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Essential to get admission to your dream B school


To be honest, initially, I was quite skeptical about any online tool for the MBA application especially because I was new to the process and had a very limited network of those who had gone through the process. So I wanted more of personal attention to know what works and what does not in the MBA application.

After having some research and connecting with those who had used it, I decided to purchase the subscription and compared to other consulting companies it costs very less so I thought why not. But today I cannot be surer that I would have gotten to the top 10 US MBA program if it had not been ApplicantLab and Maria.

She has given too much thought into building this tool. It covers everything which is required to project the best version of yourself to adcom members of top MBA programs. The tool covers everything from scratch i.e. school selection, identifying strengths and weaknesses, Why MBA, Career Vision, etc. However, the most useful thing I found about the tool and Maria was advice on each school essays. Her videos are very insightful and help one to build the right story/hook for the essay. Guide videos help one to identify which personality traits to highlights and what is best to do so.

Additionally, the tool is equally good for Interview prep and Resume writing. So I would say it is a complete package at a very very reasonable rate. However, words of caution – ApplicantLab can only help you if you are self-motivated and ready to introspect about your REAL achievements, REAL values, and REAL future goals. It pushed me to think about my aspirations and values.

My results: I ended up getting accepted to Ross and Duke Fuqua my top choices. Thank You, Maria, for creating such a great product and helping me make my dreams a reality!

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