June 11, 2017

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Male Indian Engineer, accepted to LBS & INSEAD!


I am a very happy customer of ApplicantLab and recommend it a 100% to anyone looking to get into a top school. Maria is a real pleasure to work with and I really enjoyed the process of MBA applications due to her.

I was worried about getting in because I am from an over-represented group (e.g. Indian Male Engineer) and have more work experience than the typical candidate.

The tool is very well structured and reflects the founder's deep understanding of the MBA admissions space. All the modules are very well designed and flows seamlessly. The tools focuses on the the important aspects of each segment.

This tool was easy to use, transformed my essay strategy, and got me in to 2 top programs and an Interview from HBS. The fact that it costs so much less than a traditional consultant is icing on the cake, but it's perfect for people who like to do things themselves.

I found ApplicantLab through a friend who had used Maria's services to get into Wharton.

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