July 15, 2014

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As an international student outside of the US, I had little inside information about the MBA admissions process and felt kind of overwhelmed at the idea of trying to get all the important information on my own. After struggling for a couple of months on my own, I found Accepted and signed up for a consultation package after an initial phone consultation with Ms. Linda Abraham. She signed me up with Jennifer who guided me through the entire process brilliantly. She replied to every single one of my hundreds of questions, day in and day out within 24-35 hours without fail and I was able to put together an application that reflected my strengths in the best possible light.

I ended up gaining admission to every one of my top choice schools and ultimately accepted an offer from the program of my top choice, Chicago Booth. Now I'm happily looking forward to the first semester this autumn. I would strongly recommend Accepted - and Jennifer - to anyone who needs detailed guidance on how to plan and fill out an MBA application.

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