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You're pretty confident about your interview skills and handling the interview, but you would like to consult with someone skilled in admissions before you interview. What does this school expect? Have any questions tended to come up consistently? How should you handle a question about a weakness in your application? How can you best play up your strengths? 

Your Accepted coach can help you with all these issues. She will review your application and schedule a telephone conference with you to answer your questions and provide suggestions as to how you can ace your interview.
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November 29, 2016

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Interview Coaching w/ Natalie


I used Natalie on three separate occasions: first for a one-hour consulting session and twice for interview coaching sessions. First, I found Accepted's rates reasonable when compared to other consulting services given Natalie's background. Second, the communication between Natalie and me was great! She was always quick to respond. As for the consulting sessions themselves, Natalie was a HUGE help, especially with my interviews. I don't have a ton of practice with interviews, and I don't think I would have gotten into Columbia and Stern without her help. As a side note, I also had interviews at Fuqua and Darden last year. I did not use an admissions coach beforehand, and I was waitlisted at both schools. With Natalie's help, I had much better interviews with Columbia and Stern and was able to get into both. I also liked that Natalie provided me with both verbal and written feedback, as it was helpful to refer back to her emails later. During our mock interviews, she was appropriately critical, but by the end, she left me feeling very confident in my ability to interview well.

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March 30, 2016

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I thoroughly recommend using's MBA Interview Coaching service if you are uneasy heading into MBA interviews. I had applied to 5 top MBA programs (UVA, NYU, UCLA, Columbia, UMich) on my own and thought I'd be able to weather the storm that is the admissions process on my own. After I received an interview invite from Darden, I knew I needed help mastering my story and making sure I knocked the interview out of the park. This is when I decided to reach out to a few consulting services and ultimately decided on I worked with Natalie Epstein and her breadth of knowledge from working as an AdComm member at numerous top ranked programs put my nerves at ease. Further, she has years of experience on the consulting side of the business which gives her another advantage as she has seen/heard many MBA hopefuls stories and knows what works and what doesn't from this experience.

In working with Natalie, I really felt personalized service and was extremely prepared heading into my interview. We spent time chatting about my background before we did a few mock interviews and after all our work I was supremely confident the day of my interview. If you're someone who is feeling a little unsure about your "story" heading into an interview then I would HIGHLY recommend you use's MBA Interview Coaching service.

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February 05, 2016

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Fantastic experience! interview coaching

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At first, when I received interview invitations from my top two schools, I was ecstatic. Then I panicked. I realized that I hadn't interviewed in nearly 3 years (been in the same job) and that I didn't know what to expect from the MBA interview. While I could read about how to write a good essay or ace the GMAT, I thought that practice was going to be key for the interview. I researched several different mock interview services and ultimately landed on Accepted based on reviews and perceived value.

I was not disappointed! I worked with Esmeralda (a former admissions director at a top program) and had a 1 hour mock interview where we spent about 30-40 minutes working through questions and 20 minutes going through feedback and highlighting pitfalls to avoid. She knew my background (I was a re-applicant and she had reviewed both applications thoroughly) and asked many questions that I ended up getting in the actual interview. She made things very easy- she asked tough questions but in much the same manner as the actual admissions officer that I interviewed with asked them. She was knowledgeable about the school and knew which parts of my application the school would want to pick on and dive into. She prepped me for several questions I actually got and I was able to give fantastic answers on interview day because she had asked me the questions, forced me to think about them and then given me feedback on where I could shore up my answers.

Overall, the service from Accepted was well-worth the cost and instrumental in getting me accepted to my top choice school! Thank you very much to Esmeralda and Linda and the entire team for such a wonderful experience!

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