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Never say "Never" - My B-School Acceptance Journey !!

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Joined: 15 Aug 2010
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Never say "Never" - My B-School Acceptance Journey !!  [#permalink]

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New post 29 Jan 2015, 11:30
I thought of several times before writing this post. Hoping my notes will be useful to someone out here.

My background - 9+ years work experience in the HealthCare industry. Have both a BS and MS.

I have been a member of GMATClub for a few years but never got around to giving my GMAT. Last year I decided that it was a "now or never" situation and gave my exam. After studying consistently for three months and giving practice tests where I had scored close to 650; my score fell way short of expectations. I was very disappointed and almost ready to give my MBA dream but I thought I would give it a shot nevertheless.

Couple of things that I did do for my MBA application:

1) Register for all MBA fairs that visited my city - Not all fairs are the same and not all fairs have the same schools. I took this as an opportunity to meet up with Admissions people face-to face. Post these fairs I kept in touch with them. In retrospection, I think was one of my best investments I made since the folks remembered who I was because of these fairs.

Things to keep in consideration while visiting one of these fairs: Have an idea of what you want when you meet the admission folks. This helps facilitate a productive discussion.

2) Reach out to alums and current students - There is a lot of information available on a school website. I mostly did this to see if I would be a proper fit for the school and program. In this journey I can say people are more than willing to help you and connect you with the right contacts.

3) Research - I did a lot of research on the schools and narrowed in on a few that I was interested in. I signed up for MBA fairs (as mentioned above) and individual events, if the school was visiting my town for an Information event. This again helped interact with the people from Admissions as well as current/former students.

4) Consultant - I knew my GMAT score was not spectacular so my essays had to reflect who I was. I signed up with Karthik (August Academy; thanks GMATClub, I would have not found him without your help). If you have the money or are short on time or feel something that is lacking in your application, definitely invest in a good consultant. They help you with a lot of factors (brainstorming, boosting your confidence etc.).

5) Essays - Be true to your self. Let the essays portray who you are. Be passionate about explaining yourself in words. This will help in the interview stages when there are questions.

6) Letters of Recommendation - I narrowed two potential people at work who I knew would give me a good LOR. As lot of folks have already mentioned in the GMATClub, reach out to folks who know and have worked with you closely rather than someone who is at a higher level and barely knows you.

7) DONT LOSE HOPE - This by far I think is very important. Be it GMAT or your application - its nerve racking and nail biting. Keep your hopes high. Do things to distract your mind. After every application was filed it, I would do something that would distract my mind (treat myself, take a break and go out etc). After my interviews, I put it behind my mind. I did not retrospectively go and analyze what I did.

I had interviewed with Emory couple of weeks ago. I knew most people would start getting their acceptance calls on Jan 28. I kept checking my phone and email literally every 2 min but nothing showed up. I was disappointed when suddenly close to 5pm EST an Atlanta # popped up on my phone. I think my heart was just beating fast when I picked it up. All I heard was "Congratulations !! You have been accepted". Thankfully I didnt scream into the phone, but I am thrilled to say that I got into Emory and that I may finally achieve my dream of getting a MBA.

This journey has been a long one with lot of curves and roadblocks. BUT I do want to give a A big shout out to the members and folks of GMATClub - I could have not made it to my finish line without your help. There were times when I was frustrated and almost ready to give up my dream, but I kept coming back and reading the forums and often found words of hope and encouragement. Keep up the good work !!

To the folks who are starting your journey or mid-way through - Good Luck.. There is light at the end of the tunnel !!
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Re: Never say "Never" - My B-School Acceptance Journey !!  [#permalink]

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New post 28 Apr 2017, 03:14
Wow!! Congrats and Thanks for sharing!!

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Re: Never say "Never" - My B-School Acceptance Journey !!   [#permalink] 28 Apr 2017, 03:14
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Never say "Never" - My B-School Acceptance Journey !!

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