February 13, 2014

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Liza’s input on my resume and essay outlines was pivotal. I received third-round offers from HBS and Kellogg last year. I am confident that I would have received the same outcome without her input. She helped me to construct my resume and essays to succinctly highlight attributes recruiters value and provide with well-supported, quantitative examples. She was extremely respectful of our limited time. I was amazed with the quality and breadth of feedback she consistently provided in a short period.

I first spoke with Liza during a free thirty-minute consultation. Rather than giving me a company pitch, Liza used every minute to provide feedback on my resume. I was quite happy with my resume before the session. I had read the MBA guidebooks and followed their direction, but she highlighted many ways my resume could be improved. The personalized suggestions were invaluable. Prior to the meeting, I had not expected to hire her. After seeing how valuable her feedback was, I figured I would be silly not to engage her for a few hours to review my essays. I had put so much work into my applications; it was a small price to pay if it could make the difference and save me from having to go through the whole process again a year later.

I really appreciated her honesty. She did not try to sugarcoat my chances of getting interviews or scare me into working with her. She provided valuable advice on how we could use our time most effectively, what was necessary, and what was not.

I had made the mistake of contacting her close to the application deadline. Although I am sure she was busy helping many clients, she was respectful of my schedule and limited time. She went above and beyond to reply to me when I needed.

I never spoke with other admissions consultants, so I cannot compare, but I am skeptical that many could offer more value than Liza. Just try the free consultation and see for yourself.

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