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Retaking a failed calculus course

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Joined: 19 Jan 2018
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Retaking a failed calculus course  [#permalink]

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New post 21 Jan 2018, 21:50
I failed my freshmen year calculus class and never retook it while in college. I did take another math class to satisfy the quant requirement, but it wasn't calculus, rather finite mathematics. No other major quant classes taken besides a few non quant econ courses.

I have an otherwise relatively competitive application (3.55 GPA, 720 GMAT (45V, 44Q), military officer in competitive community) for M7, but I feel that this failed quant class is going to weigh me down. If nothing else I'll have to explain it in my additional essay section. I also did much better in the verbal section of the GMAT. I could retake the GMAT, but honestly I would rather actually learn mathematics instead of study for a test again. I don't feel very confident that I could raise my quant score much higher.

Does it make more sense for me to take a pre-calculus course and then calculus or some other type of quant class like statistics? The options that I am considering are the following:

M 305G: Preparation for Calculus Texas Common Number: MATH 2312 - University of Texas online

MATH X9 Precalculus Gain exposure to concepts in basic and advanced algebra and some trigonometry. Explore topics such as logarithms, solving or graphing linear equations, and factoring a polynomial at a more advanced level than that of a beginning or intermediate algebra class. You gain a good foundation for study in future calculus classes. - University of Cal-Berkeley

Math-E10 is an intensive course for students with superior algebra skills.  The purpose of the course is to prepare students for Math-E15, Calculus-1.  During the semester, linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, polynomial and rational functions will be discussed. - Harvard online

Planning on taking one of those pre-calculus options and then following up with the corresponding calculus course. I would love to take it in person at my local community college instead of paying ~$1000 per course, but being in the military precludes me from doing that.

Appreciate input on what path would be most beneficial.
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Farrell D Hehn: MBA
Re: Retaking a failed calculus course  [#permalink]

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New post 22 Jan 2018, 07:10
First I just have to say that if you are going for the top end of the M7 you really need to retake the GMAT and do better on the math section and there's really no getting around that. 49 is really sort of the cutoff for HBS for the quant section. And so I don't know much about the rest of your profile but that is just the reality here. If you'd be more okay with top 10 top 15 then you're going to be fine.

I would really just think about how you can reapproach this test. A lot of times people say I'm not confident in my ability to do better on the quant section but that means *given their current strategies.*

What if you were to change those strategies and get a tutor get involved with an online study group, and in-person study group whatever some type of an overall support system that's going to hold you accountable and hold you forward? You're not doomed or anything if you don't improve your GMAT but given your goals I do think it's a limitation.

I've talked about this so much people are going to think that I'm in bed with this outfit but I'd recommend MBA Math. It's a 12 to 20 hours self-paced course where they send the transcripts to the school and they accept your success in this course as evidence that you can keep up with the material. Which is really what you want to establish here.

I think with your stats you're not going to "win" with your test score but you just want to make sure that they are certain you can get your homework done. So this is a good solution for those who have a stronger application in other areas.

If you are looking at applying this coming here then it's possible you have time to do both, and if feasible, do! but if the time is limited then I would go for MBA Math and put your energy towards that.

That said I would mention in the optional essay that upon being admitted but prior to arriving you plan to retake calculus and also plan to take maybe either stats or Finance.
Farrell Dyan, MBA Admissions Consultant
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Re: Retaking a failed calculus course   [#permalink] 22 Jan 2018, 07:10
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Retaking a failed calculus course

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