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Meredith was recommended to me by a previous colleague and she completely surpassed my already high expectations.

I worked with Meredith and opted to do a comprehensive package for three schools because it gave me the most flexibility and support, which is what I was looking for. During my research process, I was initially drawn to Vantage Point's organized approach and how they laid out and broke down every step to keep me on track (as part of their services, they provide an easy to use client portal that has great resources and templates). However, what really set Vantage Point apart for me, was the genuine interest and care for Meredith conveyed during our free consultation call.

From the get go, Meredith encouraged me to think big with my goals and helped me frame my story in a way that was authentic yet compelling. She had a way of making me feel excited about the process (a hard thing to do) and made me feel like my goals were achievable! I always looked forward to our calls and appreciated how she pushed me to be truly thoughtful about what I wanted out of business school (personally and professionally). Meredith was a great thought partner and provided stellar edits (without putting words in my mouth or doing the actual writing) in order to showcase leadership qualities and articulate my goals all within word count. She was efficient in returning drafts and I always felt her edits and feedback were spot on!

During the submission and interview process, Meredith ensured I stayed on schedule and was a great cheerleader in getting me across the finish line. She had me put together an "Application Packet" for a blind review with another Vantage Point consultant, which pushed me to have everything completed well ahead of schedule. She also enthusiastically checked in with me before every deadline and did thorough prep to ensure I was 100% prepared and confident (her mock interview questions were almost identical to my interviews!)

Above all, what sets Meredith apart is that she felt like more than just a consultant. Meredith genuinely cares about each person she works with, and was the first person I went to whenever I had a question about the process (GMAT vs. GRE) or about a decision I was facing at work (whether or not to take a new role). I always knew I could go to knowing that I would get only the best advice. Meredith is upfront yet optimistic in her approach and I think it’s a winning combination for the application process. I highly recommend her to anyone considering working with her!

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