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I gave GMAT last year in December and got a score of 660. I had gone through 4 months of self-study using manhattan books, CR bible, GMAT club Youtube videos, and GMATNinja Youtube Videos and also 1 and a half months of E-GMAT verbal course towards the end of my prep. I was targetting a score of 700+ and 660 really disappointed me and I realized I will have to try again next year and also that I should have taken the E-GMAT verbal course earlier, opposite to what I did last time.

So, I began my preparation for GMAT again in May, after taking some break. This time I contacted the E-GMAT team through the mail in the beginning and told them my whole story and what I was expecting from them and from myself. They were very active to reply to the emails. The 1 and a half month course that I had done last year made me realize how much I can improve if I gave this course sufficient time and practice as the content is really very good in there. It is so interactive and also if I wanted any help, I used to drop a mail to the support team. The mail thread had around 50 mails by the time I gave my GMAT. They helped me plan my study schedule, and the way by which I can cement the concepts as just going through the study materials is never enough. My accuracy and way of thinking or I should say Pre-Thinking significantly improved by going through the E-GMAT verbal course. There are so many questions to practice and the forum discussions for each question are a great help.

After using the course for around 5-6 months I finally got a score of 710, and I am really satisfied with this.
I would like to thank the entire team of E-GMAT for helping me throughout this process.

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