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Here at GMATClub, we help you find out your GMAT score with our reliable GMAT Score Calculator. After taking our free practice exams or the challenging simulated tests in Kaplan, Knewton (Beta), Manhattan, or Princeton Review, you can simply input your score into our tool using the provided sliders.

Our unique GMAT Score Calculator can also factor in your "Performance Under Pressure"; this is a useful tool that can estimate GMAT scores in consideration of factors such as stress and physically manifested discomforts. This tool gives a more accurate projection of what your score will be when the actual test comes along.

Clicking "Estimate" will show your score against your percentile on a graph. You can then submit your score and help improve our Score Estimator, or leave your feedback before you go.

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GMAT Score Calculator

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Calculate your GMAT Score using practice test scores (GMAT Prep, Manhattan GMAT, Princeton Review, and Kaplan):

  1. Set your GMAT practice scores using the sliders
  2. Set your performance under pressure into one of the 5 positions (leave at average if not sure)
  3. Click 'Estimate'