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ApplicantLab made helped me complete my apps in 1.5 month


I decided to apply to b-school with a very short timeline. I didn't achieve the GMAT score that I wanted until Dec. 4th and I applied round 2 in Jan of the following year. I didn't start my applications (other than asking for recommendations) until after Dec. 4th. ApplicantLab's aggregation of research on the 4 schools that I applied to helped speed up the essay writing process immensely. Instead of clicking around websites, I was able to go to one place and customize the message and examples of my essays for each school with ease. I also used the interview prep module to quickly prep for 3 interviews. The interview was an easier part of the process for me, so I don't think the interview prep section of AppLab would be great for those who need a lot of help. But it did the job for me.

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