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Comprehensive course and question bank alongwith great support


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Course e-GMAT Online Focused

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Adaptive course based on your skills. Detailed question bank, good support on doubts and queries.

I took the 4 month course from e-GMAT and the step by step learning approach really helped me improve. They always start from the basics and gradually move on to the tougher concepts of each topic. Also, their pre-topic diagnostic quizzes also help you skip a lot of content if you are already adept at a certain topic. This actually helped me because I saved a lot of time in certain quant topics that I was familiar with because of my background.

The course also has a cementing system which helps you solidify the learning from a particular topic before you move on to the next one. The question bank is super exhaustive and has numerous questions from each and every topic - including the new type of DI questions that are really hard to find otherwise. You’ll never feel a shortage of questions if you have this course with you.

Doubts and Queries - it is natural to have doubts when you are solving questions and it is very normal to disagree with the solutions as well. You can post your query for a specific question and the team is super responsive. They’ll try and engage with you and reply within 48 hours.

I was also a part of the LMP programme which helped me in improving my score from my first to the second attempt. They specially curated a study plan for me depending on my skills which were analysed on the basis of my first attempt as well as the questions that I answered on the eGMAT question bank.

Overall, I would totally recommend eGMAT.

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