November 17, 2014

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My experience with Accepted was incredible from Day 1 - the initial free consultation. I had spoken to a few other consultations by the time I had my call with Natalie and within the first few minutes, I knew that Accepted was different. Natalie took a genuine interest in me. While free consultations typically run 30-45 minutes, Natalie and I spoke for over an hour and a half in that first call -- and I felt like she truly grasped why I was seeking an MBA and already had great recommendations for schools I should consider, outside of my established list. I felt that she truly wanted to help me find the best match and program for me -- not just trying to help me get into a certain brand-name school.

This personal touch and deep investment in her clients is what sets Natalie and's services, in general, apart from the rest. Natalie not only helped me build confidence in my own skills and profile but helped me better articulate my goals not just for my essays, but for my personal development.

You can say that Accepted is just an admissions consulting company, but I think the services they offer extend far beyond that in terms of professional and personal development. I would recommend Natalie Epstein to anyone considering with a consultant -- you will be thankful to have such a wonderful supporter in your corner throughout the process!

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