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An excellent tool created by a wonderful person


I used ApplicantLab for my Round 1 applications this season, and it is truly amazing (and I made it into my top choice schools!)
Maria has put a lot of time and effort into developing this tool that pretty much answers every question you have (or even questions you should have had but hadn't thought of) and walks you through each step of the application process. The questions that Maria lays out on the tool are meant for you to be introspective and think about what truly matters to you, and in the process, create essays that are true reflections of who you are as a person. The best part about ApplicantLab is that it does not interfere with your creative freedom at all, but in fact, encourages it. Also, Maria's essay advice is tailored to each specific essay for each school, and is absolutely fantastic. Her videos in particular are super helpful, and make you feel like you always have someone who is looking out for you. Maria's advice is always honest and straightforward, and helps you not get freaked out by the plethora of misconceptions out there on MBA forums.
Maria herself is such a lovely person. Every time I emailed her, she always took the time to provide detailed answers to my questions and really looked out for me.
Overall, dare I say that this tool can more than replace any admissions consultant - and for such a reasonable price, it is SO worth it! Thank you, Maria!

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