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e-GMAT Verbal Comes To Rescue | Quant 2.0 Lives Upto Its Promise


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Course e-GMAT Online Intensive

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My tryst with GMAT began less than 6 months back. I was not confused with which training program to opt for as I have been around friends who spoke very highly of e-GMAT and dedicated their scores to its Verbal course. I immediately signed up, and I took up their Quant course as well since I saw that their Quant 2.0 xPERT AI promised a score of Q49+ for those with the ability. The following paragraphs aim to highlight the specific reasons why and ways in which e-GMAT has worked for me and is sure to work for most non-native speakers of English.

Though my entire education has been in the English language, as would be the case with most people who pursue GMAT, it was important to know that my control over the language is quite different from that of an average American professional. With that in mind, I started the e-GMAT course with a Sigma-X Mock Test and scored a 640 (V33, Q45). I reached out to the support team and they shared a Personalised Study Plan (PSP) with me, taking into account my starting sub-sectional scores across Verbal and Quant, and the amount of daily time I was willing to dedicate to the preparation. Note that one does not have to do this to get an effective PSP in place - the website is built with a feature where one can create their own PSP by inputting the aforementioned data.

e-GMAT broke down Sentence Correction modules quite effectively and the course was structured in a very non-intimidating way. I did not have to deal with any complicated / complex grammatical terms that most other courses use. e-GMAT helped me approach SC questions in a very simplified way. The meaning based approach that they teach works every single time. Furthermore, the in-house of team of experts offer video solutions to most questions and that is pure gold. They take the time to dissect the question stem, effectively identify the errors and carefully eliminate misleading answer choices. I was at 87 percentile in SC on the GMAT and I owe that to e-GMAT's approach and video-solutions.

CR has always been a difficult sub section for me to get through. I realised that one's abilities need not be high in all sub sections to score in the 90th percentile (overall) on the test. If the ability is high in all other sub sections, then a 90th percentile is possible by ensuring that the ability is reasonably good in the weak sub section. I was at 75th percentile in CR on the main test and I started my path at 38th percentile. This remarkable improvement would not have been possible without e-GMAT's "Pre-Thinking" approach to literally all CR question types. Every question in the course takes the time to effectively teach this approach. Once you get a hang of it, it becomes hard wired and intuitive while solving any CR question. It makes you a better thinker for life!

The reading strategies that e-GMAT teaches are crucial for a good RC score. My accuracy on the real test was 100% (96th percentile) and to be able to achieve that by spending less than 1:45 seconds per question (at an average) is something I would not have been able to do if I had not religiously followed these reading strategies. They also build your confidence to deal with any passage irrespective of what it speaks about. As an Engineer, I was uncomfortable with Humanities passages. As an Indian, I was uncomfortable with passages based on American Politics. I could effectively deal with both types by following the strategies taught by e-GMAT.

Coming to Quant, I don't think there is any other course out there that gives you hyper specific data on your performance on quizzes and tells you what to takeaway from it. The difficulty level of e-GMAT's quant is reasonably high and rightly so. Neither the OG nor the Official Mocks are a true representation of the difficulty level one faces in the real test, at a Q49-51 level. The course is built in such a way that there are summary slides for every concept in every sub section so that the student can revise specific areas efficiently instead of spending excess time in redoing modules.

Sigma X Mocks are a very accurate representation of one's abilities. The Official Mocks usually have a 30-40 point error margin but the Sigma X Mocks have a 20 point margin only. Further, Sigma X Mocks pretty much simulate data in an ESR fashion, with specific data across sub sections and overall too. Pro tip: hide the per question timer on the Sigma X Mocks as the main exam does not have it. This tip will help you manage time better - a crucial factor that can give or take 20 points on the overall score.

MOST IMPORTANTLY - I have to thank Archit who was my mentor in the LMT (last mile training) program. e-GMAT chooses who to take in in this program, based on the student's dedication and performance across quizzes and Sigma X Mocks. Archit was super patient with me and helped me draft specific cementing plans that helped me bridge the gap in CR. He was my go-to person for everything related to the GMAT, a resource that is literally and figuratively priceless. When I scored 720, I was quite upset as my target was 740. Archit gave me the confidence to consider reattempting and validated my ability of getting that Q50 as he saw me score that throughout my preparation stage. Archit also helped me prepare for IR and AWA with some essential pro tips without which I could not have scored perfectly in these two sections.
Having this one person to consult with and be answerable to has definitely helped me work through day-to-day targets and pick myself up on days when I felt demotivated or defeated. Many, many thanks to e-GMAT for building this program!

TLDR: e-GMAT is the best test preparation program out there. My satisfaction level is through the roof and I would not change a thing if I were given the opportunity to do so. Be diligent and hardworking, and e-GMAT will incentivise you with the LMT program. Once that happens, you can be sure that you will score in the 90th percentile. Special mention to Rajat, Payal, Harsha, Shraddha & Stacy for the super insightful webinars they host on YouTube (they are free to attend for anyone).

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