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Course e-GMAT Mentorship

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I came across eGMAT when I attended some of the free webinars hosted by them on CR and RC. After attending those webinars and taking the free sigma mock, I booked a strategy consultation with their expert. I decided to enroll in the course as I really liked the analysis of my cold mock provided in that call.

Through the analysis, I knew that I had to focus more on Sentence Correction than on the other verbal sections. So, I went through all the concept and practice files for SC and followed the meaning-based approach to solve questions in Scholaranium later. eGMAT’s SC curriculum is very extensive and helped me get a solid grasp of the major topics asked in the exam.

After SC, I moved on to CR and went through their videos in which they mainly taught how to apply the pre-thinking approach to solve questions. Initially, I used to focus only on accuracy and used to take a lot of time in solving questions with this approach. Once I was able to get good accuracy, the timing gradually improved on its own with practice. So I would advise anyone starting with CR to trust in the process and not worry about timing yourself in the beginning.

I did not spend much time going through the concepts of RC or Quant and started using Scholaranium to attempt ability and custom quizzes. The level of analysis provided in Scholaranium is simply great. I was able to use the portal to effectively identify the areas in which I was weak and fine-tune those areas by revisiting concepts or practicing particular types of questions I was frequently getting wrong such as Boldface or Modifiers.

Sigma-x Mocks provided by eGMAT are very good estimators of the actual exam and may be considered more accurate than official mocks. The verbal section is of almost the same difficulty level as the actual exam’s section whereas Quant could be a little bit tougher than the actual exam(Quant of official mocks is a lot easier than the actual exam). Also, the mocks are adaptive and you get an ESR-like analysis of every mock.

Apart from their study material and tests, eGMAT also provided one-to-one mentorship and paired me with Atreya. The mentorship was objectively the best part of the course as he not only provided me with weekly plans but also helped me analyze my mocks properly. He also encouraged me to schedule the exam sooner when I was not confident that I was fully prepared.

The eGMAT portal is also very well made and I did not face any difficulty or encountered any bugs while using the portal. The support on the “Ask an Expert” forums is also very prompt and I always received replies in less than 24 hours

Overall, I would genuinely recommend eGMAT for anyone appearing for the GMAT for their great tests, course material, mentorship, and support.

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