Amy Hugo is the BEST!
April 11 | 2018
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When I first got on an intro call with Amy she came across as warm, genuine and someone who really cared about helping me get into my dream school (LBS)!

I had spoken to a number of counselors before I decided to go with Amy, and what really stood out was the fact that she sent me an e-mail saying how much she enjoyed talking to me and that she would love to help me work toward my goals! And she truly meant it!

Amy was meticulous, thorough and always on top of things. Her feedback was always honest and she kept me in check several times. It was not an easy journey for me, from retaking my GMAT, to working on my essays to giving the necessary level of attention to an app as detailed as the LBS one. I had several questions through the process, but Amy was always ready to help and never once made it seem like i was demanding too much!

Her detailed feedback at every stage, from my essays, to my interviews to my application was crucial! She never once settled for less than the best and always helped me strive to achieve more. I remember several last minute edits I had to make to my app just the night before the deadline, but Amy remained calm and gave me the necessary feedback and guidance even then. She did not once make me feel like I was asking for too much (after more than 10+ essay edits!

If I were to redo the whole process again, I would go with no one by Amy Hugo for this! I love her dedication, her warmth and in her desire to see her clients succeed! She was my guiding star through the process!

Having Emma Bond, Co-Director at Fortuna, as my second voice of reason, was also very helpful! She was as warm and genuine as Amy. Though Emma perhaps did not have to spend much time with my essays, she still did go above and beyond to provide genuine and detailed feedback. She was fantastic with her reviews and provided the necessary guidance!

Both Amy and Emma are LBS experts and you can never go wrong with them! I would recommend no one but the two of them for any business school app! I think when you choose a counselor, you also choose someone who needs to believe in you and keep you positive through this process and Amy and Emma are exactly those people!

Thank you to both of you for making this happen for me!

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