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I worked with Melody Jones of Vantage Point on 4 applications for Round 1.

She and her partner just started Vantage Point, and I ultimately chose to work with them over other more established firms because she showed a dedication and focus to a very personalized experience. This was proved out during our work together.

We started late, but she proved an excellent resource for distilling my non-traditional story into an application that would prove compelling to adcomms.

She was incredibly thorough in her analysis of my materials, providing feedback that enabled me to develop materials that were authentically mine, but still ensured I hit the many benchmarks of a successful application.

I'm a crunchtime worker and had a chaotic work/travel schedule, but she made a point of making availability at odd hours and for often tight turnarounds-- it was a level of dedication that made me feel that she was thoroughly invested in my success.

I was accepted to two schools with scholarship offers from both.

I'm pleased with my experience and the results of working with Melody. I would highly recommend working with her to future applicants-- my only advice is start working with her sooner and don't wait.

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