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Verbal Focus: 3 Things to Revolutionize Your RC Performance

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Verbal Focus: 3 Things to Revolutionize Your RC Performance  [#permalink]

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New post 30 Nov 2016, 11:59

Do You Know the 3 Things To Revolutionize Your RC Performance?

By Max Peterson

Do you feel that GMAT Reading Comprehension is intimidating? That it's boring? Have you heard that you need to skim RC passages to finish on time? Have you heard that RC is hard for non-native speakers to learn?

You need to forget all of that. RC can be systematically beaten like everything else on the GMAT, and in that way, it’s a powerful mechanism to outperform other test-takers who wimp out.
You want to gain RC points to earn a great GMAT Verbal score? Here are 3 things you must follow to optimize your performance:


There are no shortcuts. You want to improve your pacing and your accuracy? Read at the 150 WPM pace that will gear you up for success.
To excel at RC, there’s only one way to read: an intensive, slow, and methodical standard at 150 WPM. If you try to be some sort of speed reading champ, you’re going to lose points that you have a right to earn. We break the 150 WPM pace down in full detail complete with training drills, and have a series of hacks to reinforce your reading caliber.

2) The Question Types -

GMAC actually presents only 3 main question types in RC, and each one has its own little personality and set of quirks. You need to know them intimately:
• Purpose - Questions that ask you about the purpose of the passage or a piece of the passage.
• Inference - Questions that ask you to identify which of the 5 options is the only one that can be definitively concluded based on what's in the passage.
• Detail - A question that asks you to retrieve specific details actually mentioned in the passage (these frequently appear in the EXCEPT format).
You can’t just sort of know what each question type wants from you, you have to KNOW them well enough so that you could confidently tutor another GMAT student on them.

3) The 3 Wrong Option Types -

Even the wrong options fall under 3 patterns. The better you know the garbage, the easier it is to throw it out. The right option will also be made that much more obvious.


The GMAT is all about outperforming other test-takers. Out-read them, and out-prepare them with the 3 question types, and wrong option types.
By the way - I have a secret for you that you’re going to love. Most of the mistakes people make that separate them from 600 and a 700+ score are reading quality related. You’re going to need to make your training to master your GMAT style reading an obsession. It’s about to improve your performance across the entire GMAT, including Quant. The 150 WPM pace can be picked up in about a week, and it will start to make the GMAT just feel more clear cut. Reading the right way is going to enable you to earn big points across the entire exam.

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Verbal Focus: 3 Things to Revolutionize Your RC Performance  [#permalink]

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New post 20 Dec 2016, 11:56
Hi Souvik,

Since my childhood I have a problem in fast reading. I have seen that (even in daily life with reading news papers) if I read fast, my brain is unable to cope up with the pace and finally after reading the whole article, I start thinking "what I have just read" because I may not have been able to grasp the topic. Even the RC topics in GMAT are much more difficult than the topics we normally encounter in story books and news paper. And this has always given me the problem starting from the 'English screening tests in my undergraduate level' to 'The GMAT'. Though I have improved myself a lot, but I am not able to finish answering long RCs(with 4-5 questions) less than 12-15 mins(depending on the level of difficulties) and short RCs less than 8-12 mins. And because of this, every time in GMAT mock tests I can not attempt 1-2 RC questions(total 4 to 7 questions) as a whole because I might not even have the reading time at all. Since, CRs are also short passages, I may not have completed a single CR of least difficulty level less than 2 mins in my lifetime. For hard CRs, it is even worst. It takes me at least 2.5 mins to understand what a hard CR is talking before I could jump into the options. So, for hard CRs, I take on an average 3-3.5 mins to answer.

I have tried all possible ways to improve my reading skills. But, whenever I tried to read faster than my capability, I landed up with wrong answers and poor scores.

So considering my case as genuine, what will be your suggestion to improve my Verbal Score? Currently my Average verbal score is between 25-32 and I want a scale up my score to a constant 35+.

Please note that Quant is my strong area with a consistent 48+ score and I am targeting a 670+ score which needs at least 35 in Verbal.
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Re: Verbal Focus: 3 Things to Revolutionize Your RC Performance  [#permalink]

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New post 07 Apr 2019, 21:03
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Thanks to another GMAT Club member, I have just discovered this valuable topic, yet it had no discussion for over a year. I am now bumping it up - doing my job. I think you may find it valuable (esp those replies with Kudos).

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Re: Verbal Focus: 3 Things to Revolutionize Your RC Performance   [#permalink] 07 Apr 2019, 21:03
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Verbal Focus: 3 Things to Revolutionize Your RC Performance

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