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Official Guide Directory 2016

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OG The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2016 Questions Directory

Diagnostic Test
#IDDifficultyPrimary CategoryQuestion Text
Diag Q #1PSMediumArithmetic/Word Problems/InequalitiLast month a certain music club offered a discount to
Diag Q #2PSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsThe average arithmetic mean of the integers from 200 to
Diag Q #3PSEasySequencesThe sequence a1 a2 a3 an is such that an an
Diag Q #4PSEasyOverlapping Sets/Percents and InterAmong a group of 2 500 people 35 percent invest in
Diag Q #5PSHardGeometryA closed cylindrical tank contains 36PI cubic feet of water
Diag Q #6PSMediumOverlapping SetsA marketing firm determined that of 200 households surveyed
Diag Q #7PSHardProbabilityA certain club has 10 members including harry one of the
Diag Q #8PSMediumFractions/Ratios/Decimals/StatisticIf a certain toy store s revenue in november was 2 5 of its
Diag Q #9PSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsA researcher computed the mean the median and the standard
Diag Q #10PSVery HardGeometryIn the figure shown what is the value of v x y z w
Diag Q #11PSVery HardCombinationsOf the three digit integers greater than 700 how many have
Diag Q #12PSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsPositive integer y is 50 percent of 50 percent of positive
Diag Q #13PSMediumRemaindersIf s and t are positive integers such that s t 64 12 which
Diag Q #14PSMediumOverlapping SetsOf the 84 parents who attended a meeting at a school
Diag Q #15PSVery HardArithmetic/Exponents/PowersThe product of all the prime numbers less than 20 is closest
Diag Q #16PSVery HardAlgebra/RootsIf root 3 2X root 2X 1 then 4X
Diag Q #17PSEasyRootsIf n root 16 81 what is the value of root n
Diag Q #18PSEasyDivisibility/Multiples/Factors/NumbIf n is the product of the integers from 1 to 8 inclusive
Diag Q #19PSMediumGeometryIf k is an integer and 2 k 7 for how many different
Diag Q #20PSEasyGeometryA right circular cone is inscribed in a hemisphere so that
Diag Q #21PSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsJohn deposited 10 000 to open a new savings account that
Diag Q #22PSEasyGeometryA container in the shape of a right circular cylinder is
Diag Q #23PSMediumDivisibility/Multiples/Factors/MustIf the positive integer x is a multiple of 4 and the
Diag Q #24PSMediumDistance/Rate ProblemsAaron will jog from home at x miles per hour and then walk
Diag Q #25DSEasyFractions/Ratios/DecimalsIf the units digit of integer n is greater than 2 what is
Diag Q #26DSEasyDivisibility/Multiples/Factors/NumbWhat is the value of the integer p
Diag Q #27DSMediumArithmetic/Word ProblemsIf the length of wanda s telephone call was rounded up to
Diag Q #27DSMediumDivisibility/Multiples/Factors/Number PropertiesWhat is the value of the integer p
Diag Q #29DSMediumOverlapping Sets/Percent and IntereIn a survey of retailers what percent had purchased
Diag Q #30DSVery HardWord ProblemsThe only gift certificates that a certain store sold
Diag Q #31DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsIs the standard deviation of the set of measurements x1 x2
Diag Q #32DSHardInequalities/Statistics and Sets PrIs the range of the integers 6 3 y 4 5 and x greater
Diag Q #33DSEasyExponents/Powers/InequalitiesIs 5 x
Diag Q #34DSMediumOverlapping SetsOf the companies surveyed about the skills they required in
Diag Q #35DSEasyAlgebraWhat is the value of w q 1 3W 3 3Q 2 5W 5Q
Diag Q #36DSEasyGeometryIf x and y are points in a plane and x lies inside the
Diag Q #37DSMediumInequalitiesIs x y 1 x y 2 2 x 2 y
Diag Q #38DSEasyDistance/Rate ProblemsIf paula drove the distance from her home to her college at
Diag Q #39DSVery HardCoordinate GeometryIn the xy plane if line k has negative slope and passes
Diag Q #40DSEasyPercent and Interest ProblemsIf 5 000 invested for one year at p percent simple annual
Diag Q #41DSHardInequalitiesIf x y z 0 is x
Diag Q #42DSEasyDivisibility/Multiples/Factors/NumbDoes the integer k have at least three different positive
Diag Q #43DSMediumStatistics and Sets ProblemsIn city x last april was the average arithmetic mean
Diag Q #44DSEasyExponents/Powers/Number Properties/If m and n are positive integers is root m n an integer
Diag Q #45DSVery HardWord ProblemsOf the 66 people in a certain auditorium at most 6 people
Diag Q #46DSMediumStatistics and Sets ProblemsLast year the average arithmetic mean salary of the
Diag Q #47DSEasyOverlapping SetsIn a certain classroom there are 80 books of which 24 are
Diag Q #48DSMediumGeometryIf p is the perimeter of rectangle q what is the value of p
Diag V #1RCBusiness/Short PassageAccording to economic signaling theory consumers may
Diag V #2RCBusiness/Short PassageAccording to economic signaling theory consumers may
Diag V #3RCBusiness/Short PassageAccording to economic signaling theory consumers may
Diag V #4RCBusiness/Short PassageAccording to economic signaling theory consumers may
Diag V #5RCBusiness/Short PassageAccording to economic signaling theory consumers may
Diag V #6RCScience/Long PassageThe idea of the brain as an information processor a machine
Diag V #7RCScience/Long PassageThe idea of the brain as an information processor a machine
Diag V #8RCScience/Long PassageThe idea of the brain as an information processor a machine
Diag V #9RCScience/Long PassageThe idea of the brain as an information processor a machine
Diag V #10RCScience/Long PassageThe idea of the brain as an information processor a machine
Diag V #11RCScience/Long PassageThe idea of the brain as an information processor a machine
Diag V #12RCSocial Science/Short PassageWomen s grassroots activism and their vision of a new civi
Diag V #13RCSocial Science/Short PassageWomen s grassroots activism and their vision of a new civi
Diag V #14RCSocial Science/Short PassageWomen s grassroots activism and their vision of a new civi
Diag V #15RCSocial Science/Short PassageWomen s grassroots activism and their vision of a new civi
Diag V #16RCSocial Science/Short PassageWomen s grassroots activism and their vision of a new civi
Diag V #17RCSocial Science/Short PassageWomen s grassroots activism and their vision of a new civi
Diag V #18CREasyWeakenVasquez morrell assurance specializes in insuring
Diag V #19CREasyStrengthenProlonged spells of hot dry weather at the end of the
Diag V #20CRHardWeakenIn the past most children who went sledding in the winte
Diag V #21CRMediumEvaluate ArgumentMetal rings recently excavated form seventh centur
Diag V #22CRHardEvaluate ArgumentFollowing several years of declining advertising sale
Diag V #23CREasyWeaken/Numbers & PercentMotorists in a certain country frequently complain that tra
Diag V #24CRMediumMust be TrueThe percentage of households with an annual income of mo
Diag V #25CRVery HardStrengthenTiger beetles are such fast runners that they can captur
Diag V #26CRHardArgument Evaluation/WeakenGuillemots are birds of arctic regions they feed on fis
Diag V #27CREasyComplete the PassageSome batches of polio vaccine used around 1960 were
Diag V #28CRMediumAssumptionGortland has long been narrowly self sufficient in both grain and mea
Diag V #29CREasyEvaluate ArgumentThe hazelton coal processing plant is a major employer in
Diag V #30CRMediumWeakenA physically active lifestyle has been shown to help
Diag V #31CRMediumLogical FlawCheever college offers several online courses via remote
Diag V #32CRHardEvaluate ArgumentFor years the beautiful renaissance buildings in palitit
Diag V #33CREasyResolve ParadoxDuring the 1980S and 1990S the annual number of people who
Diag V #34CRHardWeaken/Evaluate Argument/Must be TrA year ago dietz foods launched a yearlong advertisin
Diag V #35SCEasyComparisonsUnlike the buildings in mesopotamian cities which were arra
Diag V #36SCEasyModifiersNew data from united states forest service ecologists show
Diag V #37SCHardComparisons/Grammatical ConstructioLike the grassy fields and old pastures that the uplan
Diag V #38SCMediumPronouns/Parallel StructureThe results of two recent unrelated studies support the ide
Diag V #39SCHardIdioms/Verb Tense/FormAccording to scholars the earliest writing was probably no
Diag V #40SCHardModifiers/Parallel StructureIn 1995 richard stallman a well known critic of the patent syste
Diag V #41SCMediumParallel StructureExcavators at the indus valley site of harappa in eastern
Diag V #42SCMediumModifiers/PronounsThe supreme court has ruled that public universities ma
Diag V #43SCMediumSubject Verb Agreement/ModifiersDespite the increasing number of women graduating from la
Diag V #44SCMediumModifiers/Grammatical ConstructionSeldom more that 40 feet wide and 12 feet deep but it ra
Diag V #45SCHardIdioms/Grammatical ConstructionIn 1923 the supreme court declared a minimum wage for wome
Diag V #46SCMediumDiction/Parallel StructureResearchers have found that individuals who have been blind
Diag V #47SCEasyIdioms/Grammatical ConstructionLike embryonic germ cells which are cells that develo
Diag V #48SCEasyParallel StructureCritics contend that the new missile is a weapon whose
Diag V #49SCVery HardModifiers/Verb Tense/FormAs an actress and more importantly as a teacher of actin
Diag V #50SCMediumParallel StructureBy developing the secure digital music initiative th
Diag V #51SCEasyComparisons/Grammatical ConstructioWhereas a ramjet generally cannot achieve high speeds
Diag V #52SCEasyParallel StructureIt will not be possible to implicate melting sea ice in the coasta

Problem Solving
1PSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsThe price of a coat in a certain store is 500 if the price of the co
3PSEasyWord ProblemsToday rebecca who is 34 years old and her daughter who is 8 years
4PSEasyWord ProblemsA case contains c cartons each carton contains b boxes and
5PSEasyCoordinate GeometryOn the graph above when x 1 2 y 2 and when x 1 y
6PSEasyArithmeticWhen 1 10 percent of 5 000 is subtracted from 1 10 of
7PSEasyRootsWhich of the following is the value of
8PSMediumProbabilityRaffle tickets numbered consecutively from 101 through
9PSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsWhen leo imported a certain item he paid a 7 percent import
10PSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsThe numbers of cars sold at a certain dealership on six of
11PSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsIf it is assumed that 60 percent of those who receive a questionnaire
12PSEasyGeometryRectangular garden is to be twice as long as it is wide
13PSEasyGeometryA rectangular floor that measures 8 meters by 10 meters is to be cover
14PSEasyArithmeticIf 893 78 p which of the following is equal to
15PSEasyArithmeticIf the average arithmetic mean of the four numbers 3 15 32 and n
16PSEasyAbsolute ValuesIf y 1 2 11 2 which of the following could be a value
17PSEasyAbsolute ValuesIf k 2 m 2 which of the following must be true
18PSEasyGeometryThe figure above shows a path around a triangular piece of land mary
19PSEasyFractionsAt a supermarket john spent 1 2 of his money on fresh fruit
20PSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsOn monday a person mailed 8 packages weighing an average
21PSEasyAlgebraIf 1 1 25 n 1 then n
23PSEasyGeometryA carpenter constructed a rectangular sandbox with a
24PSEasyWord ProblemsA bakery opened yesterday with its daily supply of 40 dozen
25PSEasyAlgebraIf 2x y 7 and x 2y 5 then x y
26PSEasyFractionsWhat is the 25th digit to the right of the decimal point in
27PSEasyGraphs and IllustrationsThe graph above shows the height of the tide in feet above or below
28PSEasyPercents and Interest Problems150 is what percent of
29PSEasyFractionsThe ratio 2 to 1 3 is equal to the ratio
30PSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsA manufacturer of a certain product can expect that between 0 3 percen
31PSEasyGeometryA flat patio was built alongside a house as shown in the figure above
32PSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsA student s average arithmetic mean test score on 4 tests
33PSEasyGeometryIn the figure above what is the ratio of the measure of angle b to
34PSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsLucy invested 10 000 in a new mutual fund account exactly
35PSEasyRemaindersIf n is a prime number greater than 3 what is the remainder
37PSEasyMin-Max ProblemsOf the 50 researchers in a workgroup 40 percent will be
38PSEasyDivisibilityThe positive two digit integers x and y have the same digits but in
39PSEasySequencesIn a certain sequence of 8 numbers each number after the first is
40PSEasyWork/Rate ProblemsHow many minutes does it take john to type y words if he
41PSEasyGeometryIf o is the center of the circle above what fraction of the
42PSEasyAlgebraWhich of the following equations is not equivalent to 10y
43PSMediumRemaindersThe dial shown above is divided into equal sized intervals at which
44PSEasyCoordinate GeometryThe graph of the equation xy k where k 0 lies in which two of th
45PSMediumGeometryThe smaller rectangle in the figure above represents the original size
47PSEasyAlgebraIf 1 5 0 2 x 5 then x
48PSEasyMust or Could be True QuestionsIf n is an integer which of the following must be even
49PSEasyArithmeticThe sum 7 8 1 9 is between
50PSMediumWord ProblemsCar x averages 25 0 miles per gallon of gasoline and car y
51PSEasyAbsolute ValuesIf y is an integer then the least possible value of
52PSEasyRootsRoot 80 root
53PSEasyAlgebraIn the equation above k is a constant if y 17 when x
54PSEasyAlgebraIn the table above what is the number of green marbles in j
55PSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsOf the land owned by a farmer 90 percent was cleared for planting of
56PSEasySequencesAt the start of an experiment a certain population consisted of
57PSEasyAlgebraWhich of the following expressions can be written as an integer
58PSMediumFractionsFour staff members at a certain company worked on a project
59PSEasyWork/Rate ProblemsPumping alone at their respective constant rates one inlet pipe fills
60PSEasyCoordinate GeometryIn the xy coordinate plane which of the following points must lie on
61PSMediumInequalitiesIf x 2 2 0 which of the following specifies all the possible
62PSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsCompany p had 15 percent more employees in december than it
63PSMediumFunctions and Custom CharactersThe function f is defined by f x x 1 2 10 for all positive
64PSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsA glass was filled with 10 ounces of water and 0 01 ounce
65PSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsA glucose solution contains 15 grams of glucose per
66PSMediumAlgebraIf x y c d and d c b a which of the following must be true
67PSMediumArithmeticIf k is an integer and 0 0025 0 025 0 00025 10k is an integer w
68PSMediumAlgebraIf a a 2 24 and b b 2 24 where a b then a b
69PSHardPercents and Interest ProblemsIn a recent election ms robbins received 8 000 votes cast by indepen
70PSMediumGeometryIn the figure shown the triangle is inscribed in the semicircle if
71PSHardWord ProblemsOn a certain day orangeade was made by mixing a certain
72PSEasyArithmeticIf 1 kilometer is approximately 0 6 mile which of the
73PSEasyGeometryThe figure shown above represents a modern painting that consists of
74PSMediumArithmeticA certain fruit stand sold apples for 0 70 each and bananas
75PSVery HardCoordinate GeometryIn the xy plane what is the slope of the line with equation
76PSEasyWorkWorking simultaneously and independently at an identical constant rate
77PSMediumFractionsAt a certain school the ratio of the number of second grade
78PSMediumArithmeticThe average distance between the sun and a certain planet is
79PSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsIf m is the average arithmetic mean of the first
80PSEasyProbabilityTwo integers will be randomly selected from the sets above
81PSEasyCoordinate GeometryIn the coordinate plane a circle has center 2 3 an
82PSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsThe cost c in dollars to remove p percent of a certain pollutant fro
83PSMediumAlgebraIf xy 0 and x 2y 2 xy 6 which of the following could be y in te
84PSEasyArithmeticAt a certain instant in time the number of cars n
85PSEasyArithmetic4 8 10 9 1 2 is closest in value to
86PSMediumGeometryFor a party three solid cheese balls with diameters of 2 inches 4 in
87PSEasyArithmeticThe sum of all the integers k such that 26 k 24 is
88PSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsThe number line shown contains three points r s and t whose coordin
89PSEasyOverlapping SetsA certain high school has 5 000 students of these students x are
90PSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsYesterday s closing prices of 2 420 different stocks listed
91PSEasyOverlapping SetsEach person who attended a company meeting was either a stockholder in
92PSEasyAlgebraIf y 3x 5 2 y and y 0 then x
93PSEasyDivisibilityA gym class can be divided into 8 teams with an equal number
94PSMediumGeometryIn the figure above triangle abc is equilateral and point
95PSEasyMin-Max ProblemsAt least 2 3 of the 40 members of a committee must vote in
96PSEasyDivisibilityIf n 20 17 then n is divisible by which of the
97PSEasyArithmeticAccording to a certain estimate the depth n t in centimeters
98PSHardDistanceAfter driving to a riverfront parking lot bob plans to run
99PSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsAlex deposited x dollars into a new account
100PSMediumArithmeticM is the sum of the reciprocals of the consecutive integers
101PSMediumWorkWorking simultaneously at their respective constant rates m
102PSEasyFractionsIn the johnsons monthly budget the dollar amounts allocate
103PSEasyArithmeticThere are 4 more women than men on centerville s board of
104PSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsLeona bought a 1 year 10 000 certificate of deposit that
106PSMediumDivisibilityIf n is an integer greater than 6 which of the following mu
107PSMediumAlgebraIf x and y are positive numbers such that x y 1 which of the
108PSEasyNumber PropertiesIf n is a positive integer and the product of all integer
109PSEasyWord ProblemsThe total cost for company x to produce a batch of tools i
110PSMediumWord ProblemsA dealer originally bought 100 identical batteries at a tota
111PSMediumStatistics and Sets ProblemsA total of 22 men and 26 women were at a party and the average
112PSMediumArithmeticIf q is an odd number and the median of q consecutive
113PSEasyGeometryA ladder of a fire truck is elevated to an angle of 60 and
114PSMediumAlgebraJackie has two solutions that are 2 percent sulfuric acid
115PSEasyWord ProblemsIf jake loses 8 pounds he will weigh twice as much as his
116PSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsA store reported total sales of 385 million for february of
117PSMediumCombinationsA three digit code for certain locks uses the digits
118PSMediumRemaindersWhen positive integer x is divided by positive integer y
120PSEasyFractionsWater consists of hydrogen and oxygen and the approximate
121PSEasyAlgebraIf x 2x 1 0 and x 1 2 2x 3 0 then x
122PSHardGeometryFigures x and y above show how eight identical triangular pieces of ca
123PSMediumNumber PropertiesOn a scale that measures the intensity of a certain phenomen
124PSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsFor the positive numbers n n 1 n 2 n 4 and n
125PSHardGeometryThe interior of a rectangular carton is designed by a certai
126PSEasyAlgebraIf t 5 9 k 32 and if t 290 then k
127PSEasyFractionsThe present ratio of students to teachers at a certain
128PSEasyExponentsWhat is the smallest integer n for which 25 n
129PSEasyProbabilitySixty percent of the members of a study group are women and
130PSHardArithmeticEach year for 4 years a farmer increased the number of tree
131PSMediumGraphs and IllustrationsAccording to the chart shown which of the following is
132PSMediumDivisibilityFor the positive integers a b and k a k b means that a k
133PSHardStatistics and Sets ProblemsA certain characteristic in a large population has a
134PSMediumWord ProblemsFour extra large sandwiches of exactly the same size were ordered for
135PSHardPercents and Interest ProblemsIn country c the unemployment rate among construction worke
136PSEasyProbabilityIn a box of 12 pens a total of 3 are defective if a customer buys
137PSVery HardStatistics and Sets ProblemsAt a certain fruit stand the price of each apple is 40 cents and the
138PSHardPercents and Interest ProblemsA pharmaceutical company received 3 million in royalties
139PSHardGeometryThe parallelogram shown has four sides of equal length what is the
140PSEasyNumber PropertiesIf p is the product of the integers from 1 to 30 inclusiv
141PSHardDivisibilityIf n 3 8 2 8 which of the following is not a factor of
142PSMediumGeometryIn the figure shown if the area of the shaded region is 3 times the
143PSHardRemaindersClub x has more than 10 but fewer than 40 members sometimes
144PSMediumWorkIn order to complete a reading assignment on time terry
145PSEasyAlgebraIf s 0 and r s 1 2 s what what is r in terms of s
146PSMediumInequalitiesIf a 0 3 which of the following is true
147PSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsMary s income is 60 percent more than tim s income and tim
148PSMediumCombinationsEach in the mileage table above represents an entry indic
149PSEasyFractionsThe ratio of the length to the width of a rectangular advert
150PSEasySequencesAn arithmetic sequence is a sequence in which each ter
151PSEasyNumber PropertiesIf 3 x 100 for how many values of x is x 3 the square
152PSHardCombinationsA researcher plans to identify each participant in a certain
153PSMediumCoordinate GeometryThe graph of which of the following equations is a straight line that
154PSHardAlgebraAn object thrown directly upward is at a height of h feet
155PSEasyInequalitiesWhich of the following is equivalent to the pair of
156PSEasyWord ProblemsDavid has d books which is 3 times as many as jeff and
157PSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsIf the median of the numbers in list i above is equal to the
158PSEasyCombinationsThere are 8 teams in a certain league and each team plays
159PSEasyFunctions and Custom CharactersAn operation is defined by the equation a b a b a
160PSHardPercents and Interest ProblemsThe price of lunch for 15 people was 207 00 including a
161PSHardPercents and Interest ProblemsThe price of lunch for 15 people was 207 00 including a
162PSVery HardWord ProblemsAt his regular hourly rate don had estimated the labour cos
163PSEasyInequalitiesIf p q 1 and p and q are positive integers which of the
164PSEasyWorkIt would take one machine 4 hours to complete a large produc
165PSMediumWord ProblemsTo mail a package the rate is x cents for the first pound
166PSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsIf money is invested at r percent interest compounded annua
167PSMediumWord ProblemsOn a recent trip cindy drove her car 290 miles rounded t
168PSEasyAbsolute ValuesWhich of the following inequalities is an algebraic expressi
169PSEasyWord ProblemsA factory has 500 workers 15 percent of whom are women if
170PSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsIn a small snack shop the average arithmetic mean revenue
171PSEasyArithmeticA certain country had a total annual expenditure of 1 2 x
172PSEasyCombinationsThe diagram above shows the various paths along which a mous
173PSEasyAlgebraIf the operation is defined by x y xy 1 2 for all
174PSMediumFractionsA bar over a sequence of digits in a decimal indicates tha
175PSMediumFractionsAt a loading dock each worker on the night crew loaded
176PSEasyMin-Max ProblemsA club collected exactly 599 from its members if each
177PSEasyNumber PropertiesIf y is the smallest positive integer such tha
178PSMediumArithmeticIf is the greatest integer less than or equal to x what
179PSEasyAlgebraIf 4 x 2 x x what is the value of x 2 3x
180PSMediumSequencesIn the first week of the year nancy saved
181PSEasySequencesIn a certain sequence the term xn is given by the formula
182PSHardDistanceDuring a trip francine traveled x percent of the tota
183PSMediumExponentsIf n 33 43 43 33 what is the units digit of n
184PSEasyArithmeticIf x 1 then x 4 x 3 x 2 x
185PSVery HardGeometryA border of uniform width is placed around a rectangular
186PSEasyWorkAn empty pool being filled with water at a constant rate
187PSEasyAlgebraA positive number x is multiplied by 2 and this product is
188PSHardFractionsIf d 1 2 3 5 7 is expressed as a terminating decimal how
189PSMediumNumber PropertiesFor any positive integer n the sum of the first n positive
190PSMediumNumber PropertiesHow many prime numbers between 1 and 100 are factors of
191PSVery HardPercents and Interest ProblemsLast year the price per share of stock x increased by
192PSVery HardOverlapping SetsOf the 300 subjects who participated in an experiment using
193PSEasyExponentsIf m 1 1 3 then m 2 is equal to
194PSMediumPercents and Interest ProblemsIf m 0 and x is m percent of y then in terms of m y is
195PSVery HardPercents and Interest ProblemsA photography dealer ordered 60 model x cameras to be sold
196PSHardMin-Max ProblemsSeven pieces of rope have an average arithmetic mean lengt
197PSEasyWord ProblemsDuring a certain season a team won 80 percent of its first
198PSEasyOverlapping SetsOf 30 applicants for a job 14 had at least 4 years
199PSEasyArithmeticLast year for every 100 million vehicles that traveled on a
200PSEasyPercents and Interest ProblemsThirty percent of the members of a swim club have passed the
201PSEasySequencesWhat is the difference between the sixth and the fifth terms
202PSEasyProbabilityThe probability is 1 2 that a certain coin will turn up head
203PSEasyFractionsOf the final grades received by the students in a certain
204PSVery HardArithmeticFrom the consecutive integers 10 to 10 inclusive
205PSVery HardArithmeticLast sunday a certain store sold copies of newspaper a for
206PSVery HardAlgebraTopic
207PSVery HardMixture ProblemsThe ratio by volume of soap to alcohol to water in
208PSMediumWord ProblemsA store currently charges the same price for each towel that
209PSHardNumber PropertiesIf n 4p where p is a prime number greater than 2 how man
210PSEasyCoordinate GeometryIn the rectangular coordinate system above if point r not
211PSEasyDistanceCar a is 20 miles behind car b which is traveling in the
212PSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsFor the past n days the average arithmetic mean daily
213PSMediumAlgebraIf x 0 and x 1 and if x is replaced by 1 x everywhere in th
214PSEasyGeometryIn the figure above if z 50 then x y
215PSMediumCoordinate GeometryIn the coordinate system above which of the following is
216PSEasyArithmeticIf a two digit positive integer has its digits reversed the
217PSEasyGeometryThe circle with center c shown above is tangent to both axes
218PSEasyAlgebraIn an electric circuit two resistors with resistances x and
219PSEasyProbabilityXavier yvonne and zelda each try independently to solve
220PSEasyAlgebraIf 1 x 1 x 1 1 x 4 then x could be
222PSVery HardMin-Max ProblemsList t consist of 30 positive decimals none of which is an
223PSEasyNumber PropertiesIn a certain game a large container is filled with red yel
224PSMediumOverlapping SetsOf the 200 students at college t majoring in one or more of
225PSEasyAlgebraIf 5 6 x x then x has how many possible values
226PSMediumMixture ProblemsSeed mixture x is 40 percent ryegrass and 60 percen
227PSMediumFractionsA straight pipe 1 yard in length was marked off in fourths
228PSHardCoordinate GeometryRight triangle pqr is to be constructed in the xy plane s
229PSVery HardInequalitiesHow many of the integers that satisfy the inequality x 2 x
230PSEasyArithmeticThe value of 2 14 2 15 2 16 2 17 5 is

Data Sufficiency
1DSEasyWord ProblemsIf the two floors in a certain building are 9 feet apart
2DSEasyOverlapping SetsIn college x the number of students enrolled in both a
3DSEasyNumber PropertiesIf n is an integer is n 1 odd
4DSEasyWord ProblemsA citrus fruit grower receives 15 for each crate of oranges
5DSEasyWord ProblemsIf pat saved 600 of his earnings last month how much did
6DSEasyCoordinate GeometryIn the xy plane above is angle qpr a right angle
7DSEasyProbabilityEach of the marbles in a jar is either red or white or blue if one ma
8DSEasyWorkWater is pumped into a partially filled tank at a constant
9DSEasyNumber PropertiesIf i and j are integers is i j an even integer
10DSEasyPercent and Interest ProblemsWhat is the value of 10 percent of y
11DSEasyRootsWhat is the cube root of w
12DSEasySequencesIf sequence s has 120 terms what is the 105th term of s
13DSEasySequencesThe number of seats in the first row of an auditorium is
14DSEasyWord ProblemsWhat was the range of the selling prices of the 30 wallets sold by
15DSEasyWord ProblemsThree houses are being sold through a real estate agent
16DSEasyInequalitiesIs rw
17DSEasyOverlapping SetsWhat percent of the drama club members enrolled at a certain
18DSEasyAlgebraIs x 1 y
19DSEasyOverlapping SetsHow many people in a group of 50 own neither a fax machine nor a laser
20DSEasyExponentsWhat is the value of w
21DSEasyPercent and Interest ProblemsA certain investment earned a fixed rate of 4 percent interest per yea
22DSEasyDistanceOn a recent trip mary drove 50 miles what was the average
23DSEasyWord ProblemsFor a certain car repair the total charge consisted of a charge for
24DSEasyFractionsIn mr smith s class what is the ratio of the number of boy
25DSEasySequencesIf the sequence s has 300 terms what is the 293rd term of s
26DSEasyGeometrySquare abcd is inscribed in circle o what is the area of square regio
27DSEasyCoordinate GeometryLines k and m are parallel to each other is the slope of
28DSMediumPercent and Interest ProblemsOn a certain date hannah invested 5 000 at x percent
29DSMediumWord ProblemsDo at least 60 percent of the students in pat s class walk to school
30DSEasyWord ProblemsThe profit from the sale of a certain appliance increases
31DSEasyNumber PropertiesIf n is an integer is n even
32DSEasyWord ProblemsCarmen currently works 30 hours per week at her part time
33DSEasyWord ProblemsIf 90 students auditioned for the school musical how many
34DSMediumFractionsIf a and b are positive integers is a b
35DSEasyFractionsIf t denotes the thousandths digit in the decimal
36DSEasyNumber PropertiesIf a and b are positive integers is the product ab even
37DSMediumAlgebraIf x and y are positive integers what is the value of x 1 2 y
38DSEasyWord ProblemsA certain truck uses 1 12 kv 2 gallons of fuel per mile when its spee
39DSMediumAlgebraIf x 2t and y t 3 what is the value of x 2 y
40DSMediumPercent and Interest ProblemsBy what percent was the price of a certain television set discounted
41DSMediumExponentsIf n is an integer is 0 1 n greater than 10 n
42DSEasyWord ProblemsThe weights of all dishes of type x are exactly the same
43DSMediumWord ProblemsA certain high school with a total enrollment of 900 student
44DSEasyGeometryThe inside of a rectangular carton is 48 centimeters long
45DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsThe average arithmetic mean price of the 3 items that kate
46DSMediumWord ProblemsA company makes and sells two products p and q the costs per unit of
47DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsA scientist recorded the number of eggs in each of 10 birds
48DSMediumDistanceA conveyor belt moves bottles at a constant speed of 120 centimeters
49DSMediumGeometryThe rectangular rug shown in the figure above has an accent border
50DSMediumProbabilityTerry holds 12 cards each of which is red white green or
51DSMediumGeometryIn the parallelogram shown what is the value of x
52DSMediumPercent and Interest ProblemsThe selling price of an article is equal to the cost of the
53DSHardExponentsIs 4 x y
54DSMediumExponentsIs zp negative
55DSHardFractionsAt the beginning of the year the finance committee and the planning c
56DSMediumGeometryCan a certain rectangular sheet of glass be positioned on a
57DSEasyWord ProblemsIn a random sample of 80 adults how many are college
58DSEasyFractionsWhat is the tenths digit in the decimal representation of a
59DSMediumFractionsRobots x y and z each assemble components at their respect
60DSMediumNumber PropertiesWhat is the sum of a certain pair of consecutive odd integers
61DSEasyInequalitiesIf a x b and c y d is x y
62DSEasyOverlapping SetsHow many people are directors of both company k and company
63DSMediumPercent and Interest ProblemsA clothing store acquired an item at a cost of x dollars and
64DSMediumWord ProblemsFrom may 1 to may 30 in the same year the balance in a
65DSMediumAlgebraIf x is an integer is 9 x 9 x b
66DSMediumInequalitiesIf x and y are positive is x 10 y
67DSHardPercent and Interest ProblemsA merchant discounted the sale price of a coat and the sale price of a
68DSEasyWord ProblemsA taxi company charges f cents for the first mile of the
69DSMediumPercent and Interest ProblemsGuy s net income equals his gross income minus his deduction
70DSVery HardFractionsIf the ratio of the number of teachers to the number of
71DSHardWord ProblemsEach gift certificate sold yesterday by a certain bookstore
72DSEasyRemaindersWhat is the tens digit of positive integer x
73DSMediumCombinationsS is a set of points in the plane how many distinct triangles can b
74DSEasyAlgebraWhat is the value of n in the equation 25 19 n s
75DSMediumWord ProblemsStores land m each sell a certain product at a different
76DSEasyFractionsIf d denotes a decimal is d
77DSHardFractionsTwo points n and q not shown lie to the right of point m on line
78DSEasyNumber PropertiesHow many integers are there between but not including
79DSMediumOverlapping SetsIn a survey of 200 college graduates 30 percent said they
80DSMediumWord ProblemsDid the sum of the prices of three shirts exceed
81DSEasyAlgebraWhat is the value of integer n
82DSMediumWord ProblemsWhat is the total number of coins that bert and claire have
83DSMediumWord ProblemsA telephone station has x processors each of which can process a maxi
84DSMediumDistanceOn a certain nonstop trip marta averaged x miles per hour for 2 hours
85DSEasyWorkThree machines k m and p working simultaneously and
86DSMediumGeometryA tank is filled with gasoline to a depth of exactly 2 feet the tank
87DSMediumCoordinate GeometryOf the four numbers represented on the number line above is
88DSHardStatistics and Sets ProblemsAt a certain company a test was given to a group of men and
89DSVery HardWord ProblemsMary persuaded n friends to donate 500 each to her electio
90DSEasyGeometryWhat is the area of triangular region abc above
91DSHardCoordinate GeometryIn the xy coordinate plane is point r equidistant from
92DSMediumStatistics and Sets ProblemsWhat is the ratio of the average arithmetic mean height o
93DSVery HardArithmeticIs the positive two digit integer n less than
94DSMediumAlgebraIf 2 x y 4 8 what is the value of y
95DSMediumWord ProblemsEach week a certain salesman is paid a fixed amount equal to
96DSVery HardPercent and Interest ProblemsA total of 60 000 was invested for one year part of this
97DSEasyWord ProblemsAt a bakery all donuts are priced equally and all bagels
98DSVery HardGeometryIn the figure above is the area of triangular region abc
99DSMediumNumber PropertiesIf r and s are positive integers can the fraction r s be expressed as
100DSHardWord ProblemsMax has 125 consisting of bills each worth either 5 or
101DSEasyInequalitiesIf r 0 and s 0 is r s s
102DSHardRemaindersIf k is an integer such that 56 k 66 what is the value
103DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsWhat is the value of n in the list above
104DSEasyInequalitiesIf x and y are integers what is the value of x y
105DSHardDistanceIs the number of seconds required to travel d1 feet at r1
106DSMediumPercent and Interest ProblemsLast year if arturo spent a total of 12 000 on his mortgage
107DSMediumInequalitiesIf a b c and d are positive numbers is a b c d
108DSMediumOverlapping SetsIs the number of members of club x greater than the number
109DSEasyOverlapping SetsIn a certain office 50 percent of the employees are college
110DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsOn the number line above p q r s and t are five consec
111DSMediumFunctions and Custom CharactersIf denotes the least integer greater than or equal to x
112DSHardInequalitiesIf x and y are integers is x y
113DSMediumAlgebraIs rs
114DSMediumAlgebraIf r and s are the roots of the equation x 2 bx c
115DSVery HardGeometryThe figure above represents an l shaped garden what is the value of k
116DSEasyGraphs and IllustrationsThe figure above represents a circle graph of company h s
117DSHardInequalitiesIf x is negative is x
118DSMediumGeometryWhat is the number of cans that can be packed in a certain
119DSHardGraphs and IllustrationsEach of the letters in the table above represents one of the
120DSVery HardMixture ProblemsMaterial a costs 3 per kilogram and material b costs
121DSHardDivisibilityFor any positive integer x the 2 height of x is defined to be the
122DSEasyDistanceAt what speed was a train traveling on a trip when it had
123DSVery HardStatistics and Sets ProblemsList m not shown consists of 8 different integers each
124DSMediumStatistics and Sets ProblemsTom jane and sue each purchased a new house the averag
125DSEasyNumber PropertiesIf x and y are integers is xy even
126DSVery HardGeometryIn triangle abc point x is the midpoint of side ac an
127DSVery HardWord ProblemsA department manager distributed a number of pens pencils
128DSEasyWord ProblemsOn a company sponsored cruise 2 3 of the passengers were
129DSEasyGeometryThe length of the edging that surrounds circular garden k is
130DSVery HardMin/Max ProblemsFor any integers x and y min x y and max x y denote th
131DSHardGeometryIf arc pqr above is a semicircle what is the length of
132DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsA certain bookcase has 2 shelves of books on the upper
133DSVery HardGeometryIn the figure above points a b c 0 and e lie on a line
134DSHardDistanceIn planning for a trip joan estimated both the distance of the trip
135DSVery HardStatistics and Sets ProblemsA certain list consists of 3 different numbers does the me
136DSHardAlgebraIn the xy plane the straight line graphs of the three equations above
137DSHardGeometryIn the figure above pqr and stu are identical equilateral triangles
138DSMediumStatistics and Sets ProblemsThe range of the numbers in set s is x and the range of the
139DSMediumWord ProblemsAn employee is paid 1 5 times the regular hourly rate for
140DSEasyProbabilityA box contains only red chips white chips and blue chips
141DSEasyWord ProblemsWhat was the revenue that a theater received from the sale
142DSVery HardPercent and Interest ProblemsThe annual rent collected by a corporation from a certai
143DSVery HardGeometryThe hypotenuse of a right triangle is 10 cm what is th
144DSVery HardInequalitiesIn the xy plane region r consists of all the points x y
145DSVery HardGeometryWhat is the volume of a certain rectangular soli
146DSVery HardFractionsSix shipments of machine parts were shipped from a factory
147DSVery HardArithmeticIf x y and z are three digit positive integers and if x
148DSVery HardOverlapping SetsThe table below shows the results of a survey of 100 voter
149DSVery HardDivisibilityA school administrator will assign each student in a group
150DSHardOverlapping SetsThe table above shows the number of students in a certain high school
151DSEasyOverlapping SetsHow many of the 60 cars sold last month by a certain dealer
152DSMediumStatistics and Sets ProblemsWhat is the median number of employees assigned per project
153DSVery HardWord ProblemsLast year a certain company began manufacturing product x a
154DSMediumWord ProblemsWhen a player in a certain game tossed a coin a number of
155DSVery HardWord ProblemsBeginning in january of last year carl made deposits of
156DSMediumWord ProblemsAre all of the numbers in a certain list of 15 numbers equal
157DSEasyStatistics and Sets ProblemsIf the average arithmetic mean of six numbers is 75 how
158DSEasyWord ProblemsWhat was the total amount of revenue that a theater received
159DSMediumGeometryIn the figure above what is the value of x y
160DSEasyWord ProblemsWhat amount did jean earn from the commission on her sales
161DSEasyGeometryIn the figure above if the area of triangular region d is
162DSMediumWord ProblemsA report consisting of 2 600 words is divided into 23 paragr
163DSHardExponentsIf n is a positive integer and k 5 1 10 n what is the value
164DSEasyAbsolute ValuesIf x is an integer is x x 2 x
165DSMediumWord ProblemsEvery member of a certain club volunteers to contribute equa
166DSEasyInequalitiesIf x 0 is y
167DSMediumGeometryWhat is the value of x y in the figure above
168DSEasyInequalitiesIf n and k are positive integers is n k 1 2 2n
169DSMediumWord ProblemsIn a certain business production index p is directl
170DSMediumExponentsIf n is a positive integer is 1 10 n
171DSMediumFractionsIf n is a positive integer what is the tens digit of n
172DSEasyAlgebraWhat is the value of 2t t x t x
173DSMediumNumber PropertiesIs n an integer 1 n 2 is an integer 2 n 1 2 is an
174DSEasyNumber PropertiesIf x y and z are positive integers is x y odd

Critical Reasoning
1CREasyInference2016 og q1 neuroscientist memory evolved to help
2CREasyStrengthen2016 og q2 astronomer most stars are born
3CREasyStrengthen2016 og q3 a provincial government plans to raise
4CREasyWeakenThe roof of northtown s municipal equipment storage
5CREasyStrengthenSnowmaking machines work by spraying a mist that freezes
6CREasyLogical FlawHomeowners aged 40 to 50 are more likely to purchase ice
7CREasyAssumptionSuncorp a new corporation with limited funds has been
8CREasyAssumptionA newly discovered painting seems to be the work of
9CREasyEvaluate ArgumentTraverton s city council wants to minimize the city
10CREasyResolve ParadoxIn order to reduce the number of items damaged while i
11CREasyResolve ParadoxParland s alligator population has been declining
12CREasyCause and EffectA company is considering changing its policy concerning
13CREasyEvaluate ArgumentThe amount of time it takes for most of a worker
14CREasyAdditional EvidenceWhile many people think of genetic manipulation of food
15CREasyEvaluate ArgumentA certain automaker aims to increase its market share by
16CREasyLogical FlawIn virtually any industry technological improvements
17CREasyStrengthenThe maxilux car company s design for its new luxury model
18CREasyAdditional EvidenceMost bicycle helmets provide good protection for the top and
19CREasyStrengthenWood smoke contains dangerous toxins that cause changes i
20CREasyBold Face CRHunter many people blame hunters alone for the decline i
21CREasyStrengthenOg 2016 question many agriculturally intensive areas of the world
22CREasyLogical FlawPhysician the hormone melatonin has shown promise as a
23CREasyConclusionPlan concerned about the welfare of its senior citizens
24CREasyMethod of ReasoningHollywood restaurant is replacing some of its standard
25CRMediumStrengthenA major network news organization experienced a drop in
26CREasyConclusionOnly a reduction of 10 percent in the number of scheduled
27CREasyEvaluate ArgumentFor similar cars and comparable drivers automobile
28CREasyConclusionThe tulu a popular ornamental plant does not reproduce
29CREasyBold Face CRLast year a record number of new manufacturing jobs wer
30CRMediumWeakenPeople who do regular volunteer work tend to live longer on average
31CRMediumBold Face CRLast year a record number of new manufacturing jobs were
32CREasyComplete the PassageWhich of the following most logically completes the
33CREasyComplete the PassageAlthough the number of large artificial satellites orbitin
34CREasyEvaluate ArgumentThyrian lawmaker thyria s cheese importation board inspects
35CREasyEvaluate ArgumentThe growing popularity of computer based activities was q
36CREasyStrengthenCrowding on mooreville s subway frequently leads to delay
37CRVery HardAssumption2016 og although the school would receive financial benefits if it ha
38CRMediumAssumptionSviatovin is a medieval moringian text whose author and
39CRMediumWeaken2016 og a study of ticket sales at a summer theater festival found th
40CREasyAssumptionIf the county continues to collect residential trash a
41CREasyAssumption2016 og although there is no record of poet edmund spenser s parentag
42CREasyEvaluate ArgumentTrancorp currently transports all its goods to burlan
43CRMediumComplete the Passage2016 og nownews although still the most popular magazine covering cu
44CREasyStrengthenThe computer industry s estimate that it loses millions o
45CREasyWeakenIn the last decade there has been a significant decrease in
46CREasyConclusionWhich of the following best completes the passage belo
47CREasyAssumptionInstalling scrubbers in smokestacks and switching t
48CRMediumWeakenFeline and human skelton
49CRMediumAssumptionAdvacned cr pollutants in coutnry y
50CRHardWeakenSome anthropologists study modern day societies of forage
51CREasyCause and EffectContrary to earlier predictions demand for sugarcane ha
52CREasyAssumptionAlthough computers can enhance people s ability t
53CRMediumInferenceHumans get lyme disease from infected tick
54CRMediumComplete the PassageWhich of the following most logically completes the argumen
55CRMediumStrengthenAdvertisement when your car s engine is running at its normal operati
56CREasyEvaluate ArgumentCertain genetically modified strains of maize produce
57CREasyStrengthen2016 og the testament of william thorpe was published around 1530 as
58CREasyResolve Paradox2016 og to reduce productivity losses from employees calling in sick
59CRMediumLogical FlawRye sown in the fall and plowed into the soil in earl
60CRHardStrengthenAdvacned cr mail advertisement
61CRMediumStrengthenOne variety of partially biodegradable plastic beverag
62CREasyStrengthenMost employees in the computer industry move from company t
63CRMediumLogical Flaw2016 og politician hybrid cars use significantly less fuel per kilom
64CRMediumComplete the PassageWhich of the following most logically completes the passage
65CRMediumStrengthenNew cr question from og 2016 garlic fields
66CRMediumAssumptionWhich of the following most logically completes the passage
67CRMediumEvaluate ArgumentTricky cr free coffee plan new og
68CREasyComplete the passageBy competing with rodents for seeds black ants help contro
69CREasyWeakenJournalist in physics journals the number of articles
70CRMediumAssumptionOg 2016 demand for electricity
71CREasyConclusionWhich of the following most logically completes the argument
72CRMediumComplete the PassageWhich of the following most logically completes the argumen
73CRMediumComplete the PassageThe attribution of the choral work lacrimae to the compose
74CRMediumInferenceWhen trying to identify new technologies that promise t
75CRMediumResolve ParadoxIn order to withstand tidal currents juvenile horsesho
76CRHardWeakenOg 2016 voters commonly condemn politicians for being insincere
77CRHardWeakenOg 2016 to reduce waste of raw materials
78CRMediumResolve ParadoxWhen there is less rainfall than normal the water level of
79CRMediumWeakenDifficult cr chemical wastes
80CRMediumConclusionTo protect certain fledgling industries the government o
81CRHardBold Face CRAdvanced cr bold face
82CRMediumBold Face CRA prominent investor who holds a large stake burton too
83CREasyStrengthenSeveral industries have recently switched at least partly
84CRHardAssumptionCr challenge question beach city airport og
85CRMediumResolve ParadoxAs a construction material bamboo is as strong as steel and
86CRVery HardEvaluate ArgumentScientists have modified feed corn genetically
87CRMediumEvaluate ArgumentCommunity activist if morganville wants to keep its centra
88CRHardAssumptionDebater the average amount of overtime per month worked by
89CRMediumEvaluate ArgumentIn the past the country of malvernia has relied heavily on imported
90CRMediumAssumptionExposure to certain chemicals commonly used in elementary
91CRMediumBold Face CRAlthough the earliest surviving greek inscriptions writte
92CRMediumEvaluate ArgumentNormally the pineal gland governs a person s sleep wake
93CRVery HardBold Face CRIn countries where automobile insurance includes
94CRHardResolve ParadoxLast year a global disturbance of weather patterns disrupted
95CREasyAssumptionCommentator the theory of trade retaliation states th
96CREasyWeakenHotco oil burners designed to be used in asphalt plant
97CRMediumWeakenAdvanced cr hermit thrush og
98CREasyMethod of ReasoningNetworks of blood vessels in bats wings serve only
99CRMediumMethod of ReasoningKeith compliance with new government regulation
100CRVery HardEvaluate ArgumentA certain cultivated herb is one of a group of closely related plants
101CRMediumAssumptionMany people suffer an allergic reaction to certain og1
102CRVery HardLogical FlawBusinesses are suffering because of a lack of mone
103CREasyEvaluate ArgumentA new law gives ownership of patents documents providin
104CRMediumConclusionEnvironmentalist the commissioner of the fish and gam
105CRVery HardBold Face CRSince it has become known that several of a bank s top
106CRVery HardStrengthenBetween 1980 and 2000 the sea otter population of the aleutian islands
107CRHardResolve ParadoxIn the country of veltria the past two years broad
108CRMediumStrengthenStudies in the resturants show that the tips left b
109CRVery HardAssumption2016 og in an experiment each volunteer was allowed to choose betwee
110CRVery HardBold Face CRDelta products inc has recently switched at least partl
111CRVery HardComplete the PassageThe irradiation of food kills bacteria and thus retard
112CRHardInferenceTheater critic the play la finestrina now at central
113CRMediumWeakenAlthough the discount stores in goreville s central shoppin
114CRHardAssumptionLast year all refuse collected by shelbyville city servic
115CRHardStrengthenSpringfield fire commissioner the vast majority of fals
116CRHardAssumptionThe average hourly wage of television assemblers in vernland
117CRMediumWeakenGuidebook writer i have visited hotels throughout th
118CRVery HardBold Face CRScientists typically do their most creative work before th
119CRVery HardStrengthenThe spacing of the four holes on a fragment of a bone flut
120CRHardEvaluate ArgumentVargonia has just introduced a legal requirement that
121CRVery HardWeakenCr challenge question bumblebees og
122CREasyResolve ParadoxAn experiment was done in which human subjects recognize
123CRHardAdditional EvidenceOne way to judge the performance of a company is to compar
124CRVery HardWeakenOg 2016 intellectual activities

Reading Comprehension
Passage 1RCMediumScience/Short PassageBiologists have advanced two theories to explain
Passage 2RCVery HardBusiness/Short PassageEcoefficiency measures to minimize environmental impac
Passage 3RCMediumScience/Short PassageIo and europa the inner two of jupiter s four largest
Passage 4RCVery HardHumanities/Short PassageWhen jamaican born social activist marcus garvey came to the
Passage 5RCEasySocial Science/Short PassageCurrent feminist theory in validating women s own stories
Passage 6RCMediumBusinessManufacturers have to do more than build large manufacturing
Passage 7RCVery HardBusinessSome observers have attributed the dramatic growth in tempo
Passage 8RCVery HardBusiness/Short PassageAmong the myths taken as fact by the environmental managers
Passage 9RCHardLong Passage/Short PassageIn winters v united states 1908 the supreme court held
Passage 10RCHardSocial ScienceTwo works published in 1984 demonstrate contrastin
Passage 11RCVery HardScienceIt was once believed that the brain was independent of meta
Passage 12RCVery HardHumanitiesActing on the recommendation of a british government
Passage 13RCVery HardScienceFrazier and mosteller assert that medical research could be
Passage 14RCHardScienceDeclines in amphibian populations pretty interesting rc from og16
Passage 15RCHardScienceAfter evidence was obtained in the 1920s that the univers
Passage 16CRHardSocial Science/Long PassageJon clark s study of the effect of the modernization of

Sentence Correction
1SCEasyParallel StructureManufacturers rate batteries in watt hours if they rate the
2SCEasyClauses2016 og q2 hurricanes at first begin traveling
3SCEasyGrammatical ConstructionAt the end of the 1930s duke ellington was looking for a
4SCEasyParallel StructureWhile noble sissle may be best known for his collaboration with eubie
5SCEasySubject Verb AgreementAlthough a surge in retail sales have raised hopes that
6SCEasyIdiomsOf all the vast tides of migration that have swept through
7SCEasyConstructionOg 2016 from an experiment using special extrasensory perception car
8SCEasyModifiersSurpassed only vs only surpassed understanding
9SCEasySuch asIn a review of 2000 studies of human behavior that date back
10SCHardIdioms2016 og q10 a long term study of some
11SCEasyModifiersThe intricate structure of the compound insect eye having
12SCEasyConstructionIn 1979 lack of rain reduced india s rice production to
13SCEasyParallel Structure2016 og q13 although alice walker published a number of essays
14SCEasyIdiomsMany experts regarded the increase in credit card borrowing
15SCEasyVerb TenseCarnivorous mammals can endure what would otherwise be
16SCEasyDictionRising inventories when unaccompanied correspondingly b
17SCEasyModifiersA pioneer journalist nellie bly s exploits included
18SCEasyComparisonsOg 2016 unlike the nests of leaf cutters and most other ants
19SCMediumModifiersSunspots vortices of gas associated with stron
20SCEasyIdiomThe commission has directed advertisers to restrict the us
21SCEasySuch asThai village crafts as with other cultures have developed thr
22SCMediumParallel StructureTropical bats play important roles in the rain forest
23SCEasyParallel StructureOg 2016 discussion of greenhouse effects have usually had as a focus
24SCEasyGrammatical ConstructionThe iroquois were primarily planters but supplementin
25SCEasyIdiomsAs contrasted with the honeybee the yellow jacket can stin
26SCEasyGrammatical ConstructionNone of the attempts to specify the causes of crime explain
27SCEasyModifiersIn the seventh century b c the roman alphabet was
28SCEasyConstructionOg 2016 with corn soybean and wheat reserves
29SCEasyVerb TenseBy 1940 the pilot jacqueline cochran held seventeen
30SCEasyParallel StructureIn late 1997 the chambers inside the pyramid of the pharao
31SCMediumGrammatical ConstructionThe remarkable similarity of thule artifacts throughout a vast region
32SCEasyVerb TenseThe widely accepted big bang theory holds that the univers
33SCMediumParallel StructureBengal born writer philosopher and educator rabindranath
34SCEasyClausesAlthough schistosomiasis is not often fatal it is s
35SCMediumIdiomTraffic safety officials predict that drivers will b
36SCMediumConstructionThe organization of petroleum exporting countries opec ha
37SCMediumModifiersOg 2016 not trusting themselves to choose wisely among the wide
38SCEasyModifiersThere are several ways to build solid walls using just mu
39SCEasySubject Verb AgreementA surge in new home sales and a drop in weekly unemploymen
40SCEasyStyle and UsageRetail sales rose 0 8 of 1 percent in august intensifying e
41SCEasyModifiersPlants are more efficient at acquiring carbon than ar
42SCEasyGrammatical ConstructionIn the early part of the twentieth century many vacationer
43SCEasyIdiomsThe automotive conveyor belt system which henry ford
44SCHardVerb TenseAccording to some analysts the gains in the stock marke
45SCEasyGrammatical ConstructionThe report recommended that the hospital should eliminat
46SCMediumGrammatical ConstructionOver the next few years increasing demands on th
47SCEasyIdiomsElizabeth barber the author of both prehistoric textiles
48SCEasyGrammatical ConstructionDigging in sediments in northern china evidence has been
49SCEasyVerb TenseOutlining his strategy for nursing the troubled conglomerate
50SCEasyModifiersIt is called a sea but the landlocked caspian is actually
51SCEasyGrammatical ConstructionNeuroscientists having amassed a wealth of knowledge ove
52SCMediumParallel StructureQ18 according to a recent study of consumer spending o
53SCMediumGrammatical ConstructionAlong the major rivers that traverse the deserts of
54SCMediumGrammatical ConstructionDespite its covering the entire planet earth has a crust
55SCHardGrammatical ConstructionEmily dickinsons letters to susan huntington dickinson wer
56SCEasyIdiomsUnlike the conviction held by many of her colleagues tha
57SCMediumIdiomsBecause an oversupply of computer chips has sent price
58SCMediumModifiersRyunosuke akutagawa s knowledge of the literatures of
59SCMediumGrammatical ConstructionAccording to scientists who monitored its path an expanding
60SCMediumModifiersIn 1850 lucretia mott published her discourse on women
61SCEasyVerb TenseTo develop more accurate population forecasts demographer
62SCMediumComparisonsLaos has a land area about the same as great britain but
63SCMediumGrammatical ConstructionHaving been named for a mythological nymph
64SCEasyParallel StructureIn ancient thailand much of the local artisans creative
65SCMediumModifiersTo josephine baker paris was her home long before it wa
66SCEasyParallel StructureCovering 71 percent of earth s surface the oceans play an essential
67SCHardParallel StructureSome anthropologists believe that the genetic homogeneity
68SCMediumGrammatical ConstructionIn 1713 alexander pope began his translation of the illia
69SCMediumParallel StructureA new study suggests that the conversational pace o
70SCMediumModifiersThe nineteenth century chemist humphry davy presented th
71SCEasyParallel StructureMany of the earliest known images of hindu deities in indi
72SCEasyIdiomsA leading figure in the scottish enlightenment adam smith
73SCEasyConstructionOg 2016 researchers studying the brain scans of volunteers who po
74SCVery HardParticiple ParallelismRivaling the pyramids of egypt or even the ancient cities o
75SCEasyGrammatical ConstructionMany house builders offer rent to buy programs that enable a
76SCEasyGrammatical ConstructionOg 50 that educators have not anticipated the impact o
77SCMediumComparisonsWhile it costs about the same to run nuclear plants as other
78SCMediumParallel StructureThe 32 species that make up the dolphin family are close
79SCHardVerb TenseThe first trenches that were cut into a 500 acre site a
80SCEasyIdiomsOg 2016 companies are relying more and more on networked computers
81SCHardStyle and UsageThe olympic games helped to keep peace among the pugnaciou
82SCEasyGrammatical ConstructionWhile all states face similar industrial waste problems th
83SCEasyIdiomsWhen congress reconvenes some newly elected members fro
84SCEasyGrammatical ConstructionUnlike the original national museum of science an
85SCVery HardParallel StructureCombining enormous physical strength with higher intelligen
86SCMediumParallel StructureTo map earth s interior geologists use a network of seismometers to
87SCEasyVerb TenseDoctors generally agree that such factors as cigarett
88SCMediumVerb TenseAffording strategic proximity to the strait of gibralta
89SCHardVerb TenseHis studies of ice polished rocks in his alpine home la
90SCEasyComparisonsPrices at the producer level are only 1 3 percent higher now
91SCMediumIdiomsMore and more in recent years cities are stressing the art
92SCMediumVerb TenseA proposal has been made to trim the horns from rhinoceroses
93SCEasyModifiersIn an effort to reduce their inventories italian vintners have cu
94SCMediumSubject Verb AgreementFossils of the arm of a sloth found in puerto rico i
95SCEasyParallel StructureRecently physicians have determined that stomach ulcers ar
96SCEasySubject Verb AgreementA mutual fund having billions of dollars in assets will
97SCEasyIdiomsThe 19 year old pianist and composer performed his most recent work al
98SCVery HardPronounsStarfish with anywhere from five to eight arms have a
99SCEasyVerb TenseIn 2000 a mere two dozen products accounted for
100SCMediumIdiomsThe results of the company s cost cutting measures ar
101SCEasyComparisonsSimilar to other mississippi delta blues singers the music of robert
102SCHardGrammatical ConstructionThelonious monk who was a jazz pianist and compose
103SCMediumIdiomsNobody knows exactly how many languages there are in th
104SCMediumComparisonsHeating oil prices are expected to be higher th is year tha
105SCEasyIdiomsOne of the primary distinctions between our intelligenc
106SCMediumConstructionEven though clovis points spear points with longitudina
107SCMediumConstructionThe stars some of them at tremendous speeds are in motio
108SCMediumDictionAs rainfall began to decrease in the southwest about th
109SCEasyGrammatical ConstructionEl nino the periodic abnormal warming of the sea surfac
110SCVery HardModifiersHeavy commitment by an executive to a course of actio
111SCVery HardComparisonsAccording to recent studies comparing the nutritional valu
112SCMediumConstructionYellow jackets number among the 900 or so species of th
113SCHardConstructionMarconi s conception of the radio was as a substitute for t
114SCMediumConjunctionsConstruction of the roman colosseum which was officially
115SCMediumPronounsBecause there are provisions of the new maritime code tha
116SCMediumComparisonsNovember is traditionally the strongest month for sales
117SCMediumIdiomsMauritius was a british colony for almost 200 year
118SCHardParallel StructureAlthough appearing less appetizing than most of their round
119SCHardPunctuationThe world wildlife fund has declared that global warming a
120SCEasyParallel StructureThe largest of all the planets not only is jupiter three
121SCMediumPunctuationBeatrix potter in her book illustrations carefull
122SCHardModifiersOriginally developed for detecting air pollutants a
123SCMediumGrammatical ConstructionAmong the objects found in the excavated temple were smal
124SCVery HardParallel StructureWhile many of the dinosaur fossils
125SCEasyParallel StructureThe original building and loan associations were organize
126SCHardConstructionFound only in the western hemisphere
127SCMediumIdiomsShe was less successful after she had emigrated to new york
128SCMediumParallel StructureScientists have recently found evidence
129SCMediumModifiersThe use of lie detectors is based on the assumption tha
130SCVery HardVerb TenseAustralian embryologists have found evidence that suggest
131SCEasyParallel StructureMost efforts to combat such mosquito borne diseases like
132SCMediumModifiersAlmost like clones in their similarity to one another th
133SCMediumParallel StructureAs sources of electrical power windmills now account for
134SCHardSubject Verb AgreementLast week local shrimpers held a news conference to tak
135SCEasyComparisonsQ39 whereas in mammals the tiny tubes that conve
136SCVery HardParallel StructureA ruined structure found at aqaba jordan
137SCHardVerb TenseBy 1999 astronomers had discovered
138SCVery HardIdiomsSc although she was considered among her contemporaries to be the be
139SCVery HardParallel StructureIn no other historical sighting did halleys comet cause suc
140SCMediumIdiomsRock samples taken from the remains of an asteroid about

Have questions about the OG explanations? We have scavenged the forum for the best of the best OG Question discussions and presenting to you the Verbal Collection!

Learnings from Official Guide 2016

- Manhattan GMAT
What’s new in OG 2016?

Approximately 25% of the questions are brand new, and there are some beauties in the mix. As I worked through the problems, I marveled anew at the skill with which the test writers can produce what I call elegant problems. On the verbal side, I loved how some of the new questions wove meaning into the issue of Sentence Correction; if you have been focusing on grammar and shortchanging meaning, you’re definitely going to need to change your approach.

Rich D’Amato, spokesperson for GMAT, confirmed that a decent number of the new questions were produced relatively recently; that is, you’ll be seeing questions that were on the real exam not too long ago. (The older questions are still great study questions, too; the GMAT is a standardized test so, by definition, the test makers can’t change things too drastically or rapidly. There can be some mild trends over time, though. For example, the test makers may decide that certain idioms should be retired from or introduced for Sentence Correction problems.)

The opening chapters of the book describe how the GMAT works and how to study for the test; these sections have not changed. Nor has the Math Review (chapter 4). This is no surprise—again, the GMAT is a standardized test and, as such, it remains very consistent over time. The Diagnostic test in chapter 3 also has not changed.

What’s new in SC?

Of the 140 questions in the Sentence Correction (SC) chapter, 35 are new. Sentence Correction is always difficult to classify because one question can test multiple different topics, and one difference can straddle the line between two topics. A full 16 of the new questions, though, test meaning or sentence structure (or both). I thought that there were some interesting sentence structure examples; keep an eye out for my eventual problem lists, in which I’ll add notes about things that caught my eye when doing the problems.

When comparing the questions that were dropped to the ones that were added, meaning definitely jumped in the count. This is again a judgment call: when do we classify something as pure meaning vs. a grammar error that messes up meaning? But using a consistent standard across all of the questions, I counted 10 new meaning SCs compared to 3 dropped.

All of the other categories didn’t change substantially (not a big surprise, since this is a standardized test). I do want to point out that 19 out of the 35 new questions cover parallelism or comparisons. In other words, these two topics were important before and they still are. Study them!

What’s new in CR?

Of the 130 questions in the Critical Reasoning (CR) chapter, 35 are new.

When comparing the number of questions dropped vs. added, it was the case that Strengthen questions jumped a bit, while Weaken and Inference dropped a bit. These trends also appeared in the Verbal supplement, so I’m noting them here, though I also want to add that the numbers are small enough that we can’t say definitively that they reflect any kind of change in the test. (Also, there were some other seeming trends that didn’t actually hold for both books, so I’m ignoring those.)

All of the questions except for one (#39) fit neatly into our existing classification categories. I’m still trying to decide how I would classify #39. It’s in the Assumption Family but I keep going back and forth on whether I would call it a Strengthen or a Weaken. The question stem alone is most like a weaken (an “alternative explanation” would be like saying “Hey, here’s a better conclusion than the one you came up with!”). But the reasoning for the correct answer choice can be interpreted as a Strengthen. I’m going to be asking some fellow teachers, and even GMAC, about this one; I’ll get back to you.

What’s new in RC?

We lost 3 shorter and 3 longer passages from the 2015 edition; 3 of these were social science, 2 were science, and 1 was business.

We gained 4 longer passages and 2 shorter ones; 4 of these were science and 2 were social science. I’m not sure whether that indicates any kind of increased emphasis on science topics, but it’s certainly interesting that not one of the new passages is a business passage.

There are 31 new questions total out of 139 questions total. 15 specific detail question were dropped and only 7 were added. That 8-question differential was added to specific purpose (why) questions (+5), weaken (+2), and main idea (+1). The latter two are pretty small changes, but I found it very interesting that 5 why questions were added.

GMAT Official Guide 2016 Verbal Questions Distribution


Sentence Correction Analysis


Critical Reasoning Analysis



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Have questions about the OG explanations? We have scavenged the forum for the best of the best OG Question discussions and presenting to you the Quantitative Collection!

Feedback and suggestions are welcome - please PM me.

OG 2016 PS and DS Diagnostic Test Directory
PS DiagnosticConcept TestedDifficultyDS DiagnosticConcept TestedDifficulty
PS Diag Q1Arithmetic/Word Problems/InequalitiesMediumDS Diag Q25Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsEasy
PS Diag Q2Statistics and Sets ProblemsEasyDS Diag Q26Divisibility/Multiples/Factors/Number PropertiesEasy
PS Diag Q3SequencesEasyDS Diag Q27Arithmetic/Word ProblemsMedium
PS Diag Q4Overlapping Sets/Percents and Interest Problems/ProbabilityMediumDS Diag Q28GeometryEasy
PS Diag Q5GeometryHardDS Diag Q29Overlapping Sets/Percent and Interest ProblemsMedium
PS Diag Q6Overlapping SetsMediumDS Diag Q30Word ProblemsHard
PS Diag Q7ProbabilityHardDS Diag Q31Statistics and Sets ProblemsEasy
PS Diag Q8Fractions/Ratios/Decimals/Statistics and Sets ProblemsMediumDS Diag Q32Inequalities/Statistics and Sets ProblemsHard
PS Diag Q9Statistics and Sets ProblemsEasyDS Diag Q33Exponents/Powers/InequalitiesEasy
PS Diag Q10GeometryHardDS Diag Q34Overlapping SetsMedium
PS Diag Q11CombinationsHardDS Diag Q35AlgebraEasy
PS Diag Q12Percents and Interest ProblemsEasyDS Diag Q36GeometryEasy
PS Diag Q13RemaindersHardDS Diag Q37InequalitiesMedium
PS Diag Q14Overlapping SetsMediumDS Diag Q38Distance/Rate ProblemsEasy
PS Diag Q15Arithmetic/Exponents/PowersHardDS Diag Q39Coordinate GeometryHard
PS Diag Q16Algebra/RootsHardDS Diag Q40Percent and Interest ProblemsEasy
PS Diag Q17RootsEasyDS Diag Q41InequalitiesHard
PS Diag Q18Divisibility/Multiples/Factors/Number PropertiesEasyDS Diag Q42Divisibility/Multiples/Factors/Number PropertiesEasy
PS Diag Q19GeometryMediumDS Diag Q43Statistics and Sets ProblemsMedium
PS Diag Q20GeometryEasyDS Diag Q44Exponents/Powers/Number Properties/RootsEasy
PS Diag Q21Percents and Interest ProblemsMediumDS Diag Q45Word ProblemsHard
PS Diag Q22GeometryEasyDS Diag Q46Statistics and Sets ProblemsMedium
PS Diag Q23Divisibility/Multiples/Factors/Must or Could be True QuestionsEasyDS Diag Q47Overlapping SetsEasy
PS Diag Q24Distance/Rate ProblemsMediumDS Diag Q48GeometryEasy

OG 2016 PS and DS Directory
PS QuestionConcept TestedDifficultyDS QuestionConcept TestedDifficulty
PS Q1Percents and Interest ProblemsEasyDS Q1Word ProblemsEasy
PS Q2ArithmeticEasyDS Q2Overlapping SetsEasy
PS Q3Word ProblemsEasyDS Q3Number PropertiesEasy
PS Q4Word ProblemsEasyDS Q4Word ProblemsEasy
PS Q5Coordinate GeometryEasyDS Q5Word ProblemsEasy
PS Q6Arithmetic/Percents and Interest ProblemsEasyDS Q6Coordinate Geometry/GeometryEasy
PS Q7RootsEasyDS Q7ProbabilityEasy
PS Q8ProbabilityMediumDS Q8Work/Rate ProblemsEasy
PS Q9Percents and Interest ProblemsEasyDS Q9Number PropertiesEasy
PS Q10Statistics and Sets ProblemsEasyDS Q10Percent and Interest ProblemsEasy
PS Q11Percents and Interest ProblemsEasyDS Q11RootsEasy
PS Q12GeometryEasyDS Q12SequencesEasy
PS Q13GeometryEasyDS Q13SequencesEasy
PS Q14ArithmeticEasyDS Q14Word ProblemsEasy
PS Q15ArithmeticEasyDS Q15Word ProblemsEasy
PS Q16Absolute Values/Modules/Must or Could be True QuestionsEasyDS Q16InequalitiesEasy
PS Q17Absolute Values/ModulesEasyDS Q17Overlapping SetsEasy
PS Q18GeometryEasyDS Q18AlgebraEasy
PS Q19Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsEasyDS Q19Overlapping SetsEasy
PS Q20Statistics and Sets Problems/Word ProblemsEasyDS Q20Exponents/PowersEasy
PS Q21AlgebraEasyDS Q21Percent and Interest ProblemsEasy
PS Q22Exponents/Powers/ArithmeticEasyDS Q22Distance/Rate ProblemsEasy
PS Q23GeometryEasyDS Q23Word ProblemsMedium
PS Q24Word ProblemsEasyDS Q24Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsEasy
PS Q25AlgebraEasyDS Q25SequencesEasy
PS Q26Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsEasyDS Q26GeometryEasy
PS Q27Graphs and IllustrationsEasyDS Q27Coordinate GeometryEasy
PS Q28Percents and Interest ProblemsEasyDS Q28Percent and Interest ProblemsMedium
PS Q29Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsEasyDS Q29Word ProblemsMedium
PS Q30Percents and Interest Problems/Word ProblemsEasyDS Q30Word ProblemsEasy
PS Q31GeometryEasyDS Q31Number PropertiesEasy
PS Q32Statistics and Sets ProblemsEasyDS Q32Word ProblemsEasy
PS Q33GeometryEasyDS Q33Word ProblemsEasy
PS Q34Percents and Interest ProblemsEasyDS Q34Fractions/Ratios/Decimals/InequalitiesMedium
PS Q35Remainders/Work/Rate ProblemsEasyDS Q35Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsEasy
PS Q36ArithmeticEasyDS Q36Number PropertiesEasy
PS Q37Min/Max Problems/Overlapping Sets/AlgebraEasyDS Q37AlgebraMedium
PS Q38Divisibility/Multiples/FactorsEasyDS Q38Word Problems/Distance/Rate ProblemsEasy
PS Q39SequencesEasyDS Q39AlgebraMedium
PS Q40Work/Rate ProblemsEasyDS Q40Percent and Interest ProblemsMedium
PS Q41GeometryEasyDS Q41Exponents/Powers/InequalitiesMedium
PS Q42AlgebraEasyDS Q42Word ProblemsEasy
PS Q43RemaindersMediumDS Q43Word ProblemsMedium
PS Q44Coordinate GeometryEasyDS Q44GeometryEasy
PS Q45GeometryMediumDS Q45Statistics and Sets Problems/Word ProblemsEasy
PS Q46Fractions/Ratios/Decimals/ArithmeticEasyDS Q46Word ProblemsMedium
PS Q47AlgebraEasyDS Q47Statistics and Sets ProblemsEasy
PS Q48Must or Could be True Questions/Number PropertiesEasyDS Q48Distance/Rate ProblemsMedium
PS Q49Arithmetic/Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsEasyDS Q49GeometryMedium
PS Q50Word ProblemsMediumDS Q50ProbabilityMedium
PS Q51GeometryMediumDS Q51GeometryMedium
PS Q52Percent and Interest ProblemsMediumDS Q52Percent and Interest ProblemsMedium
PS Q53Exponents/PowersHardDS Q53Exponents/PowersHard
PS Q54Exponents/Powers/Inequalities/Number PropertiesMediumDS Q54Exponents/Powers/Inequalities/Number PropertiesMedium
PS Q55Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsHardDS Q55Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsHard
PS Q56GeometryMediumDS Q56GeometryMedium
PS Q57Word ProblemsEasyDS Q57Word ProblemsEasy
PS Q58Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsEasyDS Q58Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsEasy
PS Q59Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsMediumDS Q59Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsMedium
PS Q60Number PropertiesMediumDS Q60Number PropertiesMedium
PS Q61InequalitiesEasyDS Q61InequalitiesEasy
PS Q62Overlapping SetsEasyDS Q62Overlapping SetsEasy
PS Q63Percent and Interest Problems/Word ProblemsMediumDS Q63Percent and Interest Problems/Word ProblemsMedium
PS Q64Word Problems/Percent and Interest ProblemsMediumDS Q64Word Problems/Percent and Interest ProblemsMedium
PS Q65Algebra/Exponents/PowersMediumDS Q65Algebra/Exponents/PowersMedium
PS Q66Algebra/Must or Could be True QuestionsMediumDS Q66InequalitiesMedium
PS Q67ArithmeticMediumDS Q67Percent and Interest Problems/Word ProblemsHard
PS Q68AlgebraMediumDS Q68Word ProblemsEasy
PS Q69Percents and Interest ProblemsHardDS Q69Percent and Interest Problems/Word ProblemsMedium
PS Q70GeometryMediumDS Q70Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsHard
PS Q71Word ProblemsHardDS Q71Word ProblemsHard
PS Q72ArithmeticEasyDS Q72RemaindersEasy
PS Q73GeometryEasyDS Q73Combinations/Coordinate GeometryMedium
PS Q74Arithmetic/Word ProblemsMediumDS Q74AlgebraEasy
PS Q75Coordinate GeometryEasyDS Q75Word ProblemsMedium
PS Q76Work/Rate ProblemsEasyDS Q76Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsEasy
PS Q77Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsMediumDS Q77Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsHard
PS Q78ArithmeticMediumDS Q78Number PropertiesEasy
PS Q79Statistics and Sets ProblemsEasyDS Q79Overlapping SetsMedium
PS Q80ProbabilityEasyDS Q80Word ProblemsMedium
PS Q81Coordinate Geometry/GeometryMediumDS Q81Algebra/Exponents/PowersEeasy
PS Q82Percents and Interest ProblemSMediumDS Q82Word ProblemsMedium
PS Q83AlgebraMediumDS Q83Word ProblemsMedium
PS Q84ArithmeticEasyDS Q84Distance/Rate ProblemsMedium
PS Q85ArithmeticEasyDS Q85Work/Rate ProblemsEasy
PS Q86GeometryMediumDS Q86GeometryMedium
PS Q87ArithmeticEasyDS Q87Coordinate GeometryMedium
PS Q88Statistics and Sets Problems/Absolute Values/ModulesEasyDS Q88Statistics and Sets ProblemsHard
PS Q89Overlapping SetsEasyDS Q89Word ProblemsHard
PS Q90Percents and Interest ProblemsMediumDS Q90GeometryEasy
PS Q91Overlapping SetsEasyDS Q91Coordinate GeometryHard
PS Q92AlgebraEasyDS Q92Statistics and Sets ProblemsMedium
PS Q93Divisibility/Multiples/FactorsEasyDS Q93ArithmeticHard
PS Q94GeometryMediumDS Q94Algebra/Exponents/PowersMedium
PS Q95Min/Max ProblemsEasyDS Q95Word ProblemsMedium
PS Q96Divisibility/Multiples/FactorsEasyDS Q96Percent and Interest ProblemsHard
PS Q97ArithmeticEasyDS Q97Word ProblemsEasy
PS Q98Distance/Rate ProblemsHardDS Q98GeometryHard
PS Q99Percents and Interest ProblemsMediumDS Q99Number Properties/Divisibility/Multiples/FactorsMedium
PS Q100ArithmeticMediumDS Q100Word ProblemsHard
PS Q101Work/Rate ProblemsMediumDS Q101InequalitiesEasy
PS Q102Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsEasyDS Q102RemaindersHard
PS Q103ArithmeticEasyDS Q103Statistics and Sets ProblemsEasy
PS Q104Percents and Interest ProblemsEasyDS Q104InequalitiesEasy
DS Q105Arithmetic/Exponents/PowersMediumDS Q105Distance/Rate ProblemsHard
PS Q106Divisibility/Multiples/FactorsMediumDS Q106Percent and Interest Problems/Word ProblemsMedium
PS Q107Algebra/InequalitiesMediumDS Q107InequalitiesMedium
PS Q108Number Properties/Divisibility/Multiples/FactorsEasyDS Q108Overlapping SetsMedium
PS Q109Word ProblemsEasyDS Q109Overlapping SetsEasy
PS Q110Word ProblemsMediumDS Q110Statistics and Sets ProblemsEasy
PS Q111Statistics and Sets ProblemsMediumDS Q111Functions and Custom CharactersMedium
PS Q112Arithmetic/Statistics and Sets ProblemsMediumDS Q112InequalitiesHard
PS Q113GeometryEasyDS Q113AlgebraMedium
PS Q114Algebra/Mixture ProblemsMediumDS Q114Algebra/InequalitiesMedium
PS Q115Word ProblemsEasyDS Q115GeometryHard
PS Q116Percents and Interest ProblemsEasyDS Q116Graphs and IllustrationEasy
PS Q117CombinationsMediumDS Q117InequalitiesHard
PS Q118RemaindersMediumDS Q118GeometryMedium
PS Q119ArithmeticEasyDS Q119Graphs and Illustrations/ArithmeticHard
PS Q120Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsEasyDS Q120Mixture ProblemsHard
PS Q121AlgebraEasyDS Q121AlgebraEasy
PS Q122GeometryHardDS Q122Distance/Rate ProblemsEasy
PS Q123Number Properties/Exponents/PowersMediumDS Q123Statistics and Sets ProblemsHard
PS Q124Statistics and Sets ProblemsEasyDS Q124Statistics and Sets ProblemsMedium
PS Q125GeometryHardDS Q125Number PropertiesEasy
PS Q126AlgebraEasyDS Q126GeometryHard
PS Q127Fractions/Ratios/Decimals/Mixture ProblemsEasyDS Q127Word ProblemsHard
PS Q128Exponents/Powers/InequalitiesEasyDS Q128Word ProblemsEasy
PS Q129ProbabilityEasyDS Q129GeometrEasy
DS Q130Arithmetic/Word ProblemsHardDS Q130Min/Max Problems/Functions and Custom CharactersEasy
PS Q131Graphs and Illustrations/Statistics and Sets ProblemsMediumDS Q131GeometryHard
PS Q132Divisibility/Multiples/Factors/Exponents/Powers/Functions and Custom Characters/Number PropertiesMediumDS Q132Statistics and Sets ProblemsEasy
PS Q133Statistics and Sets ProblemsHardDS Q133GeometryHard
PS Q134Word ProblemsMediumDS Q134Distance/Rate ProblemsHard
PS Q135Percents and Interest ProblemsHardDS Q135Statistics and Sets ProblemsHard
PS Q136ProbabilityEasyDS Q136Algebra/Coordinate GeometryHard
PS Q137Statistics and Sets ProblemsHardDS Q137GeometryHard
PS Q138Percents and Interest Problems/Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsHardDS Q138Statistics and Sets ProblemsMedium
PS Q139GeometryHardDS Q139Word ProblemsMedium
PS Q140Number Properties/Divisibility/Multiples/FactorsEasyDS Q140ProbabilityEasy
PS Q141Divisibility/Multiples/FactorsHardDS Q141Word ProblemsEasy
PS Q142GeometryMediumDS Q142Percent and Interest ProblemsHard
PS Q143Remainders/Word ProblemsHardDS Q143GeometryHard
PS Q144Work/Rate ProblemsMediumDS Q144Inequalities/Coordinate GeometryHard
PS Q145AlgebraEasyDS Q145GeometryHard
PS Q146InequalitiesMediumDS Q146Fractions/Ratios/Decimals/Word ProblemsHard
PS Q147Percents and Interest ProblemsEasyDS Q147ArithmeticHard
PS Q148CombinationsMediumDS Q148Overlapping SetsHard
PS Q149Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsEasyDS Q149Divisibility/Multiples/Factors/Word ProblemsHard
PS Q150SequenceEasyDS Q150Overlapping SetsHard
PS Q151Number PropertiesHardDS Q151Overlapping SetsEasy
PS Q152CombinationsHardDS Q152Statistics and Sets ProblemsMedium
PS Q153Coordinate GeometryMediumDS Q153Word ProblemsHard
PS Q154Algebra/Min/Max ProblemsHardDS Q154Word ProblemsMediumEasy
PS Q155InequalitiesEasyDS Q155Word ProblemsHard
PS Q156Word ProblemsEasyDS Q156Word ProblemsMedium
PS Q157Statistics and Sets Problems/Must or Could be True QuestionsEasyDS Q157Statistics and Sets ProblemsEasy
PS Q158CombinationsEasyDS Q158Word ProblemsEasy
PS Q159Functions and Custom CharactersEasyDS Q159GeometryMedium
PS Q160Percents and Interest Problems/Word ProblemsHardDS Q160Word ProblemsEasy
PS Q161Percents and Interest ProblemsHardDS Q161GeometryEasy
PS Q162Word ProblemsHardDS Q162Word ProblemsMedium
PS Q163Inequalities/Must or Could be True QuestionsEasyDS Q163Exponents/PowersHard
PS Q164Work/Rate ProblemsEasyDS Q164Absolute Values/Modules/Algebra/InequalitiesEasy
PS Q165Word ProblemsMediumDS Q165Word ProblemsMedium
PS Q166Percents and Interest ProblemsMediumDS Q166InequalitiesEasy
PS Q167Word Problems/Distance/Rate Problems/Min/Max ProblemsMediumDS Q167Geometry/Statistics and Sets ProblemsMedium
PS Q168Absolute Values/Modules/InequalitiesEasyDS Q168InequalitiesEasy
PS Q169Word ProblemsEasyDS Q169Word ProblemsMedium
PS Q170Statistics and Sets Problems/Word ProblemsEasyDS Q170Exponents/Powers/InequalitiesMedium
PS Q171ArithmeticEasyDS Q171Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsMedium
PS Q172CombinationsEasyDS Q172AlgebraEasy
PS Q173Algebra/Functions and Custom CharactersEasyDS Q173Number PropertiesMedium
PS Q174Fractions/Ratios/Decimals/Exponents/Powers/SequencesMediumDS Q174Number PropertiesEasy
PS Q175Fractions/Ratios/Decimals/Word ProblemsMedium
PS Q176Min/Max ProblemsEasy
PS Q177Number PropertiesEasy
PS Q178Arithmetic/Functions and Custom CharactersMedium
PS Q179AlgebraEasy
PS Q180SequencesMedium
PS Q181SequencesEasy
PS Q182Distance/Rate ProblemsHard
PS Q183Exponents/PowersMedium
PS Q184ArithmeticEasy
PS Q185GeometryHard
PS Q186Work/Rate ProblemsEasy
PS Q187AlgebraEasy
PS Q188Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsHard
PS Q189Number Properties/ArithmeticMedium
PS Q190Number PropertiesMedium
PS Q191Percents and Interest ProblemsHard
PS Q192Overlapping Sets/Word ProblemsHard
PS Q193Exponents/PowersEasy
PS Q194Percents and Interest ProblemsMedium
PS Q195Percents and Interest ProblemsHard
PS Q196Min/Max Problems/Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsHard
PS Q197Word ProblemsEasy
PS Q198Overlapping SetsEasy
PS Q199ArithmeticEasy
PS Q200Percents and Interest Problems/Word ProblemsEasy
PS Q201SequencesEasy
PS Q202ProbabilityEasy
PS Q203Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsEasy
PS Q204Arithmetic/Min/Max ProblemsHard
PS Q205Arithmetic/Percents and Interest ProblemsHard
PS Q206Algebra/ArithmeticHard
PS Q207Mixture ProblemsHard
PS Q208Word ProblemsMedium
PS Q209Number PropertiesMedium
PS Q210Coordinate Geometry/GeometryEasy
PS Q211Distance/Rate ProblemsEasy
PS Q212Statistics and Sets ProblemsEasy
PS Q213AlgebraMedium
PS Q214GeomtryEasy
PS Q215Coordinate GeometryMedium
PS Q216ArithmeticEasy
PS Q217GeometryEasy
PS Q218AlgebraEasy
PS Q219ProbabilityEasy
PS Q220Algebra/Must or Could be True QuestionsEasy
PS Q221Arithmetic/Exponents/PowersEasy
PS Q222Min/Max ProblemsHard
PS Q223Number PropertiesEasy
PS Q224Overlapping SetsMedium
PS Q225AlgebraEasy
PS Q226Mixture ProblemsMedium
PS Q227Fractions/Ratios/DecimalsMedium
PS Q228Coordinate Geometry/CombinationsHard
PS Q229InequalitiesHard
PS Q230Arithmetic/Exponents/PowersEasy

Also, in attached pdf check Changes Between 13th/2015 Editions & 2016 Edition (By: Rich Cohen, EMPOWERgmat)

2016 GMAT Official Guide Changes Master Guide - EMPOWERgmat.pdf [568.53 KiB]
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New post 23 May 2016, 11:24

souvik101990 Thank you for this really helpful directory.
RaviChandra Thank you for the RC directory. I noticed that not all the RC Passages have been included. I also noticed that links for RC passage 17 and 18 leads to the same passage. So I thought I will update the RC directory. You may consider updating your posts as other forum members may ignore this post.

This is an updated directory for all the RC Passages in OG 2016.

OG 2016 RC
Passage 1RC
Passage 2RC
Passage 3RC
Passage 4RC
Passage 5RC
Passage 6RC
Passage 7RC
Passage 8RC
Passage 9RC
Passage 10RC
Passage 11RC
Passage 12RC
Passage 13RC
Passage 14RC
Passage 15RC
Passage 16RC
Passage 17RC
Passage 18RC
Passage 19RC
Passage 20RC
Passage 21RC
Passage 22RC
Passage 23RC
Passage 24RC
Passage 25RC
Passage 26RC

Hope this is helpful!

Thanks and regards,
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New post 12 Nov 2018, 19:34
Hello Mods ( chetan2u , VeritasKarishma , niks18 , Gladiator59 , Bunuel ) ,

The PS Q53 and the DS P53 are pointing to the same Q. Could u please look into the same ?

On further look up it seems the same problem for Q 51-65....... :-( , I think somehow the PS links got duplicated with the DS ones .

Thanks in advance
Please let me know if I am going in wrong direction.
Thanks in appreciation.
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Official Guide Directory 2016

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