hours! Can you imagine that? :lol:

5. Administration & Resources: The school is shut and access to physical resources has been barred after the lockdown was put in place. The administration has done a good job to keep things going through (as much as they can). However, the situation is too demanding for them to keep the ball rolling. NYU has a freeze on hiring too, which puts an additional burden on the existing staff. Admissions is struggling to send out concrete info as they aren't sure either how things are going to unfold. The student government body is turning all stones to keep the morale of the students high. But it's not easy. Everyone wants to be out there enjoying the MBA experience, but are forced to be confined in their homes.

Few things may vary, but the abovementioned insights will give a glimpse of life at most B-schools in the US right now. We are doing our part by staying indoors and hoping that things improve soon. While nobody is speaking out, given the rising number of cases in the US, this horror experience might get extended to the Fall semester as well. That said, the administration is hopeful that the situation will improve and thus is preparing for welcoming the incoming class of students! We are hopeful too that we will get to live actual Full-time MBA experience! :)

That's all folks! Hit me up if you need more info or want to talk about life/experience at NYU Stern under normal circumstances.
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Re: How COVID-19 has affected lives of MBA students & bschools  [#permalink]

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New post 09 Apr 2020, 13:23
They have same comments as mentioned above by aeon86. They work closely with MBA team for fine tuning things. The only uncertain things now how to do live projects in June which MBA team left for later decision.
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Re: How COVID-19 has affected lives of MBA students & bschools  [#permalink]

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New post 13 Apr 2020, 13:51
I've been hearing mixed reviews from friends about the virtual experience - some say that it's actually refreshingly convenient because they (i) have more control over how they allocate their attention, (ii) can take / audit more classes than they otherwise would be able to, and (ii) have greater access to professors / professionals (since everyone home). Others that aren't so happy with the experience mention the things you'd expect - diminished experience, lower-quality class discussions, missing out on 95% of student life. I recently was fortunate enough to get into Yale SOM and I had a call with a current student went so far as to suggest I seriously consider deferring my enrollment, especially given that a virtual experience is not exactly the best use of money...
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Re: How COVID-19 has affected lives of MBA students & bschools  [#permalink]

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New post 01 May 2020, 23:58
The attached document sent out by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement answers few of the questions that current and incoming students may have with respect to immigration, relocation and CPT/OPT.

U.S.Immigration-Covid19Faq.pdf [485.09 KiB]
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Re: How COVID-19 has affected lives of MBA students & bschools   [#permalink] 01 May 2020, 23:58

How COVID-19 has affected lives of MBA students & bschools

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