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Reapplicant questions

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Joined: 03 Nov 2011
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Location: India
Concentration: Marketing, Entrepreneurship
GMAT 1: 670 Q44 V38
GMAT 2: 740 Q50 V40
GPA: 3.7
WE: Engineering (Computer Software)
Reapplicant questions [#permalink]

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New post 24 Aug 2013, 00:45
Well, its gonna be a long post guys. So bear with me.

I gave my GMAT in Nov 2011 and got a 670(44,39)(I was hittin 720 on mocks) and then, I applied to Cornell for Fall 2012 with that score. Meanwhile, I booked a slot for Dec 27 2011 and gave my GMAT again and ended up with a 740(50,40)! I sent a GMAT score update to Cornell and I also applied Round2 to Duke. I got an interview call from Cornell almost a month later toward the end of Jan and had an OK interview(where I said 'I dont have any questions' when she opened up the interview for questions, lame!). But during the interview, she asked me the reason for a low quant score. I was shocked since I'd already updated my new score. I told her I have a new score in which my quant is 90+%ile.

Eventually, I got waitlisted at Cornell and was placed on the waitlist till the end of the July. Sometime in Feb, I switched my job, took up a new, more responsible role at a better company. I didn't send an update on this to Cornell(this was dumb!). I decided to just stay on the waitlist and try for other top 10-15 schools the next year.

So, for Fall 2013, I applied to 8 schools, got interview calls from 3 i.e, UCLA(R2), Tepper(R3) and Olin(R3). Got waitlisted(and kept on waitlist until the very end) at Tepper, rejected at UCLA and $$ admit at Olin. All this while, my career goal was to move into Product management. And I was impressed with Olin's Prod. Mgmt curriculum and I had almost decided to accept the admit, but didn't 'cos I got an opportunity to lead a pretty big project at work(3 dotted line reports, but the visibility is very high since the component that I'm leading is the highlighting feature of the next release of the product I'm workin on). And, at the same time, I got an idea, for which I'm in the process of applying for a provisional patent(speaking to patent attorneys and all) and my goals have completely changed now. I'm applying for a patent outside of my company and I plan to startup a tech company with this 'idea'. So my goals have completely changed now. From Tech Marketing, its now Tech Entrepreneurship and Tech Marketing.

Well, thats some background and also, forgot to mention that I'll have 6 yrs of Tech experience by Fall 2014.

So here are my questions:

1. I'm planning to re-apply to Cornell after 2 yrs. I have a lot of updates since my last application. Should I include my GMAT improvement in my re-applicant essay? Asking this 'cos I had already sent them an update during the Fall 2012 application cycle, but the way my interviewer asked me about a low quant score kinda confused me whether they got my update or not.
2. If I re-apply to Cornell, I don't think I'll be able to source a new recommendation letter(meaning, I'll have to ask the same set of recommenders, whom I worked with two years back, who recommended me last time). Reason: As I said, I'm working on a highly visible project and I don't want to jeopardize my promotion. My manager would not push for my promotion that hard if he gets to know my MBA plans. And if I end up without an admit this year, I'll have lost both. And also, he knows everyone at work very well. Makes it extremely difficult to get a recommendation from any of the other managers I've worked with. Also, its a product company and I dont work with Clients at all. How will Cornell view the inability to source a new recommendation? Also, I'm planning to re-apply to UCLA and UCLA mandates a new recommendation for re-application. How do I ask them for a waiver? does it even make sense?
3. As I said, there's a ton of updates from my last Cornell application, new and more responsible job, new GMAT score, new idea and a change in goals. I'm targeting Cornell R1(Oct 2) this year, and I'm not sure if I can push in my provisional patent application by then. I'm trying really hard to juggle my applications and the patent application. So, How do I talk about my Entrepreneurship goals without a patent application number? Is it necessary to provide a patent number? What I can do is send my patent application number as an update during R1.
4. Also, it seems the schools like me, but not enough. Maybe, I'm falling short in tying things together? I dunno. Should I seek the help of some Admissions Consultant? It's my third application season and I'm frustrated!

Thanks guys for your patience! And thanks in advance!

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MBA Admissions Consultant
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Joined: 18 Apr 2013
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Location: Chicago, IL
Re: Reapplicant questions [#permalink]

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New post 26 Aug 2013, 14:41
Well you certainly weren't joking about the long post :)! Just kidding - thanks for sharing the background, it definitely helps!

Ok, answers to your questions, in the order in which they were presented!

1) Yes. Most reapplicant apps call out a section for your revised GMAT. I can't remember off the top of my head if Cornell does or not but if it doesn't, absolutely! You did it after you applied so it counts. And you did AMAZINGLY on it! Why not call attention to it? And if they already know, what does it hurt to tell them again you have a 740 in your pocket? Remember, GMAT scores are an important factor in determining rankings - schools care. Wave that flag!

2) Not getting a new recommender for Cornell isn't the end of the world IF your original recommenders can speak to your growth. Can they? Your situation makes sense - no school would demand you put your livelihood in jeopardy and they are understanding of individual circumstances. So if you need a waiver, call up the school, speak to an admissions director, and tell them your situation. Let them guide you and put them in a position where they have to tell you no. It makes it difficult and puts some control back in your hands. For Cornell, just explain this in the application itself. Just make sure the recommenders speak to the change in you. Otherwise, it's a waste of time if they just repeat what they said 2 years ago, make sense?

3) You're over thinking this. They don't need a patent number. They're not going to pull your file from the patent office. State your goals and accomplishments clearly and honestly. If you don't have it yet, don't say you do. But if you get it later, you don't need to send the number to them. If getting approval provides a significant update, then sure, let them know it went through and that you now have a patent for something cool. But if you don't update them, it doesn't hurt you or make you seem like a liar.

4) I'm going to try to answer this with as little bias as possible. Yes, they do like you. My initial gut feeling is that your issue is story and messaging. You have to sell them on you, why they're great for you, and why, as an alumni, you won't let them or your other alumni down. If any of these components isn't compelling or convincing, you've got a problem.

Most people get frustrated their first time through the process - I can only imagine how annoyed you must be! If you'd like to chat about the process, learn about some of the services we offer, or discuss any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

You can sign up for time to chat here. I conduct all of our consultations so it would be a good way to continue this conversation offline.

I hope this helps and keep your chin up mate!


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Re: Reapplicant questions   [#permalink] 26 Aug 2013, 14:41
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Reapplicant questions

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