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Don't miss out on Applicant Lab, it got me into Yale


How did I get to know the applicant lab? As a round 2 applicant, I was struggling to put together my essays, resumes. Around December, I was watching one youtube video on GMAT Club where Maria talked about the MBA resume and it immediately caught my attention by how much insight she provided for the admission process. Thanks to her 15 years of working experience in this field.

As an online platform, I wasn't 100% sure if it would be reliable. So I started out with the free trial and made use of the free sections, gauging whether I should subscribe to the full service. And I did! Because it was so helpful and insightful and completely changed how I viewed my profile and application strategy.

Thinking back, I wish I had watched the youtube video sooner so I can use the applicant lab sooner before my submission. But even only using it about 1 month before the submission deadline, I had, fortunately, got admitted to Yale.

For those more interested in specifically what I found most helpful, here are some general take-aways
1- Maria knows every single detail of the admission process and she shared it in great detail in the applicant lab. From how to structure your stories, shining a light on your achievements and making you stand out, to how to address your shortcoming e.g. lack of formal leadership experiences. I am extremely grateful for this portion because with her advice and objective view I was able to see positives in my profile and be more confident to sell them to the AO.

Second, what's great about it is also once you paid for it, you can access it anytime, anywhere. No need to schedule any appointment and all the information you need is readily available.

Lastly, don't think that because this is an online platform and you're left alone after payment. Carin and Maria actually handle queries you have and they are so responsive and thorough in their response that you feel like they are not just trying to get the most $$ from you but rather really trying to maximize your chances of success.

Overall, I had a great experience using the applicant lab and I have already recommended it to my friends who are also planning to apply for an MBA, same to any one of you who are planning for an MBA. Get Applicant Lab, try it out, and your chances of getting the offer you want would surely increase.

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