April 23, 2017

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Very helpful, very strightforward!


Let me start with emphasizing that, coming from continental Europe, I am not used to applying for universities like for jobs: essays, CVs, reference letters, standardized tests - a new world for me to accustom to.

I created my first essays and CVs without any outside help/counselling and quickly realized that it doesn't only depend on linguistic skills whether your essay/CV will shine or not, but that there is a very specific, though unwritten code, which you have to follow if you want to be taken seriously. Maria has recognized that this code can be taught - and has done a great job in showing the (surprisingly straightforward) rules of writing a good application in her online tool.

As this "code" is standard throughout business schools, it is a good idea to make the information available in an online tool, rather than explaining the whole process over and over in one-by-one sessions (this is what drives up the prices of individual counselling). Maria has chosen to provide this information on ApplicantLab -- but, of course, if you THEN have questions about your INDIVIDUAL essays/CVs, she is always there to conduct one-by-one sessions (which you can purchase additionally at a reasonable price). This makes the whole package so much cheaper than other similar offerings.

So, the bottom line is: it is not all too difficult to write a good application - as long as you know how to do it!

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