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After struggling with Manhattan verbal guides, I realized that to score high on GMAT, i need something more than guides.
Initial search through GMATCLub forums led me to the most recommended verbal course of all -e-GMAT.Also, I was not willing to spend a thousand dollar and was happy to settle for less than three hundred dollars.e-GMAT course is value for money.
I purchased both Verbal and Quant courses from e-GMAT.e-GMAT did not let me down.The OG explanations by e-GMAT are very helpful.The step by step procedure followed by e-GMAT is simple and easy to follow.
Initially, I was worried about timing but a single sentence by Rajat in the Strategy Session changed my outlook towards time spent per question.In his words- Timing is an outcome .The Strategy session also cleared the mist surrounding the importance of first 10 questions.
Pre-Thinking in CR ,taught by e-GMAT, is really helpful because it forced me to comprehend the argument in a a pro-active manner .
The e-GMAT RC strategy is again helpful.
I being a non-native found e-GMAT verbal very helpful.
When I had purchased e-GMAT verbal and Quant. there was no tool to access ability and accuracy.I had even asked e-GMAT about use of analytic tools.But in March they came out with Scholarinium, an awesome verbal tool.The 600 questions in the Scholarinium were all of great quality .And the best part, I got the scholarinium for free and extended duration.
I am a student of both e-gmat Verbal and Quant . and I recommend it for all .

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