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Quant strategy to go from Q47 to Q50/Q51

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Joined: 09 Jun 2012
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Quant strategy to go from Q47 to Q50/Q51  [#permalink]

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New post 09 Aug 2012, 10:42
I took GMAT after 4 months of rigorous study: 640 (Q47, V31).
I have started preparing in March 2012 and started with a GMATPrep1 score of 540.

This score is nowhere near my target colleges average or median and very low for my profile. (Indian Software Engg./Male)

I will have around 20 free days off from my work in Dec around Christmas so i am planning to give GMAT a second try with a target to move to Q49/50 and V40+.

Study Material Used:
MGMAT Quant Books
MGMAT Advance Quant Strategy Guide
GMATClub Tests (Now i know that these tests are closet to the real Quant)

Need your valuable suggestions to help me with my Quant strategy:

1. The very first Quant Q looked easy but somehow (I was just staring at it :-() i was not able to find the correct answer and took a educated guess. But after that i took a deep breath and pick up the pace. I was confident in answering most of the Quant Q's but guessed 2-3 Q in total to maintain pace (1 at each mile stone for my timing strategy). Also i struggled to answer few last Q's due to anxiety or nervousness even though i had enough time to solve them.
2. There are few areas which i am weak at e.g. Polygon/Stats/P & C/ Probability and decided to work on them. Any suggestion for study material and hard (Advance level) practice Q's for the same. I found that MGMAT Quant theory is good for basic Q's and their Q bank is too tough for GMAT :-( Also it is not the right representation of GMAT Quant Q's.
3. I am still falling for 'C' trap and most probably did fall for C trap in few Q's for sure. Any practice material suggestions to master the subtle tricks and traps. I know the theory part of traps but find the application of that theory difficult to implement.
4. Overall how should i go about it? Considering my Verbal percentile i want to spend more time there but certainly i can not be satisfied with anything less than 90% in Quant.

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Re: Quant strategy to go from Q47 to Q50/Q51  [#permalink]

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New post 09 Aug 2012, 18:56

First thing which I would like to mention is when you get a Quant score of 47 then i guess you would be clear with the basics for almost all the topics. The places where you will probably be screwing up are
1. The timing
2. The one odd tough question which you get once you do 3-4 questions correct in a row
3. First 10 and Last 10 questions.(as they have more wieghtage then the remaining questions!)

Now, how to improve:

1. When you solve a question and you have already taken 2mins and you don't see yourself going anywhere in that question in next 1min. Then guess and move on! (its not necessary to get all questions correct to get a 50 or 51!)

2. Identify the weak areas (which i guess you have) and try the following:
Prepare a xls sheet (topic by topic).. and keep a track of your progress on a daily basis. Use color coding (Red,Orange,Green).
Red: You are weak in theory - brush up your concepts.
Orange - Done with theory but weak in application of the concepts
Green - Done with the topic

3. Regarding the individual topics:
For i=1 to end
For i=1 to end
-> Study "chapter i"
-> go to and schedule game for "chapter i" with difficulty level easy, If doing good then increase the difficulty to "medium" else go to next step
-> re-read the "chapter i" if you are doing bad
-> else goto next chapter and repeat the above steps.

4. Why grockit?
Because they have a timer for each and every question so it will help you improve your speed.
They have tricky questions which is what GMAT asks you!

5. General Advice
GMAT Quant is not tough - its tricky
Keep an eye on that then i guess you can help yourself out a bit.
Also, i read it somewhere that when you are doing good in Quant then you get either a probability or a PnC question. So if you get a question like that then its a plus for you!

6. Go to gmatclub and follow the discussions of the topics in which you are weak. Try to do the 700 level questions and try to follow the discussion which they have. It will help you in knowing how to think about the problem.

How to improve Verbal :-- Watch Thursday's with Ron
How to improve Quant :-- Register in and practice, practice and practice!

Good Luck for your prep!
Hope it helps!


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Joined: 19 May 2014
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Re: Quant strategy to go from Q47 to Q50/Q51  [#permalink]

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New post 22 May 2014, 07:41
Nkdotgupta has already shared some great strategies to improve one's score.

I'll just like to add a simple and practical tip that many test-takers miss.

When you take practice GMAT tests, do not skip the Analytical Writing and the IR sections! Think through and write your analysis of the given argument with the same focus and intensity that you would give it in the actual exam.

If you limit your practice to only the Verbal and Quant sections, you would be prepared for an exam of two-and-a-half hours. In the actual exam of three-and-a-half hours, your brain may get fatigued towards the last one hour of the test (especially since it has had to do some intense writing for half an hour). This may impair your ability to think through/ solve the questions (even though you may have solved similar questions before).

So, it is important to make your brain get used to a test of three-and-a-half hours! :)

Please press Kudos if you were helped by my post!

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WE 2: IT Consulting, Hi Tech Project Management
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Re: Quant strategy to go from Q47 to Q50/Q51  [#permalink]

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New post 22 May 2014, 10:20

Check out this post. It may Help.

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Re: Quant strategy to go from Q47 to Q50/Q51  [#permalink]

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New post 06 Sep 2018, 08:35
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Re: Quant strategy to go from Q47 to Q50/Q51   [#permalink] 06 Sep 2018, 08:35
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Quant strategy to go from Q47 to Q50/Q51

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