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Summary: Desautels (McGill University) Class of 2017-2020 Discussions

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Summary: Desautels (McGill University) Class of 2017-2020 Discussions  [#permalink]

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New post 10 Jun 2018, 21:02

Key Info about Desautels MBA:

  • 2-year MBA program in Canada with intake in September
  • Located in French-speaking Montreal, 95% of the program’s students are multilingual and represent 30 countries.
  • Desautels brings C-suite talent directly to students by hosting robust industry expert panels and a CEO speaker series.
  • Opportunity to engage with local non-for-profit organizations through McGill Non-For-Profit Club (MNFPC) and Thinkr Consulting
  • Offers a unique integrated core where each of its 5 core modules is taught by a team of professors from different disciplines.
  • Students have the opportunity to specialize in at least one of four concentrations: Finance, Marketing, Global Strategy and Leadership, or Business Analytics.
  • Very small class size.

Program Highlights

  • 4 “areas of focus”: Finance, Marketing, Global Strategy and Leadership, Business Analytics
  • Students have option of international study trip outside of Canada

Interview with Jonathan Khayat
Interview with Jonathan Khayat, McGill MBA Admissions


Interview Experience 1

The questions asked were the following (order might not be right and I might have forgotten one) :

What is a leader for you ? What does one need to be a leader?
Strengths and weaknesses?
Where would you like to work (plan A, plan B, long term ideal job)
What is important to you outside of your working life?
What could you bring that is special to McGill MBA class ?
What would be your biggest challenge during your MBA ?
Tell me about your professional experience so far, what are your responsibilities, anyone working for you ?
Any volunteering you have done ?
Any question you have for me ?

The interview lasted for 55 minutes and was a lot closer to a discussion than to a formal job interview, we have laughed a lot!

Interview Experience 2

As for the interview it went on for about 50 minutes. Though there was some problem with the audio and video from her side initially. Later we just switch on to audio as her camera didn't start. I am not sure if the interview is supposed to be so long and comprehensive. She did really go into the details from Letter of Recommendations, Resume, Work Experience, Essays, and even a few things personally. I think I did answer all the questions truthfully but I'am not sure what can be said.

Interview Experience 3

My interviewer was Ms. Carine. It lasted for about an hour(she mentioned at the start of the interview itself that it would take around 45 mins). It was easy going and more of an conversation.
Questions were typically what u expect...why mba, why now, what u do in your present profession and your profile, strengths, weakness, ideal leader, what u bring to the table(i.e. your USP), etc.(though don't remember the order of questions but these were most of it).

Just be yourself and ensure that you have covered your basis with respect to the essays and CV, and believe me...they go through it diligently and would know those things about u before the interview.

Interview Experience 4

Why MBA , Why MCgill , Some on work profile : Why do you like your job. , Day in life of a consultant , strength , weakness.


1. I read on McGill' website that they offer concentrations in four fields. However, when I try to read about the concentrations in detail here ... entrations, I see no concentration available in "Technology and Innovation Management" I'd like to confirm if you still offer a concentration in technology or is it discontinued now?

Indeed, we used to have a concentration in Innovation and Technology but now our 4th concentration is called Business Analytics. Not to worry, we have not gotten rid of our Technology and Innovation courses! They were simply moved under other concentrations. A good example of that is the course called "Strategy and Innovation", which can be found under the Global Strategy & Leadership concentration.
Our program is constantly innovating and as you know, big data is becoming more and more essential in all aspects of business and this is why we have decided to reshift our attention towards it.
This being said, what is the most interesting about our program is that although we recommend students to take 1 or 2 main concentrations, students are not confined to a pre-defined path and have the opportunity to take classes from any of the 4 concentrations. All of our students are different with a variety of career goals, so we understand the need for a more personalized approach. I hope this answers your question! Please contact us again if you have more

2. I also learned about the fact that the application processing at McGill is rolling. So, how much time does one have to wait for from the application completion (recommendation submission, TOEFL and GMAT score fulfillment, essays, and application form) to invite for an interview ?

The admission process may take about 4-6 weeks to be completed. Once you have uploaded all of your documents, our team reviews them to make sure they are indeed complete. Sometimes, we have to ask you to replace a reference or to send us additional documents so it may take some time but we are trying to process everything as soon as possible! A member of our team should be in touch with you shortly after you upload all documents, so don't hesitate to reach out to them as well

3. Can anyone please help with Essay "While pursuing your MBA studies, what steps do you believe you need to take in order to achieve your career goals?" What are they looking for in this essay? Any help would be much appreciated.

In my opinion, for this essay, you need to elaborate the efforts, which you are going to undertake during the MBA program in order to achieve your career goals. An illustrative example for this may be as follows:

# Joining relevant professional clubs in Desautels that will keep you updated with your particular industry and also help you network with like-minded people;
# Connecting with the alumni from this industry for seeking internships or jobs or to understand what work happens at the ground level;
# Reading relevant columns from renowned publications such as the Economist. It improves your overall knowledge of worldly affairs and you can also link it with your industry and career goals;
# If you are planning to take up a job in Montreal, you could probably state that you plan on studying French along with your MBA, so that you are better placed to secure a job at Montreal

These are some points, which I feel could be some steps to reach your career goal. In a similar fashion, you could think through the factors necessary for you to achieve your goal.

I look at it more like a math problem: You have 'A' abilities, but you need to have 'AAA' abilities to reach your career goal. So you figure out and elaborate how to achieve those two As in the best possible manner!

4. I wanted to know do you guys provide specialization in Supply Chain?

Thank you for your query. While we do not offer a specific specialization in Supply Chain, we believe the MBA to be the perfect platform to learn skills that are relevant to each field. I encourage you to take a look at our curriculum and see some of the courses that might spark your interest at this link: ... /academics

5. Will the official test score (GRE/GMAT) be needed to send before admittance ?

Test scores need to be submitted before application can be considered complete.

6. I am from India and have completed my degree in an university where the language of instruction is English.Do i need to provide TOEFL or IELTS score for admission?

If your degree says that the instructions were in English, then no I guess. Else you may have to get an affidavit from the university stating the same.
This is what the website says : "In addition, applicants who completed their undergrad degree in an university where the language of instruction was not in English are required to complete the TOEFL or IELTS. "

7. Can you pls tell how much of a factor does French play in recruiting and throughout the program in general? any particular industry where it's a requirement?

It depends on what you are looking for post MBA. If you want to get into Marketing in any industry here in Montreal or Québec, French skills is non-negotiable. There are certain companies that insist that you be bilingual, and there are many roles that expect you to be bilingual. There are certain companies, which if they like you, will relax it a bit but will entertain you to learn French upon joining them, which is logical as you do not want to be left out of conversations all the time during the coffee breaks. Having said that, there are two things students do: 1. Learn French. 2. Look for jobs outside Montreal (which is what I've opted for.)

Montreal is Francophone. But you'd do fine when it comes to living in Montreal and getting through the program, as the program is entirely in English and everyone in the faculty will use English as primary as long as you are not alone with them and they know you speak French. You'll have no problems whatsoever finishing the program. People are friendly and like you more if you make an attempt to speak French. Hope that helps.

8. Why did you choose Mcgill over Sauder and Schullish ?

Mcgill over Schulich:
Schulich- More expensive, did not offer scholarship, Location away from downtown Toronto, Mcgill has better reputation compared to Schulich.

McGill Over Sauder:
This was a tough one for me because Sauder was my dream school. But Sauder increased its tuition fees to 65K last year plus no scholarship to me. Living expenses in BC are more as compared to Quebec. Moreover, Sauder didnt guarantee me a 3 year work permit after 16 month program.

9. After spending a year in Montreal , do you think you have made a good decision?

Yes, Montreal is a fabulous city. If you French, then its even better. Even if you don't, you can still fall in love with it. ( If you don't mind excessive construction going on everywhere). McGill is a really good school and career services put a lot of effort in making the program a success.

10. How is the overall placement success for Indian students graduating from Mcgill ?

McGill is Harvard of Canada. Don't worry about placements. Having said that, it doesn't mean you will get a job just because you are a McGill student. You have to put in a lot of effort. For Indian students and those from Asian subcontinent, The biggest problem is networking because we are usually not used to it and here in North America, your resume wont get you a job but building relationship with people. So start practicing on networking right away because once you are here, that's the word you are going to hear everyday 100 times.

11.Toronto is just 300 miles from Montreal. Are there enough opportunities to network in Toronto , as i read that Montreal is tough for for non francophones ?

Being bilingual is an asset in Montreal but that doesnt mean you cant get a job if you dont speak French. Many of our seniors have done their internships here in Montreal and they dont speak French. We recently had a Toronto Trip to network in Toronto. Again, you have to make contacts in Toronto, invite people for coffee chats and that can mean travelling to Toronto on your own expense.

12. I'm filling out the Desautels app form. Where do I have an option to upload the essays? I'm sure I selected the FT 2-year MBA and have options to fill my recommendor's names and email addresses etc. However, I don't see anywhere to write info about academic/work history and upload the essays. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

For those who have McGill essay/referee related query for application: McGill MBA online application procedure is somewhat different than most other MBA schools. You have to first submit the application fees and then only you can get access to essay, enter referee information, work history, and other application stuffs such as uploading transcript, etc. Hope this helps.
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Re: Summary: Desautels (McGill University) Class of 2017-2020 Discussions  [#permalink]

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New post 28 Nov 2018, 21:27
The information provided in the summary is not exactly accurate. Please refer to the below corrections:

[*]2-year MBA program in Canada with intake in September
- The intake is in August

[*]Located in French-speaking Montreal, 95% of the program’s students are multilingual and represent 30 countries.
There are more than 20 countries represented in our class each year, with 50+ countries represented over the last 5 years. Montreal is a bilingual city where both English and French speakers live and find positions. While being bilingual is an asset, many students find positions without speaking French. The McGill MBA also offers free French classes before the start of the program for those interested in it.

[*]Students have option of international study trip outside of Canada[/list]
This is not an option. All McGill MBA students go to the study trip outside of Canada, all expenses paid by tuition (no additional fees).
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Re: Summary: Desautels (McGill University) Class of 2017-2020 Discussions   [#permalink] 28 Nov 2018, 21:27
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Summary: Desautels (McGill University) Class of 2017-2020 Discussions

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