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A Structured approach for successful MBA applications!


After scoring a good GMAT score, I didn’t have a plan about what should I do next to achieve my MBA dream. I got to know about ApplicantLab in one of the sessions by e-gmat. I am proud to say that with the help of ApplicantLab I was able to get admits from multiple schools.

Initially I signed up for a free trial and right off the bat I really liked the easy to follow and structured approach for preparing my MBA applications. The lab has nailed each aspect of the application process from getting to know about the schools using outreach etc. and shortlisting your schools to guiding you on how to refine your resume and structure your essays.

ApplicantLab not only provides you guidance on how to structure your essays but the best part is that each video is tailored for each Business school you are planning to apply to. This not only saves you time to research about each school but also ensures that your essay conveys and highlights the same traits that a particular school looks for in a candidate. I think this is one of the aspects which is really important for a successful application.

I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true that this service is really high on return on investment when compared to other consultancies out there.

ApplicantLab has helped me in achieving my MBA dream and I think ApplicantLab will be helpful for everyone in achieving their MBA dream too.

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