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My journey to Tepper

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Joined: 11 Jun 2014
Posts: 52
Concentration: Technology, Marketing
GMAT 1: 770 Q50 V45
WE: Information Technology (Consulting)
My journey to Tepper  [#permalink]

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New post 31 Aug 2014, 17:36
Since its the beginning of the application season, I thought I'd share my experience about my MBA applications process and how I got into Tepper. Even though I was not a member of the forum until a few months, I had browsed through the threads on several topics throughout my MBA journey. Now that I got a great GMAT score and an admit a top b-school, I thought I'd share some of my experiences and help others who have similar goals as I did.

Some info about myself:
I completed my engineering in 2010 and worked at TCS, Chennai for 3 years. I had always wanted to do an MBA, so I was attempting the CAT year after year for 3 years. I failed to get into a reputed b-school. I was not very motivated to try the CAT again. I was getting disoriented with my lie, so I decided that I had to do something quickly. Around that time, I heard that several decent Indian schools offered MBA programs based GMAT score, also I attended an info session organised by S.P Jain Global school of Management, with campuses in Dubai, Sydney and Singapore. That was when I started seriously considered GMAT. At that time my best hope was to get at least 700 on GMAT and try to get a decent Indian school or at best into SP Jain global school with a good scholarship.

MBA Applications:
I enrolled with Expert's Global for my GMAT prep and they helped me score an unbelievable 770! My experience with Expert’s was so good so far that I decided to go ahead with their MBA application package. Since my GMAT score was much higher than what I previously expected, I hardly had any idea of schools that I wanted to apply now. I knew with my score I could aim for much higher now. I opted for Expert’s application package, after my good experience with my GMAT prep, I was confident that I wouldn't go wrong with taking their MBA application package.

Firstly, before anything else I wanted to say something about transcripts and recommendations. I started as early as possible, I applied for several sets of transcripts from my university much before I started my applications. I also spoke to my recommendors about my decision to apply to b-school and that I'd need their help, this helped them to be prepared well in advance. I realized that this was critical ad I didn't want to run around for transcripts hen I was trying to write my essays.

(a) School short listing: After some discussions with Mayank V Srivastava, the founder of Expert’s Global, it was finally decided that I would apply for American b-schools. He encouraged me by pointing out that I deserve much better than institutes than I had previously been aiming for. This gave me a lot of confidence. I had very little idea about American b-schools at that time. I realized that GMAT score wasn't everything, but a 770 widened the range of schools that I could apply. In all, with Mayank’s inputs, I shortlisted 10 schools including Booth, Sloan, Haas, Ross, Tepper, ISB etc. I felt so good about myself that I was aiming for universities that I had, until a few weeks previously, believed were out of my league, and this feeling motivated me to pursue my MBA at these institutes.

(b) Story of my applications:The next step was the application process. Shailesh Otari from Expert’s was my mentor throughout the application process. He helped me bring out every bit of information about me that could possibly enhance my application essays. I was given a detailed questionnaire, and while answering those questions, for the first time even though I had been wanting to do an MBA since I started working, it was getting clear to me only then as to what I actually wanted from my MBA. It made me recollect my strengths and weaknesses, made me clearly establish my goals, and how an MBA would help me accomplish my goals.This part gave me the focus I needed. This is was the most important and critical part of the entire process. It helped me maximize my qualification as a mechanical engineer, my experience building an all-terrain vehicle and my experience of developing automation tools at TCS clearly establish that I could leverage these skills with a MBA to become a product manager and this was theme of my application essays. I managed to weave all my qualifications, my work experience, my accomplishments and interests into a smooth story which made it easier to write my essays.

(c) Essays: Next came the essays part. Based on the information I had provided in my answers to the detailed questionnaire and a Statement of Purpose that I had written, the theme of my MBA aspirations, Shailesh helped me with essays suited to each university, depending upon the requirements. Each essay was authentic and done very much with my style of writing, with my content but much better in organisation and presentation. The structure and organisation of the essays were professionally done with my content and style. Shailesh also helped me with a lot of research into specific information about the universities that could be incorporated into the essays which also helped with “why this university?” question in the interviews. I got all my essays ready just in time before that application deadlines.

(d) Interview training : By far this was the most important part of the whole process. I honestly had very little idea about what to expect in an MBA interview. I was quite horrible to start with but I improved so much thanks to the mock interviews and the honest critical feedback that I got from Shailesh. He gave me all the right instructions and directions, action items as to how I could improve my delivery, like drawing up excel sheets with required information for each probable question and to weave the content I had into a good story that I could present.

Results :
I had applied to 10 universities including ISB, and I got interview calls from ISB, Boston university, Olin school of Business and Tepper. I didn't think I was very convincing in the interview with ISB, but I didn't struggle anywhere. By the time I got an interview call from Tepper, I improved my interview skills and was much more confident. When I had my interview with Olin, I almost owned the conversation that day, that within 10 mins, the interviewer had no questions to ask and I knew at that instant that I had impressed him. I converted ISB, Olin and Tepper into admits, while I was waitlisted by Boston University. I got admit at Olin with a $30,000 scholarship per year and admit at Tepper with $10,000 scholarship per year. Considering my interests in tech product management, I found Tepper to be a good school that aligned with my goals.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Expert’s, especially, Mayank and Shailesh , who helped me at various stages of my MBA journey. I think the most important thing to do before applications is to take time, think hard and do some soul searching as what you want to do with an MBA program, analyse all your strengths and weakness and asses your accomplishments and your experience. Once you have a clear idea of the above, writing your essays become much easier.
I hope the post was useful and motivating to new aspirants. All the best!
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My journey to Tepper   [#permalink] 31 Aug 2014, 17:36
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My journey to Tepper

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