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An awesome SC course


Improvement 70 Points

Course e-GMAT Online Focused

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I would sincerely like to thank e-gmat for creating such a wonderful course. The SC course is very comprehensive and it covers a lot of stuff. If you have been preparing for GMAT for long, and still don't feel confident of your SC skills, then e-gmat SC is for you.

The course is interactive and has tests as per the topic. It refreshes all the topics that you have read from Manahattan SC Correction book, and t teaches through a video (if I am not wrong, hearing instructions is a better way to learn language syntax etc. than just reading).

The course has been divided into 3 levels and each level has a separate qualifying test. The explanations are lucid and concise. The methods used to explain the questions is also nice.

Overall, I will highly recommend this course for any non-native to learn sentence correction through this course. Even if you know all the fundamentals of SC, then also the course will help you gain more grounds. Because of this course that I did, my general English usage has also improved, which is reflected in the mails that I type to client and seniors, and people are impressed with my improved English.

Thanks a lot e-gmat, once again to create such a wonderful course. I gained 70 points over my first GMATprep exam that I appeared in December, 2011, from 580 to 650.

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